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formation and support which have been established ;-all give abundant reason to believe, that there will be no deficiency of such materials, to fill up the future numbers of the work, as fhall be calculated to amuse, inAtruct, and edify the readers.

The Publisher takes the liberty of reminding Subscribers, that although his subscription list is large, yet were it even much larger, it would be impossible to carry on the úork without a punctual attention, on the part of his supporters, to pecuniary remittances. He hopes this hint will be sufficient; and that a generous public will not suffer his undertaking to be frustrated, by neglecting this indispenfible means of support. If every Subscriber would realize, THAT HIS ANNUAL DUES ARE ESSENTIAL TO THE CONTINUED EXISTENCE OF THE WORK, and act accordingly, the Publisher would feel himself still more encouraged to proceed with spirit and vigour, and would have new ground of thankful. ness to many of his Patrons. . • The friends of Religion in the United States are again reminded, that, by communicating promptly and freely such articles of intelligence, and other materials, which they may poffefs, suitable for insertion in this work, they have much in their power to promote its interests, and to gratify its readers. An earnest hope is, once more, expressed, that every thing of this kind will be forwarded without delay. :.

And, may the great King and Head of the Church so guide, invigorate, and blets all our exertions, as to inake them redound to THE PRAISE OF THE GLORY OF HIS GRACE!

Nere-York, Nov, 1800.





ADDRESS, Dr. Haweis's 67 Essay on Visiting,

197 A Address of Northern Essays on the Sabbath, 241, 321

Missionary Society, 104 Flight of the Missionaries, 155 Associate Synod's Mission to Faith, Importance of a lively 329 Kentucky,


Finlay, Rev. Dr. his last words, 342 Address of Connecticut Mis France, State of Religion in 441 sionary Society,

General Assembly, Pastoral Aspect of the Times, 200 Letter of the

31 Address of the Muhhecon Gift, a New-year's" 275 puk Nation,

387 General Assembly, Proceed African Children,

398 ings of the in Africă, Intelligence from 399 Germany, State of Religion in 318 Address of the Massachusetts Gospel its own Witness, '

Missionary Society, 534' Harwinton, Religious Intel America, State of Religion in 440 ligence from

44 Africa, State of Religion in 448 Haweis, Rev. Dr. his AdBlack Prince,

. . 139 dress to Captain Wilson, Bullen's Journal, 262, 365 Haweis's Thanksgiving SerBern, Revival of Religion at 286 mon, Baptist Committee's Address 292 · Hendricks, an Indian Chief, Bridgehampton, Revival at 375 his Address, British Isles, State of Relic Holmes, Rev. Mr. his Letter, 382 gion in the

444 Intercourse between PresCharge to first Missionary, 25 byterian Churches, Plan of 187 Constitution of the Northern Indian Papers,

294 Missionary Society,

Importance of a lively Faith, 329 Character of the Rev. Dr. Infidelity, Letters on, 247, 324,

John B. Smith,."
Connecticut Missionary So Isles of the great Southern

ciety, Constitution of the 166 Ocean, State of Religion in 447 Circular Letter of the London Introdu&ion,

Missionary Society, 231 Instructions to Missionaries, 15 Christians, a Reproof for 246 Intelligence, . 38, 44 Conversion, a remarkable 259 Intelligence from Maine, 192 Canada Mission,

320 Intelligence from HackinDuff, Captain Wilson's Let sack and Schraalengburgh, 195

ter of the Voyage of the Intelligence from Boston, 196 Duff, her Arrival at Cork, 64 Intelligence from the South Duff, Capture of the 150 Seas,

237 Duff, Particulars of the 21 Intelligence from Sandwich Deities of the South Seas,


240 Denmark and Norway, State Intelligence from Qtaheite, 315,

of Religion in







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Intelligence from Port Jack.. Missionary Society, Northern 89


395 Mission to Kentucky,. 116

Intelligence from Africa, 399 Missionaries, Flight of the 155

Intelligence from the East Missionaries at Tongataboo, 203

· Indies,

400 Missionaries arrive in Eng

Kingdom, on the coming of land,


the Redeemer's

252 Ministers, Rules for foreign 379

Mrs. Legaree's last Illness Missionary Committee's Re-

and Death,

134 port,


London Missionary Society's Moravian Missions,

circular Letters, 231, 389, 471 Missionaries at New South
Lot, Remarks on the Use of Wales,


