Year Book

New York Numismatic Club., 1922

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Página 88 - It was moved and carried that a committee be appointed to draft a resolution to be presented at the next meeting condemning the manufacture and sale of so-called California gold half and quarter dollars.
Página 65 - How sweet from the green mossy brim to receive it, As, poised on the curb, it inclined to my lips ! Not a full blushing goblet could tempt me to leave it, Though filled with the nectar that Jupiter sips.
Página 9 - AMENDMENTS This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any regular meeting of the...
Página 49 - Regularly moved and seconded that a vote of thanks be extended to our outgoing President, Dr.
Página 118 - Resolved. That a copy of these resolutions be transmitted to the Secretary of the Medical Society of the State of New York, with a request that their Conference Committee be granted similar powers.
Página 100 - Ponliac's war," he appointed a commissary, and began to make and issue bills of credit, all of which he afterwards carefully redeemed. He miide his bills or notes of bark, on which was drawn the figure of the commodity he wanted for it The shape of an otter was drawn under that of the article wanted, and an otter was the insignia or arms of his nation.
Página 72 - Upon motion, the secretary was instructed to cast one ballot for the election of Adam A.
Página 116 - ... in the city of New York: and be it further "Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be...
Página 75 - It was moved and carried that the report of the Executive Committee be accepted.
Página 101 - It was moved, seconded and carried that a letter be sent to Theodore J. Venn, 2034 Lane Court, Chicago, 111., thanking him for his gift to the Club of his publication, "United States Coins With a Good Numismatic Future.

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