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[blocks in formation]


Correctly pronounced these associated words are not in every instance true homonyms.


ail ball ale bawl air bare ere bear e'er base heir bass aisle

bay isle

bey I'll be all bee awl beach altar beech alter beat

beet ark beau ascent bow assent been ate

bin eight beer auger

bier augur

bell aught belle ought berry bad bury bade berth


boar buy cent cousin
bore by sent
board bye scent council
bored calendar cereal counsel
bold calender serial creak
bowled canon cession creek
bolder cannon session

boulder canvas chased cruise
canvass chaste

currant boll capital chews current bowl

capitol choose cymbal borough carat choir

symbol burro caret quire dear burrow carrot chord deer bough cast cord dew bow caste clause due brake caster claws

die break castor climb dye breach cause clime dire breech caws coarse dyer bread cede



collar dough broach ceiling choler done brooch sealing colonel dun but cell kernel dost butt sell





hole know main
flee Greece whole no

Maine eye flew groan holy lain

mane ay flue

grown wholly lane marshal aye flour


hour leach martial I flower

grosser our leech mall ewe

floe guessed hoard lead maul yew flow guest

horde led maize you fore hail in leased

maze eyelet four hale inn least mean islet fort hair


mien fain forte hare indite lesson meat fein forth hall jam lie meet feign fourth haul jamb lye mete faint foul hart key


medal feint fowl heart


meddle fair frays heal kill liar metal fare phrase heel kiln

lyre mettle false freeze hear knave load might faults frieze here nave

lode mite fate gait

heard knead loan miner fête gate

herd need lone minor feat gild hew

knew loot missed feet guild hue new

lute mist ferrule gilt higher knight made moan ferule' guilt hire night maid mown find grate him knit mail

morn fined great hymn nit male mourn fir grater hoes knot mantel muscle fur greater hose

not mantle mussel


mews pearl

rap root muse purl

wrap route nay peer

read rood neigh pier reed rude none pendant read

rote nun pendent red wrote oar plain


rough ore plane wreak ruff o'er plait


rye ode plate

wrest wry owed plum retch sail one plumb

wretch sale won pole

rice sane pail poll

rise seine pale

pore right scene pain

pour rite seen pane pray wright sea pair prey write

see pare pride

ring seam pear pried

wring seem pause profit

road sear paws prophet rode

seer peace quarts rowed

sere piece quartz roe

serf peak rain row surf peek rein role

serge pique reign roll

surge raise

roam sew peel rays

Rome so raze


shear stake sheer steak shoe steal shoo steel shone

step shown steppe sighs stile size style sight straight cite

strait site succor scull sucker skull suite slay sweet sleigh tail sleight tale slight taper soar tapir sore tare sole tear soul taught some taut sum tea

tee sun team stair teem stare tear staid tier stayed the




[blocks in formation]

their to

troop vice waive there too

troupe vise

wave throe two vail waist way throw told vale waste weigh throne tolled veil wait weak thrown ton vain weight week threw tun

vane ware

weather through tract vein

wear wether toe tracked vial wade whirl tow

viol weighed whorl


“Nothing venture, nothing have." “He that laughs last laughs best.” “ He that hunts two hares at once catches neither.” “Speaking silence is better than senseless speech."

Loquacity storms the ear, but modesty takes the heart."

“ True nobility is derived from virtue, not from birth."

“ Knowledge directs practice, yet practice increases knowledge."

“ One man may lead a horse to water, but twenty cannot make him drink.”

“Of thy word unspoken thou art master; thy spoken word is master of thee.”

“ You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.

“Not everything that succeeds is success; a man may make millions and be a failure."

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