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(He) “gently raised Their fainting courage, and dispelled

their fears.” Milton. The enemy was repulsed.

During his pastorate, he was liked both as a pastor and as a preacher.

The vessel is propelled by steam. “From dance to sweet repast, they turn.” — Milton.

“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.” Psalm 23.

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mar'i ner 6 The best pilots have need of mari. an'chor ners as well as of sail, anchor, and des sert' other tackle.” de li'cious The dessert was delicious. mil'dew “Seeds, which mildew in the garner, gar'ner scattered, fill with gold the plain.” oc'cu paltion “The search for the truth is the ep'au let noblest occupation.” De Staël. milli ta ry An epaulet is a shoulder ornament na'val worn by military and naval officers.

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“ Forward let me still go in my search after truth, and therein let me die.” — Arminius.

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57 “If the human body did not possess the power of generating heat so as to maintain in all climates an equality of temperature, it could not exist long!” — Combe.

“The man who gambles picks his own pocket.”

“Defects of character bring their own punishment, however lofty the rest of the character may be.”

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“ Truth lies at the bottom of the well.”

- Old Proverb.

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per mis'si ble Impolite conduct is never permistrans mit' sible. e mit

The sun emits heat and light. ad mis'sion The cannon hurled missiles into the mis' sile enemy's camp. re mit

“Revenge converts a little right into re mit'tance a great wrong.” con vert! The tumblers are inverted. in vert'

The chair has a reversible back. re vers'i ble The property obtained by fraud re vert'ed finally reverted to its rightful owner.

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“ Methinks that there abides in thee Some concord with humanity.”

Wordsworth. “Custom is a tyrant.”

“Not the pain, but the cause, makes the martyr.”

“Habit, when not resisted, soon becomes a necessity.” — Saint Augustine.

“If we criticise, we must not wince when we are criticised.”

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