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Sec. 4. If before the first Tuesday of July, 1882, the Congress of the United States shall make a reappointment (reapportionment) of Representatives to Congress, and in such reappointment (reapportionment) shall apportion to the State of Vermont two Representatives only, the Governor shall as soon as may be after the passage of the act of Congress making such reappointment (reapportionment) issue a proclamation stating the action of Congress and reciting this act.

SEC. 5. This act shall take effect on the day when the Governor makes his proclamation under the provisions of the preceding section, and not otherwise.

And the same was approved by the Governor, Dec. 24, A. D. 1880.

AND WHEREAS, the Congress of the United States at its present session has enacted as follows, viz. :


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That after the third of March, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, the House of Represen. tatives shall be composed of three hundred and twenty-five members, to be apportioned aniong the several States as follows: * * * Vermont two ; * * *

SEC. 3. That in each State entitled under this apportionment the number to which such State may be entitled in the forty-eighth and each subsequent Congress shall be elected by districts composed of contiguous territory, and containing as nearly as practicable an equal number of inhabitants, and equal in number to the Representatives to which such State may be entitled in Congress, no one district electing more than one Representative. * * * * * * All acts and parts of acts inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed.

And the same was approved by the President February 25th, A. D. 1882, and became the law of the United States.

Now therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me, and in compliance with the provisons of the foregoing recited enactment of said State, I, Roswell Farnham, Governor, do hereby proclaim and declare the said enactinent entitled “An act fixing the time for the next election of Representatives in Congress," approved December 24, 1880, to be the law of the State of Vermont, in full force and effect from the date hereof. GIVEN under my hand and the seal of the State in Executive Cham

ber at Bradford this thirteenth day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-two, of the independence of the United States the one hundred and sixth, and of this commonwealth the one hundred and fifth.


Secretary of Civil and Military Affairs.





Heralded by garnered sheaves and ripened fruits, the season is at hand wherein our Fathers for generations past have been wont to render public acknowledgment of dependence upon the Giver of every good and perfect gift, as well as thanks and praise for all his benefits.

With devout recognition of the propriety of this venerated custom, I do appoint THURSDAY, THE THIRTIETH DAY OF NOVEMBER, INSTANT, as a day of public thanksgiving and praise, to be observed in reverent and time-honored manner.

I ask the people of this Commonwealth, on that day, refraining from their usual employments, to assemble in their chosen places of worship and there “ Ascribe unto the Lord the honor due unto His name. " Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise; be thankful unto Him and bless His name.”

Let the gratitude of our hearts find expreşsion not only in the servi. ces of the sanctuary but also in acts of Christian benevolence, and let this day of National Thanksgiving“ be made a special occasion for deeds of kindness and charity to the suffering and needy,” for “Blessed is he that considereth the poor,” and “He that hath mercy on the poor, happy is he." Given under my hand and the Seal of the State, in Executive Cham

ber, at Montpelier, this seventh day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-two, of the Indeeendence of the United States the one hundred and seventh, and of this Commonwealth the one hundred and sixth.

JOHN L. BARSTOW. By the Governor, GEO. W. WALES,

Secretary of Civil and Military Affairs.




In accordance with the venerated custom of our fathers, it becomes us at this season to humble ourselves together before Almighty God and confess, with contrite hearts, alike our sins and our dependence.

I therefore designate FRIDAY THE SIXTH DAY OF APRIL NEXT, as a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer.

Let us on that day lay aside all secular cares, and, in our places of worship and in our homes, with devout penitence for past transgressions, beseecb the Lord to turn from us all those evils we most justly have deserved, and to continue to us those blessings of health and plenty, peace and freedom, wnich bave so long been our portion.

Let us with faith ask Him to endow our rulers with wisdom and the people with content; to reward with great bounty all honest labor; and to bless and preserve all our religious, educational and charitable insti. tutions. Given under my hand and the seal of the State, at Shelburne, this · twenty-first day of March, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and eighty-three.

JOHN L. BARSTOW. By the Governor, GEO. W. WALES,

Secretary of Civil and Military Affairs.