449 Mission to Canada.

Letter, General Assembly's Memoirs of the Rev. Francis



333, 406

Letter from Rev, Seth Wil. Missions, View of Moravian 350

35 Muhheconnuk Address, 387

Letter from Rev. Asa Bur Meeting of the London Miso


45 sionary Society, 471

Letter from Whitestown, ' Massachusetts Missionary So. .
Letter from Green, District ciety,

- 434
of Maine,

New-York Missionary Society, 5
Letter from Captain Wilson, Northern Missionary Society, 89

of the ship Duff, * • 54 Naimbanna, the black prince, 139
Letter from Rev. Dr. Green, 110 'Narrative of Missions from
Letter from Rev. Mr. Blatch-

: ferd,

113 New-year's Gift,

Letter from Rev. Mr. Fulton, 118 New South Wales, Mission."

Letter from Rev. Aaron aries at


Otaheite, Ordination of first

Letter from Mr. Howell, at Missionaries to

223 Otaheite, Flight of Mission-

Letter from Mr. Hughes, 228 aries from

Letier's on Infidelity, 247, 324, Otaheite, Intelligence from 315,



Letter from Rev. Mr. Bullen, 302 Prayer, Plan for social sa

Letter from Rev. Mr.Holmes, 382 Parley the Porter,


Letter from Fowler, an India Port Jackson, Intelligence

an Chief,



Letier" from Rev. Mr. Stein Poland, State of Religion in 319

473 Report of the Directors of

Missionary Society of New the London Missionary




Missionaries, Ordination of si Report of the DireEtors of the

Missionary Society of Lon- New-York Missionary So-


86 ciety,

Mission, to the South Seas, 87 Re:markable Texts,
Missionary, Instructions to a 15 Report of Missionary Com-
Missionary, Charge to the first 25 mittee,





. 386



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Page: Religion, State of, in Upper Society, New-York MissionCanada,

304 ary Religion, State of, through Society, Northern Missionary 97

out the World, 316, 441 Society, Massachusetts Misc Religion of the South Seas, 347 sionary

43+ Revival of Religion at Bridge.** South Seas, Intelligence from 237 hampton,

Sandwich Islands, IntelliReligion, State of, in Swit gence from

- 249 zerland,

I Sabbath, the Remembrance : Religion, State of, in France, ibid of the

241 Religion, State of, in the Bri Sabbath, San&tification of the 321 tish Isles,

44 Sherriff, Francis, Memoirs of 333, Religion, State of, in America,

446 South Seas, Deities of the 347 Religion, State of, in the Isles Society for propagating the of the great Southern

Gospel, Ocean,

447 Switzerland, State of Reli: Religion, State of, in Russia, 316. gion in

... 440 Religion, State of, in Sweden, 317 Sweden, State of Religion in 31; Religion, State, of, in Den Thanksgiving for the arrival

mark and Norway, 318 of the Duff, Religion, State of, in Germany,ibid Texts, remarkable

199 Religion, State of, in Poland, 3.19 Times, Aspect of the 200 Religion, State of, in the Tongataboo, Missionaries at 203

United Provinces, 320 Visiting, Essay on
Religion, State of, in Asia, 447 United Provinces, State of
Smith, Character of the Rev." · Religion in the
Dr. John B. :

128 Williston, Letter from Rev.
Scots Mission to Kentucky, 116 Seth
Society, Connecticut Mis Washington County, Intel-

66. figence from

. 427








No. of copies.

, No. of copies MR. Robert Aitkin, Philadelphia, 15 Mr. Isaac Hutton, Albany, Rev. Samuel Austin, Worcester, 74 Ms. Luther Halsey, Schepactady, Mr. Caleb Bingham, Boston, 200 Mr. David Hogan, Philadelphia, .27 Kev. Asa Burton, Thetford,

