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Have drown'd my Glory in a shallow

C Cup,

Yon rising Moon that looks for us againAnd sold my Reputation for a Song. How oft hereafter will she wax and wane;

How oft hereafter rising look for us XCIV

Through this same Garden-and for one in Indeed, indeed, Repentance oft before

vain! I swore—but was I sober when I swore?

CI And then and then came Spring, and

And when like her, oh Saki, you shall pass Rose-in-hand


Among the Guests Star-scatter'd on the My thread-bare Penitence apieces tore.


And in your joyous errand reach the XCV

spot And much as Wine has play'd the Infidel, Where I made One-turn down an empty And robb'd me of my Robe of Honor


I wonder often what the Vintners buy
One half so precious as the stuff they sell. 380


THOMAS CARLYLE (1796-1881) Yet Ah, that Spring should vanish with the Rose!

From SARTOR RESARTUS That Youth's sweet-scented manuscript

Book III, Chapler 8 should close! The Nightingale that in the branches

NATURAL SUPERNATURALISM Sang, Ah whence, and whither flown again, who It is in his stupendous Section, headed knows!

Natural Supernaturalism, that the ProXCVII

fessor first becomes a Seer; and, after long Would but the Desert of the Fountain effort, such as we have witnessed, finally yield

subdues under his feet the refractory

385 One glimpse—if dimly, yet indeed, re

Clothes-Philosophy, and takes victorious veal'd,

possession thereof. Phantasms enough he To which the fainting Traveller might has had to struggle with; "Cloth-webs spring,

and Cob-webs,” of Imperial Mantles, As springs the trampled herbage of the Superannuated Symbols, and what lio field.

not; yet still did he courageously pierce

through. Nay, worst of all, two quite XCVIII

mysterious, world embracing Phantasms, Would but some wingéd Angel ere too

TIME and SPACE, have ever hovered late

round him, perplexing and bewildering; Arrest the yet unfolded Roll of Fate, 390 but with these also he now resolutely

And make the stern Recorder otherwise grapples, these also he victoriously rends Enregister, or quite obliterate!

asunder. In a word, he has looked fixedly

on Existence, till, one after the other, its XCIX

earthly hulls and garnitures have all (20 Ah Love! could you and I with Him con- melted away; and now, to his rapt vision, spire

the interior celestial Holy of Holies lies To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things disclosed. Entire,

This stupendous Section we, after Would not we shatter it to bits—and long painful meditation, have found not then

395 to be unintelligible; but, on the conRe-mould it nearer to the Heart's desire! trary, to grow clear, nay radiant, and

1 the end.

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all-illuminating. Let the reader, turning tion, then, to see how it all went on? (80 on it what utmost force of speculative Have any deepest scientific individuals intellect is in him, do his part; as we, (30 yet dived down to the foundations of the by judicious selection and adjustment, Universe, and gauged everything there? shall study to do ours:

Did the Maker take them into His coun“Deep has been, and is, the significance sel; that they read His ground-plan of of Miracles,” thus quietly begins the Pro- the incomprehensible All; and can say, fessor; “far deeper perhaps than we This stands marked therein, and no more imagine. Meanwhile, the question of than this? Alas! not in anywise! These questions were: What specially is a Mir- scientific individuals have been nowhere acle? To that Dutch King of Siam, an but where we also are; have seen some (90 icicle had been a miracle; whoso had handbreadths deeper than we see into the carried with him an air-pump and [40 Deep that is infinite, without bottom as vial of vitriolic ether, might have worked without shore. a miracle. To my Horse, again, who unhappily is still more unscientific, do not I work a miracle, and magical 'Open “System of Nature! To the wisest sesamel' every time I please to pay man, wide as is his vision, Nature remains twopence and open for him an impas- of quite infinite depth, of quite infinite sable Schlagbaum, or shut Turnpike? expansion; and all Experience thereof

““But is not a real Miracle simply a limits itself to some few computed cenviolation of the Laws of Nature?' ask turies, and measured square-miles. The several. Whom I answer by this (50 course of Nature's phases, on this our (100 new question: what are the Laws of little fraction of a Planet, is partially Nature? To me perhaps the rising of one known to us: but who knows what deeper from the dead were no violation of these courses these depend on; what infinitely Laws, but a confirmation; were some far larger Cycle (of causes) our little Epideeper Law, now first penetrated into, cycle revolves on? To the Minnow every and by Spiritual Force, even as the rest cranny and pebble, and quality and accihave all been, brought to bear on us with | dent, of its little native Creek may

have its Material Force.

