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114 har'mo ny “Heaven's harmony is universal u'ni ver'sal love." un veil'ing “History is but the unveiling scroll proph'e cy of prophecy.” Garfield. rec'om pense “No work, no recompense.” cor rec'tion “Correction, when timely, is just." re proach' “ Keep thy conduct free from retran'sient proach.” per'ma nent “Mirth is short and transient, cheerdis'po si/tion fulness fixed and permanent. tu'tors

“ Evil dispositions need no tutors." rev'er ence “ Above all things, reverence yourpro found' self.” con vic'tion “A profound conviction raises a man

above a feeling of ridicule.” — Mill.


WORD BUILDING Vale're (valu, vail) = to be strong, to be worth. Tes ta'ri [tes ta'tus] = to depose, to make one's will. val'id tes ta'tor pro test at test' pre vail' val'or ous tes'ta ment in val'u a ble pro'test prev'a lent a vailla ble con test'a ble

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WORD BUILDING Nun ti a're [nun ti a'tus] (nounc) = to proclaim, to report.

Mer ca'ri [mer ca'tus] (merci, merch, market) = to trade.

Mens [men'tis] = the mind. de nounc'ing men'tal ly

pro nun'ci a'tion. re nounce mar'ket a ble com mer' cial ly mer' chant de ment'ed mer' chan dise men'tal

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“ The destitute are often timid; search them out and succor them."

“Pride goeth before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”

“Only the reverent can appreciate Nature.”

Travel widens our conceptions.

At a time when his resources were at the lowest ebb, Robinson Crusoe adopted every expedient in order to prolong his existence.

Have you read the story of Crusoe ?


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“ A brutal and vicious criminal is scarcely more dangerous to his fellow-men than a self-seeking hypocrite.”

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Constancy of mind is opposed to fickleness and signifies strong adherence to a chosen thing; stability or fixedness of character prevents one from changing easily, an essential quality in one who commands; firmness gives power of resistance when one's purposes or resolutions are attacked;, while steadiness refers to one's course of action and is opposed to flightiness.


Fa'ci es (faci, fici)= a face.

San ci're [sanc'tus] (sanctu, saint, sancti)= to make sacred, to order.

Bat'e re = to fight, beat.

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ig'no rance Sickness, ignorance, isolation, fraud, is'o la'tion force, and servitude to tyranny have serv'i tude been the great causes of poverty. The tyr'an ny marvelous advances of science are lessenmar' vel ous ing sickness; schools, books, newspapers, sci'ence and the political franchise are decreaspo lit'i cal ing ignorance; isolation is almost unfran'chise known since the mails reach the remotre mote est hamlet; fraud is growing difficult; ham'let pillaging is impossible; and servitude pil'lage is legally destroyed. It is possible le'gal ly that sometime poverty itself may cease

to exist.

“ Actions, words, looks, steps, form the alphabet by which you can spell character."

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