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29 mon'u ment 6. Sometimes the loftiest monument loft'y towers above the grave of the poet who loft'i est has starved to death." towler “ 'Tis an old maxim in the schools, max'im That flattery is the food of fools ; flat'ter y

Yet, now and then, your men of wit con de scend' Will condescend to take a bit.” de fense' “ Self-defense is nature's first law." wert

6 Wert thou more fickle than the restfick'le less sea, still I should love thee." rest'less

30 at tach' pas'try boar

lob'ster fil'ter gel'a tin hus'band

her'ring par'a sol rhu'barb scis'sors co'coa nut

hal'i but ze'ro

lic'o rice car'a mel veg'e ta ble

31 in vis'i ble 6 Invisible hands from summer lands ilci cle Have plucked the icicles one by one. un seen'

“Ill habits gather by unseen degrees. en vel'op The hill was enveloped in fog. en've lope

The envelope is oblong. ob'long “ To climb steep hills requires slow re quire gob'lin " To whom the goblin full of wrath re ply' replied.” re plied' " A man wise in his own conceit learns con ceit!

but little.”

sar dine

re late'

el'e gant

pace at first.”

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Its parts

o'va ry


Their divisions co rolla calyx

sepals sta'men corolla

petals filla ment

filaments an'ther stamens

anthers — pollen pol'len

ovary pistil

style pis'til

stigma stig'ma con'test

33 triv'i al • What mighty contests arise from con test'

trivial things." con tinue

I shall contest his right to continue false'hood in office. cow'ard ice “ Falsehood is cowardice; truth is cour'age courage." af ford'

“ The good can well afford to wait.” con senti

With their parents' consent, the boys ram'ble

took a ramble in the woods. col lect' The man collects stamps for recreation.


civ'il wage waged

slav'er y

The year 1865 marks the close of the Civil War, bitterly waged between the North and the South. The North opposed the effort of the South to secede from the Union. The people of the South were strongly in favor of State sovereignty and slavery, and meant to protect their property and to defend their rights. War followed, and the slaves were liberated.


prop'er ty
op pose'
op posed'
se cede
lib'er ate
myr'i ad
a like
con sist'
dis tinct
ab do'men


Myriads of insects swarm upon the earth. In some respects, all insects are alike. Their bodies consist of three distinct parts, — the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. All have six legs. All insects pass through four stages, — the egg, the larva, the pupa, and finally the perfect insect.

The variety of insects is far greater than that of either fishes, animals, or birds.


sta'ges lar'ya pu'pa 'nal ly




neph'ew re quire' sar dine

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ath'lete Athletes perform wonderful feats. feat

“ It is a mystery how an acorn becomes mys'ter y

an oak." shear

The man will shear the sheep. in vi ta'tion “ A vacant mind is an invitation to strait vice." con nect'ing A strait is a narrow body of water conache necting two larger bodies. achling

“Aching teeth are ill tenants.” ten'ant “ With a bee in every bell,

Almond bloom, we greet thee well.”


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38 “The busy world shoves angrily aside The man who stands with arms akimbo

set Until occasion tells him what to do." 66 Virtue is its own reward.” “ Bad companions poison the mind.” “ The hoar frost crackles on the trees, The rattling brook begins to freeze." “The glorious sun began to rise.”

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sal'a ry

pro vide'

chief de'pot


o'ri ole mourn

wreath ba na'na lar va poi'son dis tinct'

myr'i ad civ'il cat'a log

man'tel ab do'men yawn


“People are free to yawn provided pro vid'ed they put their hands to their mouths.” co coon'

We found many cocoons on the shrubs. shrub

“A life of laziness and a life of leisure lei'sure are two very different things." prog'ress “Progress of rivers to the ocean is not error so rapid as that of man to error.” fer'tile The valley is very fertile.

The caravan crossed the desert. depth The depth of the ditch is four feet. spec'kle


“ The speckled sky is dim with snow, fallter The light flakes falter and fall below.” Liv'er pool No port in the world can show a line dock of docks like those of Liverpool. in sist'

I insist that you accept my offer.

I did not sleep the entire night. ben'e fit “ It is a high benefit to enable me to en a'ble

do something of myself.” ac'ci dent The injury the man received in the dis a'ble accident will disable him for life.

car'a van


en tire'

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