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WORD BUILDING Quae' re re [quae si'tus] (quis, quer, quest) = to seek,

to ask. No ta're [no ta'tus] = to note, mark. quest not'a ble ex'qui site ac' qui si/tion que'ry no ta'tion quer'u lous

in'qui si/tion in'quest req'ui site per' qui site req'ui siltion


café senior knavery sanguine pompadour chyle callous emigrant enervate chiffonier despot acidity vicinity

miniature advantageous maraud special reveler portière procrastinate

co he' sion

scan o'nus toque de lude

21 mac' er ate con spir'a tor lac'er ate fun'da menital coch'i nealcos'mo pol'i tan fluctu ate dem'on straltion

del'e gate

le ga'tion

“ To persevere in one's duty, and be silent, is the best answer to calumny.” — Washington.

“One positive word is worth a dozen points of interrogation.” Phelps,


ca ñon

bay'ou car' di nal au' to crat mon'archy

occi dent u surp'er des' pot ism del'ta lonogi tude die taotor

de moc' ra cy cre vasse' es'tu a ry po'ten tate ar' is toc'ra cy


He is humble who has a lowly feeling of himself as compared with others, modest who places a low estimate upon his own qualifications and will not thrust himself forward, submissive who is yielding and has respect to others.

A king governs by wise and judicious laws; a despot rules by arbitrary decision and is autocratic.

An argument is convincing that directs one's reasoning; conclusive that prevents further discussion ; decisive that puts an end to all wavering and determines one's will. Both convincing and conclusive arguments assist in decisive action.


bou doir' eq'ui ty re prieve' san'i ta'ri um con' duit san'a tor'i um trous seau' kin'der gar'ten cor rode pre'cinct pin'na cle re mu'ner altion khe dive' def'i cit in trep'id mis' cel la'ne ous



precious integral peculiar járdinière tierce silesia criminal miscreant chandelier lymph cretonne retinue

immigrant laryngitis leaven estrange tabouret salutary literary



bat'on bivouac

pos' se bar racks

' ma neu'ver cordon

re veil'le
ar' ma ment
am'bus cade
ser' geant

brig'a dier' lieu ten'ant am'mu ni'tion rec'on noilter

pa role

im' press

26 Study meaning as determined by accent con'vict con vict'

tor' ment tor ment record re cord'

im press' con'sort con sort' en'trance

en trance' con voy' prog'ress

pro gress' sur' mise sur mise proj'ect

pro ject'
con' cert
con cert'
re' tail

re tail'
sur vey' al'ter nate al ter' nate
au gust' quaran tine

quar an tine


sur'vey Au'gust


“No man is born into the world whose work

Is not born with him; there is always work,
And tools to work withal, for those who will;
And blessed are the horny hands of toil!
The busy world shoves angrily aside
The man who stands with arms akimbo set,
Until occasion tells him what to do;
And he who waits to have his task marked out
Shall die and leave his errand unfulfilled.
Our time is one that calls for earnest deeds.”

- Lowell. “ The important thing in life is to have a great aim with the determination to attain it.” — Goethe.

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pa thet'ic

29 sloyd morbid buoy'ant lan' guid sym'pa thize ther'mal

re cip'i ent ca boose re scind

re cipro cal

som'er sault cir' cum stance ex' cla maltion vol'un ta ry


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Rap'e re [rap'tus] (rav) = to seize, to hurry away.

Viv'e re [vid tus] (vi) = to live. rap'ine ra vine

rav'en ous lyra pac'i ty
re viv'al
vi vac'i ty

vi va'cious vi'ands sur viv'or

ra pa'cious sur viv'al



6 Great truths are portions of the soul of man;

Great souls are portions of eternity; Each drop of blood that .e'er through true heart ran

With lofty message, ran for thee and me; For God's law since the starry song began,

Hath been, and still forevermore must be, That every deed which shall outlast life's span,

Must goad the soul to be erect and free.” Lowell.


deceit eulogy doeskin cringing gymnastics natal khedive logical macerate cashmere milch valiant qualify molding municipal conceal boudoir vanquish trousseau hemorrhage

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