become familiar: but does the Minnow understand the Ocean Tides and periodic

Currents, the Trade-winds, and Mon- (110 “But is it not the deepest Law of Na- soons, and Moon's Eclipses,-by all which ture that she be constant?' cries an (60 the condition of its little Creek is regulated, illuminated class: 'Is not the Machine of and may, from time to time (unmiracuthe Universe fixed to move by unalter-| lously enough), be quite overset and reable rules?' Probable enough, good versed? Such a minnow is Man; his friends: nay, I, too, must believe that Creek this Planet Earth; his Ocean the the God, whom ancient inspired men immeasurable All; his Monsoons and assert to be without variableness or periodic Currents the mysterious Course shadow of turning,' does indeed never of Providence through Æons of Æons. change; that Nature, that the Universe, “We speak of the Volume of Na- (120 which no one whom it so pleases can be ture: and truly a Volume it is, -whose prevented from calling a Machine, 170 Author and Writer is God. To read it! does move by the most unalterable rules. Dost thou, does man, so much as well And now of you too I make the old in- know the Alphabet thereof? . quiry: What those same unalterable “Innumerable are the illusions and rules, forming the complete Statute-Book legerdemain-tricks of Custom: but of all of Nature, may possibly be?

these perhaps the cleverest is her knack “They stand written in our Works of of persuading us that the Miraculous, Science, say you; in the accumulated by simple repetition, ceases to be Mirrecords of man's Experience?-Was man aculous. True, it is by this means (130 with his Experience present at the Crea- we live; for man must work as well as


wonder: and herein is Custom so far a then, or only past; is the Future nonkind nurse, guiding him to his true benefit. extant or only future?

Those mystic But she is a fond foolish nurse, or rather faculties of thine, Memory and Hope, we are false foolish nurslings, when, in already answer: already through those our resting and reflecting hours, we pro- mystic avenues, thou the Earth- (190 long the same deception. .

blinded summonest both Past and Future, "But deepest of all illusory Appear- and communest with them, though as ances, for hiding Wonder, as for many yet darkly, and with mute beckonings. other ends, are your two grand funda- (140 The curtains of Yesterday drop down, mental world-enveloping Appearances, the curtains of To-morrow roll up; but SPACE and Time. These, as spun and Yesterday and To-morrow both are. woven for us from before Birth itself, to Pierce through the Time-Element, glance clothe our celestial ME for dwelling here, into the Eternal. Believe what thou and yet to blind it, -lie all-embracing, as findest written in the sanctuaries of the universal canvas, or warp and woof, Man's Soul, even as all Thinkers, in all (200 whereby all minor Illusions, in this Phan- ages, have devoutly read it there: that tasm Existence, weave and paint them- Time and Space are not God, but creaselves. In vain, while here on Earth, tions of God; that with God as it is a shall you endeavor to strip them off; (150 universal HERE, so is it an everlasting you can, at best, but rend them asunder | Now. for moments, and look through.

“And seest thou therein any glimpse of “Fortunatus had a wishing Hat, which | IMMORTALITY?-0 Heaven! Is the white when he put on, and wished himself Any- Tomb of our Loved One, who died from where, behold he was There. By this our arms, and had to be left behind us means had Fortunatus triumphed over there, which rises in the distance, like (210 Space, he had annihilated Space; for him a pale, mournfully receding Milestone, to there was no Where, but all was Here. tell how many toilsome uncheered miles Were a Hatter to establish himself, in the we have journeyed on alone,-but a pale Wahngasse of Weissnichtwo, and (160 spectral Illusion! Is the lost Friend still make felts of this sort for all mankind, mysteriously Here, even as we are Here what a world we should have of it! Still mysteriously with God!—Know of a stranger, should, on the opposite side of truth that only the · Time-shadows have the street, another Hatter establish him- perished, or are perishable; that the real self; and, as his fellow-craftsman made | Being of whatever was, and whatever is, Space-annihilating Hats, make Time- and whatever will be, is even now and (220 annihilating! Of both would I purchase, forever. This, should it unhappily seem were it with my last groschen, but chiefly new, thou mayst ponder at thy leisure; of this latter. To clap-on your felt, and, for the next twenty years, or the next simply by wishing that you were (170 twenty centuries: believe it thou must; Anywhere, straightway to be there! Next understand it thou canst not. to clap-on your other felt, and simply “That the Thought-forms, Space and by wishing that you were Anywhen, Time, wherein, once for all, we are sent straightway to be Then! This were in- into this Earth to live, should condition deed the grander: shooting at will from and determine our whole Practical reasonthe Fire-Creation of the World to its ings, conceptions, and imagings or (230 Fire-Consummation; here historically pres- imaginings,-seems altogether fit, just, ent in the First Century, conversing face and unavoidable. But that they should,

