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SERMON VIII. The Violence of Man subservient to the Go

vernment of God.

ISAIAH xlii. 24. Who gave Jacob for a Spoil, and Israel to the · Robbers ? Did nat the LORD, He against whom we have finned. - P. 307.

SERMON IX. The Duty, Objects, and Offices of the Love

of our Country.

Psalm cxxii. 6, 7, 8, 9. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem : They Mall

profper that love thee. Peace be within thy Walls, and Prosperity

within thy Palaces. For my Brethren and Campanions' Sakes, I will

now fay, Peace be within Thee. Because of the House of the Lord our God I

wi'l seek Thy Good. - P. 361.

SER- .

SERMON X. The present Impunity of Wicked Men no Ar

gument against the Justice of God's Government.

JEREMIAH v. 3. Part 1".
O LORD, are not thine Eyes upon the Truth?

SERMON XI. P. 403. On the same Subject. . p. 424.

SERMONS X, and XI, now first published.


.: E RRA TA. Page 122, line ult. for in read to

p. 220. 1. 22. for of r. on ~~p. 300. 1. 23. for be r. he

P. 301. 1. 10. dele be --P. 437.1. 16. for Caution, r. Caution.

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