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Sold by Messrs. BULLOCK & REYNOLDS, Hanover Street, W.

£ a. d. 2 Mohr's Centigrade Test Tubes, 100° = 50 cubic centimeters,

on stands, 9s. each .. .. .. .. .. 0 18 0

1 Pipette to deliver, 10 c. c 030

1 do. 20 c. c 030

1 Graduated Jar, containing half litre, divided into 100° .. 090

Dr. Beale's Filtering Tube 009

1 Nest of 5 Bohemian Beakers 026

6 Stirrers, 6 inch 006

Spirit Lamp, glass .. .. .. .. .. ..016

Tripod Stand 016

Sand Bath 006

1 Funnel, each 14 and 2 inch 006

100 Filters, for each size of Funnel 010

Japanned Box for the Filters 008

Funnel Support 016

Berlin porcelain Basin, 3 inch .. .. .. .. ..006

ditto 4 inch 010

Books of Blue, Red, and Neutral Litmus Test Paper .. .. 006

The above, in a divided Box, with spaces for 8 bottles of

Solution 330

The apparatus is also supplied by Messrs. Griffin.

Graduated Solutions.

i i o

Solution for urea

Solution for chloride

Baryta solution

Solution of chloride of Barium

Tartrate of copper solution for estimating sugar

Solution of perchloride of Iron

Solution of acetate of Soda, and acetic acid

Solution of sulphate of Soda

These Solutions vary in price from Is. 6d. to 5s. per lb., and may be obtained, carefully prepared, of Messrs. Bullock and Reynolds.

Apparatus, packed in a properly partitioned Box, with Test
Solutions, &c., complete for analysis, as supplied by
Messrs. Bullock and Reynolds .. .. .. ..440



The Author proposes to issue further numbers of this work from time to time, na he meets with specimens suitable for illustrations. In future, the execution of the illustrations will be superior to the first two parts, and at least equal to the illustrations of Sputum, the Kidney, and Epithelium, in the present number. Where necessary, coloured plates will be introduced. Each part will contain from four to eight octavo plates, with descriptive letter-press, and two or three will be issued in the course of the year. The price of each part will be 2«. 6d.

Part IV will be published as soon as possible; but, from the nature of the subjects to be illustrated, a longer time must elapse than heretofore, as it is difficult to meet with specimens adapted for illustration.

The Author hopes still to receive the co-operation of friends in procuring specimens, and he desires to thank many for very valuable help.

The subjects to be illustrated in future parts are—Vomit, Sputum, Discharges from the Alimentary Canal, Saliva, Bile, Animal and Vegetable Parasites, &e.

A new title page is furnished with the present part, for the convenience of those who may desire to have the CONSTITUENTS OF THE URINE, URINARY DEPOSITS, and CALCULI, bound at once.

The binder is requested to insert Plates XXIII and XXIV, with the explanations, after Plate XXII.

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The plate of the Kidney is to face the title page.

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