Documents and Narratives Concerning the Discovery and Conquest of Latin America

Cortes Society, 1922
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Página 249 - India as nossas partes, e assim de todos os descobrimentos antigos e modernos que são feitos em a era de i55o.
Página 190 - Cabral e dona Isabel de Castro sua molher, cuja he esta capella he de todos seus Erdeyros aquall, depois da morte de seu marydo foi camareira mor da infante dona Marya fylha de el rey do Joao nosso snor he terceiro deste nome.
Página 41 - Captaincies, in fact nearly all of them, hold their lands in allotments43 given and bestowed upon them by the Captains and Governours of the country. The first thing they try to obtain is slaves to work the farms; and any one who succeeds in obtaining two pairs or a half-dozen of them (although he may not have another earthly possession) has the means to sustain his family in a respectable way; for one fishes for him, another hunts for him, and the rest cultivate and till his fields, and consequently...
Página 216 - ... the oven is cooling off sufficiently to put the batch of loaves in the interior and close the mouth. These bolos, quickly cooked this way, are meant to be eaten at once, as are tea biscuits or any of the other hot breads which are served so extensively in the southern portion of the United States. ** Oviedo (Sumario de la Natural y General Istoria de las Indias. Toledo, 1526. Fol. xiv a) states that the introduction of bananas into the Antilles took place in 1516.
Página 242 - Among the papers reprinted by Navarrete in his fifth volume, there are accounts of the Ships Sao Gabriel and Victoria on the coast of Brazil during the years 1526-30. 1526 The Letter of Diego Garcia, who, by his own statement, made a voyage to Brazil in 1512 — Memoria de la navegacion que hice este viaje en la parte del mar Oceano dende que soli de ciudad de la Coruna, que alli me fue entregada la armada por los oficiales de SM que fue en el ano de 1526. In Revista do Jnstituto Brazileiro. Vol....
Página 249 - Lopes de Castanheda — Historia do descobrimento & conquista da India pelos Portugueses.
Página 89 - They give up all the duties of women and imitate men, and follow men's pursuits as if they were not women. They wear the hair cut in the same way as the men, and go to war with bows and arrows and pursue game, always in company with men ; each has a woman to serve her, to whom she says she...
Página 194 - The Order of Christ was created in Portugal in 1319 to take over the possessions of the Order of Knight Templars which had been dissolved in that year. The head of this ancient organization wielded vast power, and gradually the office fell into the hands of the higher nobility. Prince Henry the Navigator, brother of the King of Portugal, became Grand Master, and during his administration the Order reached the highest point of its power. He received from the Pope confirmation in his office and suzerainty...
Página 251 - Memórias para a historia da Capitania de Sao Vicente, hoje chamado Sao Paulo do Estado do Brasil. Lisbon, 1797. In speaking of the Brazilian chronicles, one should not omit the first and foremost English chronicler of the country, Robert Southey, whose History of Brazil is a valuable work. Those who wish a fuller bibliography on Brazil are recommended to consult the four following catalogues: P. Lee Phillips — A List of Books relating to Brazil in the Library of Congress, Washington, DC Washington,...

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