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40 “ The Old Guard dies; it never surrenders.”

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom of the soul."

A covetous man is never satisfied.
We never repent of eating too little.

“Let every one engage in the business with which he is best acquainted.”

A wise man will adhere to his decisions when wisely made.

“The shadows flicker to and fro.” —


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The rule for the diphthongs ie and ei is as follows:

I before e,
Except after c,
Or when sounded as a,
As in neighbor and weigh.” — Brewer.

mien be lief' re ceive'



The following words are exceptions to the rule: – seine height heifler sur'feit seize

weird foreign in vei'gle ei'ther sleight for'feit sov'er eign nei'ther lei'sure mul'lein coun'ter feit

fine'ness strand


fi'ber pro portion rood in'do lence a billi ty

“ The strength of cords is in proportion to the fineness of the strands and also to the fineness of the flax or hemp fibers.” Silliman.

“It was at least nine roods of sheer ascent.” — Wordsworth.

“By indolence, he lost what ability he had."

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Pars [par' tis]=piece, share.
Par ti're (par ti' tus] = to divide.

Stru'e re [struc'tus] = to build. im part “ Gentle lady, when did I first impart'ly part my love to thee?” Shakespeare. par'tial

“ Partial knowledge nearly always part'ner leads us into error.” par ti'tion Several partners are as one body. in struct'ive “Praise Him with stringed instruob struct ments and organs.” struct'ure The clouds obstruct the sunlight. con structed The building that is now being conin'stru ment structed will have sound-proof parti

tions. It will be a fine structure.

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47 When melted copper and tin are mixed together, they form a metal called brass. Zinc is sometimes used instead of tin or in combination with it. The quality of the brass depends upon the relative quantities of copper and tin that are combined in the mixture. In making brass, various methods are employed.

“Slovenly attire betokens a careless mind.”

“Every man in politics wields a power for good or evil.”

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a za'le a
de clare
de clar'ing
gov'ern ment
or'na ment
in'ter fere!

6 And in the woods a fragrance rare Of wild azaleas filled the air.”

“ He has been long and frequent in declaring himself heartily for the government."

No man can ornament any position, or do himself credit in it, other than that which he has won by force of character.

“No one should interfere in what in no way concerns him."

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“ The heights by great men reached and kept

Were not attained by sudden flight,
But they, while their companions slept,
Were toiling upward in the night.”

- Longfellow.

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