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fraud imagine unanimous communion symmetric knell suicide maelstrom sanhedrin patrician wreath spaniel parasitic parricide equivalent faucet tourist obnoxious delinquent apothecary

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Discriminate in regard to use and spelling lin'i ment

ildol fe lic'i tate ve rac'ity lin'e a ment i'dyl fe lic'i tous vo rac'i ty

i'dle in gen'i ous fer'rule ir rup'tion

cou'ri er in gen'u ous

fer'ule e rup'tion currier


“He who ascends to mountain tops, shall find
The loftiest peaks most wrapt in clouds and snow;
He who surpasses or subdues mankind,
Must look down on the hate of those below." - Byron.

An advantage contributes to one's favor in circumstances, position, comforts; a profit is an acquisition of anything valuable, good, or useful.

“No man can read with profit that which he cannot learn to read with pleasure.” Porter.

“ Four things belong to a judge: to hear cautiously, to answer wisely, to consider soberly, and to decide impartially.” — Socrates.



pres'tige en route! ran'som dom'i cile syn'di cate cha grin' sen'ti ment al le'giance van'tage ep'i sode i tin'er ate

vullner a ble in va'ri a bly su'per sti'tion ad min'is trate

REVIEW docile serious agnosticism censure precarious orient neither acquaintance servile tournament mocha roguish familiarity elicit supplement landau prophet apprehension intrigue oblivious


per vert'

fu'tile tur'ret in fest! men'ial

vis'u al ra'di ant eq'ui ty

sub'se quent gym na'si um in oc'u late cal'is then'ics in au'gu rate dec'la maltion os'ten ta'tion ac'cla maltion



ap prise

Pre hen' de re [pre hen'sus] (pris) = to lay hold of. Su'ıne re [sump'tus] = to take up, to spend.

con sum'er as sump'tion pre sump'tion con sume' re pris' al com'pre hend' ap'pre hen'sive pre'sume sur pris'al ap'pre hend' pre sum'a ble

119 He is ingenious who is able to contrive, invent, or originate; clever, who is ready or adroit with hand or brain; talented, who is possessed of great mental power. “It was doubtless an ingenious idea to call the camel the ship of the desert. 66 Genius does what it must, and talent does what it can.

Clumsiness refers to the condition or make-up of a thing; awkwardness and uncouthness, to the outward appearance or deportment. Awkwardness amuses while uncouthness offends. The bear is both clumsy and awkward.

Peaceable citizens are not quarrelsome. The home should be a peaceful abode. Pacific measures should prevail between nations.

120 Discriminate in regard to use and spelling mor'al corps


nap mo rale corpse au'gur mi'ner



troop troupe

in dite
in dict



ta' pir ta' per

REVIEW clique vignette quandary saliva psalmody reveal brunette musician corral antecedent pommel quartet perennial zouave aluminum dairy sherbet maximum entrée rapacious

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Speech is general and applies to all forms of address; oration is formal speech delivered in a dignified manner; a harangue is a loud, vehement speech, designed to appeal to the passions of the listeners; discourse is applied to all public addresses, a conversation; a lecture is a formal and methodical discourse, intended to impart instruction; and a sermon is a discourse by a clergyman on a religious topic.

“ Think before you speak; pronounce not imperfectly, nor bring out your words too hastily, but orderly and distinctly.” – Washington. " Monuments themselves memorials make."

- Crabbe.

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Mi ra' ri [mi ra'tus] = to look at, wonder.
Ple're [ple'tus] = to fill. Ple'nus = full.

Dor mi're [dor mi'tus] = to sleep.
mirror mir'a cle

plen'i tude

dor'mant de plete' ad mir'er ad'mir a ble

dor'mi to ry re plete de ple'tion in com plete'

ad'mir a bly


distil terrace masquerade amatory . domicile Cairo ruffian picturesque amateur Buddhism loiter trapeze villainous lethargy spectrum relief hideous omnivorous burlesque business

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Study meanings as determined by accent prem'ise pre mise '


sub ject' con'fine con fine su'pine

su pine plac'ard pla card' prod'uce prel'ude pre lude' in' va lid in vallid con'verse con verse at'tri bute at trib'ute con'vert con vert'

prece dent

pro duce

pre ce'dent

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