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a= at, to, in, on.

a, ab, abs=from, away. a, an, sine =

without. ambi, amb, am arch = chief

circum, circus bene = well.

de, down, from, out. be=by, about, over, to make. hemi, semi=half. ex (e, ec, ef)= out of, from. mis = wrong, wrongly non, n = not.

post, after = after. quin = five.

re = back, again. retro = backward.

se = apart, aside. to = on, at.

trans, tra = over. tri= three.

with = against, from. ad (ac, af, al, an, ap, ar, as, at) =to. ante (ant, anti), fore, pre, pro = before. anti (ant), contra contro, counter), ob(0, obs, oc, of, op)

= against, opposite to. bi (bis), dis (di), du (duo) = two, twice. con (co, cog, col, com, cor) = with, together. dis (di, dif) = asunder, apart, opposite of. dis, in, un = not, to undo. en (em, el) = in, into, on, to make. extra, hyper, out, over, preter, super, sur, ultra = over,

beyond. hypo, subter, under = under beneath. in (ig, il, ir, im) = not, in, into, on. inter (intel) = between, among. intra, intro = in, into, within. per (par, pel) = through, thoroughly. pro (pol, pur) = for, forth, forward. sub (suc, suf, sug, sur, sus, sup) = under, after.


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ee = to whom.
er = by whom.

ed, en= past time. en, ern, ic, ical = made of.

escent=becoming. escence = state of becoming. ing = continuing. er = more. s, es, en = plural. less without. est = most.

ful = full of. ess, ix, ine=feminine. able, ible, uble, ile = able or fit to be, worthy. ac, aceous, acious, al, an, ane, ar, ary, el, ene, en, ic,

ical, id, ile, ory, tious = of, like, pertaining to. aceous, acious, ous, ose, some, ulent, y=consisting of. acy, age, ate, dom, head, hood, rick, ry, ship, wick

= office of acy, ance, ancy, ate, dom, hood, ism, ity, mony, th, ty,

tude, ness = being, state of being. age, al, ance, ancy, dom, ence, ion, ment, ness, ure=act

of, state of being. age, ary, ery, ive, ory, ry = place where, that which. an, ant, ar, ard, ary, ate, ean, ee, eer, ent, er, ian, ic,

ier, ist, ite, ive, or, st, ster = one who. age, ery, ry = collection of ate, en, fy, ise, ize, ish = to make. cle, cule, el, en, erel, et, ette, ie, isk, kin, let, ling,

lock, y= little, small. ent, er, ive, ment, mony, or, ory, ure = that which. ern, ward, wards = in the direction of. ery, ic, ics, ism, ry, ure = art of, doctrine, practice of. ical, ic, ish, like, ly, wise, y = like, resembling.

Note. — The meaning of prefixes and suffixes is often too obscure to be fully understood by pupils.

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