Travels in Portugal: And Through France and Spain. With a Dissertation on the Literature of Portugal, and the Spanish and Portugueze Languages

T. N. Longman and O. Rees, 1801 - 504 páginas
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Página 299 - The breast that feels thy purest flames divine, With spouting gore must bathe thy cruel shrine. Such thy dire triumphs! — Thou, O nymph, the while,* Prophetic of the god's unpitying guile, In tender scenes by love-sick fancy wrought, By fear oft shifted as by fancy brought, In sweet Mondego's ever-verdant bowers...
Página 299 - Principe alli te respondiam As lembranças, que na alma lhe moravam, Que sempre ante seus olhos te traziam, Quando dos teus formosos se apartavam, De noite em doces sonhos, que mentiam, De dia em pensamentos, que voavam : E quanto em fim cuidava, e quanto via, Eram tudo memorias de alegria.
Página 97 - But that writer is miftaken in applauding the temperance of the lower orders, and afferting, that no man but a foreigner is ever feen drunk at Madrid. I have feen many Spaniards drunk ; and the Walloon foldiers may in fome meafure be excufed for this vice, when, inftead of the four wine of Germany - and Italy, they can purchafe the fiery La Mancha for a trifle.
Página 96 - But who could be the bold adventurer, who firft braved the laws of etiquette .by taking his pleafure' without the gate \ . Madrid appears a very dead place except at the time of the promenade in the Prado, or in the morning, at fome part where a celebrated mafs is to be read. A great city, fituated on a brook in an ungrateful country, where manufactures only...
Página 465 - The gate he opens ; fwift from ambufh rife His ready bands, the city falls his prize : Evora ftill the grateful honour pays, Her banner'd flag the mighty deed difplays : There frowns the hero ; in his left he bears The two cold heads, his right the faulchion rears.
Página vi - Portugueze, de; termining impartially to pourtray their character, their mode of life, and their agriculture, with which last my occupations rendered me intimately acquainted; till thus a mere apology grew into a book of travels.
Página v - ... with grief, that no one had defcribed the delightful vales through which the Minho * flows, the cultivation of which vies with that of England herfelf ; that no one had beftowed due praife on the tolerant fpirit of the common people, of which I had many pleating proofs...
Página 289 - ... in the month of May, follow the public examinations, to which every one must submit till the month of July ; after which follow about three months of vacation. The public examinations are in Portuguese, and very severe. Both the students and the tutors wear a long black plain cloak, without sleeves, bound behind with bands, and adorned before from the neck to the foot with two rows of buttons set on very thick. The students always go bare-headed, even in the burning heat of the sun ; the tutors...
Página v - I had many pleating proofs, (I fpeak not of priefts, who have a character of their own, and are alike in all countries where the government favours them) ; that no one had proclaimed the fecurity enjoyed . in a country where in my botanical ejccurfions...
Página v - ... falfe accounts, or fuch as were only applicable to the inhabitants of the metropolis, but which they erroneoufly extended to the whole kingdom.

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