Addison County, laying tax on, S. 74.
Addison County Court House, providing for construction of, H. 404.
Adultery, punishing crime of, H. 179.
Adjournment, sine die, 302.
Albany So. meeting house, act relating to, H. 352.
Alburgh, legalizing Grand List of, H. 92.
Alfred, Frank E., act to pay, S. 28.
Animals, providing for inspector of, S. 131.
Appeals in Chancery, S. 58.
Appeals in criminal causes, S. 65.
Arbitrators, auditors, etc., act relating to, H. 182.
Arlington, to legalize grand list of, H. 257.
Army and Navy during Rebellion, extra pay to, S. 91.
Associations and joint stock companys, S. 142.
Atlas Guarantee Co., act incorporating, H. 336.
Attorney General, establishing office of, S. 82.
Averill and Norton, laying tax on, H. 281.


Baker, S. J., act to pay, H. 164.
Bank, Rutland Co. National, act to pay, S. 43.
Barnet, act to legalize grand list of, H. 23.
Barney Marble Co., act incorporating, S. 155.
Barre, act legalizing grand list of, H. 90.
Bates, Henry C., act to pay, S. 206.
Bates, James G., act to pay, H. 249.
Bellows Falls village, act relating to, H. 362, H. 375.
Bennington, act legalizing grand list of, H. 335.
Bennington, County of, laying tax on, H. 171.
Bennington, Municipal Court of, H. 413.
Bennington, act relating to village of, S. 241, H. 412.
Berkshire, act to legalize grand list of, S. 226.

Berry, Solon K., act to pay, S. 32.
Births, marriages, and deaths, registration of, H. 76.
Board of Health, act establishing, S. 20.
Bomoseen Lake, act protecting fish therein, H. 345.
Bonds, official, act relating to, S. 222.
Books, act relating to care of, S. 188.
Bowley, Abner G., act to pay, S. 28.
Bradford, act to enable issue of bonds of, H. 151.
Bradford, act to legalize quadrennial list of, H. 338.
Brandon Cemetery Association, act relating to, H. 327.
Brandon Sewer association, act relating to, H. 326.
Brandon village, act incorporating, H. 374.
Brandon west side Sewer Association, act to incorporate, H. 62.
Brattleboro and Bennington R. R., act to incorporate, H. 1.
Bridge from Alburgh to Isle La Motte, S. 62, S. 144.
Bristol R. R., act incorporating, H. 322.
Brookfield, legalizing quadrennial valuation of, H. 240.
Brown, A. K., elected Asst. Secy. of Senate, 4.
Brownell, C. W. Jr., elected Secretary of Senate, 4.
Brownington, act to legalize grand list of, H. 51.
Burlington, act to legalize grand list of, H. 23.
Burlington Banking and Trust Co., act incorporating, S. 99.
Burlington Trust Co., incorporating, S. 118.
Burial grounds, act relating to, H. 284.
Butterfield, O. E., act to pay, S. 202.

[blocks in formation]

1. An act to repeal section 3113, chapter 141 Revised Laws, en-

titled, “ Repairs of Highways and Bridges,” 37, 111, 115, 298.
2. An act relating to the time of holding supreme court for the

County of Caledonia, 37, 224, 236, 283, 290.
3. An act providing for the study of Scientific Temperance in the

public schools, 37, 83.
4. An act in addition to chapter twenty-five of the Revised Laws

relating to the equalization of taxes, 42.
5. An act relating to Court Reporters, 42, 65, 68, 216, 228, 246.
6. An act to preserve human life, 43, 65, 68, 80, 84, 89.
7. An act relating to Court expenses, 43, 64, 73, 78, 162, 181.
8. An act in amendment of and in addition to chapter eighty-three

of Revised Laws relating to levy of execution, 43, 83, 87, 95,

98, 287.
9. An act in amendment of and in addition to chapter one hundred

and seventy-one of the Revised Laws of Vermont, referring to
the destruction of noxious animals, 45, 127, 128, 130, 134, 140,

161, 268.
10. An act to amend chapter one hundred and sixty-nine of the

Revised Laws, entitled, “ Che Traffic in Intoxicating Liquors,”

415, 226.
11. An act to amend two thousand seven hundred and forty-eight,

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