A Sketch of the History of Maryland During the Three First Years After Its Settlement: To which is Prefixed, a Copious Introduction

Edward J. Coale, 1811 - 387 páginas

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Página 155 - And we do also . . . give, grant and confirm, unto the said Treasurer and Company, and their Successors, under the Reservations, Limitations, and Declarations, hereafter expressed, all those Lands, Countries, and Territories, situate, lying, and being, in that Part of America called Virginia, from the Point of Land, called Cape or Point Comfort, all along the Sea Coast, to the Northward two hundred Miles, and from the said Point...
Página 167 - That such as profess faith in God by Jesus Christ (though differing in judgment from the doctrine, worship or discipline publicly held forth) shall not be restrained from, but shall be protected in, the profession of the faith and exercise of their religion...
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Página 367 - I remit to you all punishment which you deserve in purgatory on their account ; and I restore you to the holy sacraments of the church, to the unity of the faithful, and to that innocence and purity which...
Página 157 - And lastly, because the principal effect which we can desire or expect of this action is the conversion and reduction of the people in those parts unto the true worship of God and christian religion...
Página 158 - Rome, we do hereby declare, that it is our will and pleasure, that none be permitted, to pass in any voyage, from time to time to be made into the said country, but such as shall first have taken the oath of supremacy...
Página 224 - It hath a restless spirit, and will strive by these gradations: if it once get but a connivance, it will press for a toleration; if that should be obtained, they must have an equality; from thence they will aspire to superiority, and will never rest till they get a subversion of the true religion.

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