7 Rev. Henry Halcombe, Savannah, 48 Mr. Benjamin Birdsall, Singling, 4 Rev. Dr. Hopkins, Newport, Mr. Thomas Benedi&t, Norwalk, 36 Rev. Haloway Hunt, Sudex, Rev. Stephen B. Balch, Georgetown, 10 Rev. Mr. Hojt, Connecticut Farms, 21 Rev. Mr. D. Bogart, Southampton, 4 Rev. M. Hoge, Shepardstown, Virg. 50 Rev. Lyman Beecher, E. Hampton, 15 Rev. Joseph Hazzard, Southold, Rev.G.Blackburn, Maryville, Tenelce, 50 Mr. Matthew Harrison, Lanfingburgh, 14 Mr. William Battle, Torringford, 8 Rev. Nathaniel Harris, Salem, N. j. 3 Mr. Garret Cozine, Orangetown, 42 Rev. Asa Hiliyer, Bottlehill, Mr. Jacob Conckling, Rockland, Is Rev, Simcon K. Jones, Chefter, Rev. Aaron Condict, Hanover, 4 Rev. Dr. Keith, Charleston, S. C. 100 Rev. Ms. Carle, Rockaway, 14 Rev. Peter Low, Flatbush, Key. John Croes, Sweedsbosough, 2 Mr. Loughborough, New York, Rev. Mr. Clark, Franklin, N. York, 7 Rev. Nash Legrand, Virginia, Rev. Mr. Clarkson, West New Jersey, 7 Rev. Peter Labagh, Cattskill, Mr. John Chandler,, 9 Deacon W. Lawrence, Newburgh, 32 Rev. Mr. Clark, New-Brunswick, 13 Mr. Enos Merrill, Castleton, Rev. Jonas Coe, Troy,

13/Mr. Joseph Montague, Coeymans, 9 Rev. R. M. Cunningham, Georgia, 200 Rev. Thomas Moore, Pennsylvania, 60 Rev. Mr. Cannon, Six Mile Run, 9 Mr. Angier March, Newbury-port, Rev. John Cornell, Allentown, 8 Rev. Juftus Mitchell, Canaan, Rev. Jedidiah Chapman, Orange, 7 Rev. Daniel Merrill, Sedgewick, Mr. George Corwin, New York, 13 Rev. Mr. Miner, South East-town, Rev. Giles H. Cowles, Bristol, 9 Rev. James Mairs, Galway, Mr. Henry Day, Teneyck,

a subscribers at Newark, New. Jersey, 60 Rev. John Dunlap, Cambridge, 15 Mr. Joseph Ogden, Fairfield, N. J. Mr. Tertius Dunning, Middleton, 14 Rev. Alexander Proudfit, Salem, 15 Rev. John Davenport, Deerfield, 16 Rev. J. B. Romeyn, Rhinebeck Flats, 3 Mr. Robert Eaftburn, N. Brunswick, 48 Rev. Joseph Rew, Pennington, 50 Rev. Wilhelmus Elting, Paramus, 27 Dr. Sam. H. Rose, Bridgehampton, is Rev. George Fatoute, Jamaica, 17 Rev. Medad Rogers, New-Fairfield, 20 Rev. S. Freligh, Scraalenbergh, 15 Mr. Daniel Read, New Haven, Rev. Adam Freeman, Virginia, 7 Mr. Jeremiah Rors, Providence, Rev. Mr. Findley, Balkinridge, 21 Rev. Mr. Stryker, Bellville, Mr. George Fletcher, N. Carolina, 50 Rev. Joshua Spalding, Salem, Rev. Eliphalet Gillet, Hallowell, 21|Rev. W. Schenck, Huntington, Rev, Stephen Goetchius, Marbletown, 4 Rev. Job Swift, Bennington, Mr. Michael Gillet, New Hartford, 7 Dr. John Van Beuren, Hackinsack, Rev. Alexander Gillet, Torrington, 2 Rev. Thomas Ulick, Philadelphia, 1 Rev. E. D. Griffin, New.Hartford, 14 Rev. Nathan Woodhull, Newcown, 22 Miss Abigail Gilbert, New-Haven, 41 Rev. Samuel Worcester, Fitzbourg, 7 Rev. Oliver Goldsmith, River Head, 'S Mr. J. Waldo, George-town, s. C. 1 Rev. Cyrus Gildersleive, Georgia, 14 Mr. William H. Weller, Bethlehem, iz Mr. Andrew Heron, Niagara, 7 Rev. John Warford, Salem, Rev. Simon Hoofack, Johnstown, 7 Rev. Samuel Whitman, Goshen, 40

Subscribers in the City of New-York, 250



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