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TEST WORDS (All Grades)


vin'e gar


te'di ous

be lief!

bur'i al feath'er creak

cel'er y neigh o'pi um mys'tery liq'uid

hy'drant is'land Tuesday yield

scythe sol'dier trou'ble cleanse

coun'try search

tri'umph neigh'bor naugh'ty

par'cel heifler poul'try nurs'er y neph'ew wheth'er triv'i al en deavlor co coa

caution leopard sau'sage

sher'iff mis'chief leg'end weathler an tique ci'pher

guard drearly

liq'uor in'val id hy'phen chorus de ceive' be hav'ior aisle

ear'nest cous'in char'i ot auc'tion ex'cel lent to bac'co Wednes'day be neath' wealth busi'ness courage cab'bage cruise

grease nec'es sa ry is'let let'tuce mea'sles

quo'tient peo'ple tread


con ceal' hos'tile re ceive' weigh sep'a rate squad col'umn quench prod'uct reign al'pha bet yeast ceil'ing scis'sors in stead! pi'geon meant be lieve

bou quet' Jan'u a ry

Feb'ru a ry eas'i er

re quest' leis'ure


shep'herd ner' vous

po lice

con ceit'

cen'tu ry lux'u Ty


thief maid'en fash'ion beau'ti ful

se'ri ous height

lan'guage woe'ful va ri'e ty jour'ney rogue anx'ious shield cu'ri ous

grieve gaunt de vour yolk

isth'mus splen'dor

wea'ry caught borne

as cend' mu'ci lage

mor'tal fer'tile

guilt'y pledge sought o'cean

squeal sec'ond a rycorpse bruise

con tinYue al though allter jus'tice

mois'ten lin'e ar med'al in crease' tour guess

gai'ter source

Sat'ur day strength fruit pre'cious


par'a sol


a sy'lum gen'er al

dis ease cem'e ter y va'por

course straight gyp'sy rein'deer pa'tri ot ve'hi cle crea'ture ab'sence cush'ion breast

a gainst com pan'ion cou'ple hymn nei'ther tor'toise stir'rup sim'i lar rhu'barb weave

dis tinct' ques'tion least bu'reau bed'stead myr'i ad on'ion youth

jave' lin hearse bis'cuit bag'gage

au tum'nal ei'ther

sphere maize

be numb pal'ace launch pleat

cap'tain pi'rate sieve

in quire' o pin'ion

scen'er y a dieu'


quar tet'


Correctly pronounced, these associated words are not in every instance true homonyms.

air beach caster currant ere

beech castor current e'er beat cause

dear heir beet caws

deer aisle beau ceiling dew isle bow sealing due all been cell dye awl bin sell die altar

bell cellar earn alter belle seller urn arc berth cite

eye ark birth site I ate blew sight ay eight blue scent aye bail boar cent eyelet bale bore sent islet ball board choir fair bawl bored quire fare bare bough climb

false bear bow clime faults base brake coarse feat bass break course

feet be buy creak fir bee by creek fur

flea hart flee heart flew heal flue heel flour hear flower here fore heard four herd foul hew fowl hue gait higher gate hire grate

him great hymn grease

hoes Greece hose groan

hole grown

whole guessed hour guest our hair in hare inn hall

jam haul


missed pear

knead might pair

rain shone their need mite

pare reign shown there knew

rein sighs throne new mist

peace rice size thrown know moan piece

rise scull threw no mown peal ring

skull through lain

mourn peel wring slay to lane morn plain reck sleigh too lead

muscle plane wreck soar two led mussel plait

rye sore vail lessen knot plate wry

sole vale lesson not pore

road soul veil loan nay pour

rode some vain lone neigh pray

rowed sum vane lute none

prey rough son vein loot nun pride ruff sun wade made oar pried rose stair weighed maid o'er profit rows stare waist mail ore prophet sail stake waste male ode

quarts sale steak wait main owed quartz scene steal weight mane one read seen steel

way mantel won


sea straight weigh mantle pail read

see strait weak meat pale red


tail week meet pain right seem tale wood mete pane write

sew the would rite

thee wooed wright SOW

[ocr errors]

medal pause meddle paws


A1. first class

Dr. Doctor, debt, abbr. abbreviation

debtor acct. account

Ed. Editor, edition A.D. In the year of our e.g. for example Lord

Esq. Esquire agt. agent

et al. and others A.B. Bachelor of Arts etc., &c. and so forth A.M. Master of Arts, F., Fahr. Fahrenheit before noon

f.o.b. free on board Amer. America


freight amt. amount

G.A.R. Grand Army of the anon. anonymous

Republic asso. association Gen. General asst. assistant

Gov. Governor bal. balance

hdkf. handkerchief B.C. before Christ hist.

history B.L. bill of lading

Hon. Honorable chap., ch. chapter i.e. that is coll. collect

ins. insurance Co. company, county inst.

instant, present C.O.D. cash on delivery

month Col. Colonel

int. interest credit, creditor iny. invoice do. ditto, the same Jr. Junior D.C. District of Co lat. latitude lumbia

Lt., Lieut. Lieutenant D.D. Doctor of Divinity LL.D. Doctor of Laws


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