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Final y following a consonant is changed to i before a suffix that does not begin with i.

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dis play'

A most wonderful display of meteors me'te or

took place Nov. 13, 1833. A Carolina Car'o lilna planter thus describes the effects upon plant'er the slaves on his plantation: “Upplan ta'tion ward of one hundred lay prostrate pros'trate on the ground, some speechless, and bit'ter est some with the bitterest cries implorim plore'

ing God to save the world and themim plor'ing selves.”

An acute angle is less, and an obtuse ob tuse' angle greater, than a right angle.

a cute'


Final y following a vowel usually remains unchanged before a suffix.

gay'ly gay'e ty play'ful

an noyed' buy'ing way'ward be trayed' gray'ish

(or gai'e ty) pay'a ble
em ploy'ing

de cayed' strayed' en joy'a ble de stroyed' jour'ney ing


grad'u al ly
at tach'
at tached'

The muscles in our bodies gradually taper when nearing the points of contact with the bones, as at the wrist and ankle. Here they are attached to tough fibers, called “tendons,” which move the bones. The graceful outlines of the body are due to the muscles and tendons.

The so-called “tendon of Achilles” at the heel is very strong.


A chillles


cam'bric fab'ric ging'ham gauze


op press'
punc'tu al

awk'ward re duce ren'der in'stance

“ No one but ourselves can disgrace us. --Holland,

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Jung'e re [junc'tus] (join, joint)=to join.

Vi de're [vi'sus] = to see.

re join' The trains met at the junction.
join'er 6 I will not advise thee.” Milton.
joint'ly Mercy and truth shall be to them
junction that devise good.”
ad vise' “ The visions of my youth are past,
de vise Too bright, too beautiful to last."
vision “ To him who in the love of Nature holds
vis'i ble Communion with her visible forms, she
su'per vise speaks

A various language." - Bryant.
He will revise the book.

re vise

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mul'ti tude
pos'si ble
in fe'ri or
ar'ti cle
an'gu lar
tri'an gle
cost'li est

- The multitude of those who err is no excuse for error."

Cheap prices are made possible by inferior articles.' Robertson.

6. The outlines of the swallow are so clear-cut and angular that they can be reduced to two triangles."

6 True love shows costliest where
the means are scant.” – Lamb.

Cotton is a staple product of the

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steed cob'bler as pir'ing re duc'ing
ad'mir a ble de nom'i na'tor sal'a ble strang'ling
den' si ty

do na'tion re vers'ing custom er ven'tur ing nu'mer a'tor pre serv'ing

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can'o py

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“Every person has two educations, one that he receives from others, and one, more important, that he gives to himself.” - Gibbon. .



Ca'put [cap'it is] = a head.
Pon'e re [pos'i tus] = to place.
Sen ti're [sen' sus] = to think, feel.

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The capitalists invested a capital of $1,000,000 in the business.

One falsehood supposes another.
“ Man proposes, God disposes."

“ Old time, in whose bank we deposit our notes, is a miser.” Holmes.

Every delay that postpones our joys is long."

It is natural to resent an insult.

“In nodding assent, the Africans differ from us in lifting the chin.”

post pone'
re sent!
as sent'

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