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Dr. Bain In 1882, from a painting by Sir George Reid, P.R.S.A.—the property of the University of Aberdeen Frontispiece.

Alexander Bain In 1854, from a painting by Alexander Craig—the property of the Trustees to face page 239

Professor Bain In 1876, from a chalk drawing by Arthur Clyne—the property of the Trustees , ,,329

Dr. Bain In 1892, from a photograph by

Macmahon, Aberdeen—with autograph . „ „ 407


EARLY LIFE.—1818-1836.

I Was born on the 11th June, 1818, in Skene
Square, Aberdeen.

My father, George Bain, was the son of a small farmer in the parish of Leochel Cushnie, in Donside. He came into Aberdeen, at the age of sixteen, in search of an occupation, and fixed upon the trade of a weaver. In the course of two or three years, however, he enlisted in the Reserve Battalion of the 92nd Highland Regiment. He was put into the light company, having a small well-knit figure, very muscular and strong. This happened in 1803. His destination was Ireland. Being in the Reserve, he could not be sent out to the Peninsula, where the regiment itself served during the whole time of the war. At the peace in 1814, he was discharged, and returned to Aberdeen.

My father's mental characteristics will appear

as I proceed. Generally speaking, I may describe

him as not specially distinguished for intellect,

although a good average Scotsman, with a fair

education, and a ready, fluent talker, within his

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