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“ The way was long, the wind was cold,
The minstrel was infirm and old."
The child fondles his pet kitten.

“ Have they cut down the gallows tree?"

“One cloud is enough to eclipse the


53 ca'ret In writing, the caret Cor) is used to

In writing th in'di cate indicate the omission of a letter or word; o mis'sion as, The boy A'es kite. ob serve' “ It has been the true glory of the ob serv'ing United States to cultivate peace by jus'tice observing justice." rug'ged “Strong limbs may dare the rugged host road.” en ter tain' The host will entertain the strangers stran'ger over night. urge

“ Hope ever urges on, and tells us urg'es to-morrow will be better.”

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be = to make, by; bi= two, twice, double; con, co=

with, together; counter = against, opposite,
contrary; de = down, from, out.

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re pent' We seldom repent of having eaten in crease' too little. in creas'ing “The men who are increasing the knowledge world's knowledge are studying, not scoff'ing scoffing at, the Bible.” Sab'bath - The Sabbath is the savings-bank of hu man'i ty humanity." fas'ten

“Little duties are the golden pins to se cure'ly fasten the mantle of God's love securely

about us."

56 ceiling The man will paint the ceiling. swol'len The streams were so swollen by the re'cent recent rains that the cavalry could not cav'al ry ford them. ford

“ A little gall spoils a great deal of honey.”


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The man will lasso the wild steer.

Writing by means of the alphabet was introduced into Greece about 1519 B.C. (Before Christ).

“ Rivulet, little rivulet, run,
Summer has fairly begun."

The derrick consists of a mast held
in position by guys or stays, of a boom
or arm acting as a lever, and of tackling
of pulleys and ropes. It is a very
powerful machine, and is used to raise
and swing into position immense
weights. Each movable pulley that
is added to the tackle increases the
working power of the derrick.

“Even the hardest rocks are readily turned into any required form in the lathe, by use of a diamond properly set as a turning tool.”

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WORD BUILDING (Prefixes) di, dis = twice, double; dis = not, apart, asunder; en, em=in, to make; ex = one who has held the

position of.

dis own dis join' en slave' dis please dis like' en dear' en roll' dis syl'la ble em bod'y dis hon'est ex-may'or ex-pres'i dent

60 A mer'i can The American bison, commonly bi'son called the buffalo, was very numerous com'mon ly at one time on the western prairies. In buf/fa lo the early part of the nineteenth century, nu'mer ous it was still found in Ohio. It is thought prai'rie that about three hundred thousand cen'tu ry Indians lived almost entirely upon its en tire'ly flesh. In hunting the buffalo, the em ploy' Indians employed the spear and bow spear

and arrow as well as the firearm.

61 e las'tic

Rubber is elastic. li'bra ry “A great library contains the diary con tain' of the human race." di'a ry

Why is July 4, 1776, an important im portant date in United States history? schol'ar ship His scholarship is excellent.

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62 bri'dal “ The bridal party made an extended ex tend'ed tour through the South.” tour

“Good nature will always supply the ab'sence absence of beauty, but beauty cannot sup ply' supply the absence of good nature.” il lus'trat ed The lecture was illustrated by lantern il lus'trate pictures.

63 mag'i cal “There's a magical isle up the River isle

of Time soft'est

Where the softest of airs are cloud'less

playing; trop'i cal There's a cloudless sky and a tropical clime

clime, cli'mate And a song as sweet as a vesper ves'per

chime, where

And the Junes with roses are there


6. And listen to many a grateful bird tune'ful

Return you tuneful thanks.”

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