The cracks of the day, ed. by Wildrake

R. Ackermann, 1841 - 271 páginas

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Página 269 - OAKS, 1840. 269 sovs. each, h. ft. for three years old fillies, 8st. 4lb. ; the owner of the second horse received 100 sovs. out of the Stakes, and the winner paid 100 sovs. towards the expenses of additional police officers.
Página 202 - Chesterfield, added to a Sweepstakes of 15 sovs. each, 10 ft. and only 5 if declared, &c ; the owner of the second horse received back his stake.
Página 94 - What happened in the race had best be narrated in Jem Robinson's words : — " I came the first half-mile, according to orders, as hard as I could lick, but when I looked round there was the great bullock cantering close by my side.
Página 232 - Stakes of 25 sovs. each, for three-year-olds ; colts 8st. 10 lb., fillies 8st. 51b. ; the owner of the second to receive 100 sovs. out of the stakes, and the winner to pay 100 sovs. towards expenses, 25 sovs.
Página 45 - Chesterfield's was booked to win as a certainty ; and, if we might form an opinion from the joyful exclamations from all quarters of the course, his lordship's success would have been highly gratifying to the public — but there is " many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip.
Página 125 - Strathmore, in 1824, and is by Whisker, her dam Gibside Fairy by Hermes, out of Vicissitude by Pipator — Beatrice by Sir Peter.
Página 106 - To start at the Cup post on the New mile, and go once round, about two miles and a half.
Página 102 - Renewal of the Oaks Stakes of 50 sovs. each, h. ft, for three yrs. old fillies, 8st.
Página 273 - Portraits of the Winning Horses of the Great St. Leger Stakes, at Doncaster from the year 1815 to the present year inclusive (uncoloured vignette) (rule) London: Published by 5.
Página 255 - Ib., last mile and a half; the owner of the second horse to receive 100 sovs. out of the Stakes ; and the winner to pay 100 sovs.

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