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EXCEPTIONS. — In most permanent compounds, the words full and all drop one l; as, handful; while in others they retain both; as, all-wise.

9. Words compounded but not permanent are connected by a hyphen; as, golden-haired.

Of each of the following derivatives, give the primitive word and the rule for the derivative: chased gayety praying fleeing hereof all-wise prettier robber dryness sealing joyless kissed mileage delaying noiseless eyelet denied nodded noticeable shoeing illness lying

skillful woeful dying therefore traveled skating toiling pitiful traceable slyly shying beginner agreeable lovely freely judgment courageous duly pitying blessing argument seeing supplied wherein chargeable tuneful singeing dropping excellent studied paleness rebelled outrageous awful tying lodgment first-born careful gayest denying changeable erasing joyful biased headdress wearing freeing changing referring wholly charging tingeing merriment willful admitted stabbing skull-cap quitting nursling useless completing SIXTH YEAR GRADE


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• Memory is the treasure of the mind.”

“ From world to world, God's beacons

“The muskrat plied the mason's trade,
And tier by tier his mud walls laid.”

The sponge, which is the skeleton of
a marine animal, is a valuable product.

“Courage is always greatest when blended with meekness.” — Stanhope.

The horse is perhaps the most useful of all the domestic animals.

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Final, silent e of most words is dropped, when adding a suffix that begins with a vowel.

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ex plore' per suade op'er ate ap prove'

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re gard' “We ought to regard books as we do sweet'meat sweetmeats, not wholly to aim at the whol'ly pleasantest, but chiefly to respect the chief'ly wholesomest; not forbidding either, but whole'some approving the latter most." for bid'ding “The mind adapts itself to a difficult lat'ter problem as the eye adapts itself to a dapt' darkness.” — Agassiz. sa'ges “ What sages have died to learn dame

Is taught by village dames."

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