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scen'er y In grandness of scenery, no river in at tract' America excels that bearing the name Hud'son of Henry Hudson, which he discovered grand'ness in 1609. The vertical walls of the ver'ti cal Palisades, from three hundred to five

hundred feet high, which extend twenty Pal i sade' miles along its western shore, attract ad mi ra'tion the admiration of the thousands of tour'ist tourists who, every year, visit this Swit’zer land Switzerland of America.

65 WORD BUILDING (Prefixes) extra=beyond, above, over; in, ig, il, im, ir = not; inter = between, among; hemi, semi = half;

mono=one, single, sole, sameness. im pure' in ter page' in apt' in ter leaf' in act'ive extraor'di na ry ig no'ble ir reg'u lar il le'gal in ter line' in cap'a ble sem'i cir cle in ter mix' hem'i sphere im mod'est mon'o tone

66 parlson “The parsons labor in God's vineyard, vineyard and the doctors in his churchyard.” rus'tle “ The beech leaves rustle in the wind.” snare 66. I don't care' is a deadly snare.” ea'sel

The picture stands upon the easel. pen'cil . “Fame dips her pencil in the sun and rain'bow writes a rainbow."

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“ Though states may sever, parties

strive, And wide their difference be, Yet in the kingdom of the mind

Opinions must be free.” “ They fail who have not striven.”.

In the election, the Democrats tried to defeat the candidate of the Republicans.

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In the region of Los Angeles, CaliLos An'ge les fornia, the fragrant heliotrope climbs fra'grant to the second story of the houses, he'li o trope and the common geranium grows as ge ra'ni um high as ten feet. The pepper tree feath'er y with its feathery foliage, very similar sim'i lar to the fronds of the fern, is a most frond

beautiful tree. i'dol

“ Luck is the idol of the idle.” satch'el

The man left his satchel on the train.

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A hostile band of Indians stormed a fortress, a fortnight ago. During the combat, the pickets on duty became targets for the Indians, and were the only soldiers slain. The Indians were very skillful in using the rifle.

Skillful is also spelled skilful. Willful may be spelled wilful. “He who quells an angry thought

Is greater than a king.”


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WORD BUILDING (Prefixes) mis = wrong, wrongly; non, (n)= not; over = above, beyond ; pro = for, in the stead of;

preter = beyond; to= at, on. none nei'ther over do' mis use' to-day'. mis rule' mis quote' over load' nev'er n on'sense to-morrow over charge' pro'noun mis spell' o ver look' pre'ter nat/u ral

71 bribe

“ Bribery and theft are first cousins." bri'ber y The legend of Sleepy Hollow is very leg'end popular with all readers, young and old pop'u lar alike; as, indeed, are most of the essays es'say and sketches written by Washington sketch'es Irving.

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va'ry “ However men or manners may vary, la'bor keep cool and calm.” con'flict "There is, and always has been, a cap'i tal conflict between capital and labor.” con flict' The stories that the boy tells conflict. gen'er ous “ Be just before you are generous.” rot'ten A rotten apple spoils its companion.” un'ion “In union is strength.”

73 A pol'lo “ Apollo has peeped through the shut'ter

shutter, a wak'en And awakened the witty and fair; a wak'ened The boarding-school belle's in a wit'ty

flutter, belle

The two-penny post's in despair; de spair! The breath of the morning is flinging fling'ing A magic on blossom and spray, cock'ney And cockneys and sparrows are vallen tine singing cho'rus

In chorus, on Valentine's day!”

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74 ac'tu al ly “There is hope in a man who actually ear'nest ly and earnestly works.” oft'times “Wisdom is ofttimes nearer when we

stoop than when we soar.” heir

“ His heirs, that he might safely rest, car'cass Have put his carcass in a chest." lin'den “ The linden, in the fervors of July, fer'vor Hums with a louder concert.” con'cert “Around the post, hung helmets, hel'met swords, and spears.”

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WORD BUILDING (Prefixes) out = beyond, more than; re = back or again, anew; retro = backward; sub, suf, sup= under, after;

super, sur = over, above. out do' re call' sub'way r e claim' re new sub let' sup press' out weigh' suf'fix sur'face out live su'per fine sur'base sur charge su per add' ret'ro grade

76 con'quer “Would you be strong ? Conquer self.” preflace Read the preface of this book. pre'cious “A good book is the precious lifeblood weak'est of a master spirit."

“The sun can image itself in a tiny dew'drop dewdrop or in the mighty ocean."

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