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127 That is enough which exactly suffices to meet cere tain demands; ample which leaves a safe margin over immediate needs; abundant which is far in excess of existing requirements. Plenty is a sufficiency of those things which supply the immediate and natural demands of the body and the mind.

Praise is general and is stronger than commendation. Applause is loud praise. To extol is to express the highest praise.

“Words as well as persons have an ancestry; and some words have in their veins the blood of lions. One of these words is liberty.Ruskin.

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A pupil is one who is under close supervision or . instruction of a teacher, especially in the lower grades; student is applied to those in schools of the higher grades, as the academic, collegiate, and scientific. A student is one who is learning, while a scholar is one who has learned. A college student may become the private pupil of an instructor.

“ Three things principally determine the quality of a man— the leading object that he proposes to himself in life, the method that he employs in seeking to accomplish it, and the effect that success or failure has upon him.”

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The term answer is general, including words, ac- . tions, suggestions, etc., in return to anything said or done by others; a reply is a formal answer to an assertion; a rejoinder is an answer to a reply; a response is an answer called forth by the statements of another.

“ To abide denotes a stay; to sojourn is a long stay and implies continuance; to dwell comprehends the idea of perpetuity. To reside and to inhabit are partial and local — we dwell only in one spot, but we may reside at or inhabit many places.” — Crabbe.

An equivocal statement is intended to deceive; an ambiguous statement is one of double meaning.

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“Give a boy address and accomplishments and you give him the mastery of palaces and fortunes where he goes.” Emerson.

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138 Transparent bodies transmit light freely, form and color being easily distinguishable. Translucent bodies obstruct nearly all the light, but form and color cannot be distinguished. Examples, common and ground glasses.

One is actuated by motives as the result of deliberative thought; impelled or driven by vehement and impetuous feeling; induced or led to act through inclination or persuasion. . “A man is not educated until he has the power to summon, in an emergency, his mental powers in vigorous exercise to effect its purpose.” — Webster.

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