. to face with Paul and Seneca; there furthermore, usurp such sway over pure prophetically in the Thirty-first, con- (180 spiritual Meditation, and blind us to versing also face to face with other Pauls the wonder everywhere lying close on and Senecas, who as yet stand hidden in us, seems nowise so. Admit Space and the depth of that late Time!

Time to their due rank as Forms of “Or thinkest thou, it were impossible, | Thought; nay, even, if thou wilt, to their unimaginable? Is the Past annihilated, | quite undue rank of Realities: and con

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sider, then, with thyself how their [240 Not only was Thebes built by the music of thin disguises hide from us the brightest an Orpheus; but without the music of some God-effulgences! Thus, were it not mirac- inspired Orpheus was no city ever built, ulous, could I stretch forth my hand and no work that man glories in ever done. clutch the Sun? Yet thou seest me daily "Sweep away the Illusion of Time; stretch forth my hand, and therewith glance, if thou have eyes, from the near clutch many a thing, and swing it hither moving-cause to its far-distant Mover: (300 and thither. Art thou a grown baby, The stroke that came transmitted through then, to fancy that the Miracle lies in a whole galaxy of elastic balls, was it miles of distance, or in pounds avoir- less a stroke than if the last ball only dupois of weight; and not to see that (250 had been struck, and sent flying? Oh, the true inexplicable God-revealing Mir- could I (with the Time-annihilating Hat) acle lies in this, that I can stretch forth transport thee direct from the Beginnings my hand at all; that I have free Force to to the Endings, how were thy eyesight clutch aught therewith? Innumerable unsealed, and thy heart set flaming in other of this sort are the deceptions, and the Light-sea of celestial wonder! Then wonder-hiding stupefactions, which Space sawest thou that this fair Universe, (310 practices on us.

were it in the meanest province thereof, “Still worse is it with regard to Time. is in very deed the star-domed City of Your grand anti-magician, and universal God; that through every star, through wonder-hider, is this same lying Time. (260 every grass-blade, and most through every Had we but the Time-annihilating Hat, Living Soul, the glory of a present God to put on for once only, we should see still beams. But Nature, which is the ourselves in a World of Miracles, wherein Time-vesture of God, and reveals Him all fabled or authentic Thaumaturgy, to the wise, hides Him from the foolish. and feats of Magic, were outdone. But “Again, could anything be more miracunhappily we have not such a Hat; and ulous than an actual authentic Ghost? (320 man, poor fool that he is, can seldom and The English Johnson longed, all his life, scantily help himself without one.

to see one; but could not, though he went "Were it not wonderful, for instance, to Cock Lane, and thence to the churchhad Orpheus, or Amphion, built the (270 vaults, and tapped on coffins. Foolish walls of Thebes by the mere sound of his Doctor! Did he never, with the mind's Lyre? Yet tell me, Who built these walls eye as well as with the body's, look round of Weissnichtwo; summoning out all the him into that full tide of human Life he sandstone rocks, to dance along from the so loved; did he never so much as look Stein-bruch (now a huge Troglodyte Chasm, into Himself? The good Doctor was a with frightful green-mantled pools); and Ghost, as actual and authentic as (330 shape themselves into Doric and Ionic | heart could wish; well-nigh a million of pillars, squared ashlar houses, and noble Ghosts were travelling the streets by his streets? Was it not the still higher side. Once more I say, sweep away the Orpheus, or Orpheuses, who, in past (280 illusion of Time; compress the threescore centuries, by the divine Music of Wisdom, years into three minutes: what else was succeeded in civilizing man? Our highest he, what else are we? Are we not Spirits, Orpheus walked in Judea, eighteen hun- that are shaped into a body, into an Apdred years ago: his sphere-melody, flowing pearance; and that fade away again into in wild native tones, took captive the air, and Invisibility? This is no metaravished souls of men; and, being of a truth | phor, it is a simple scientific fact; we (340 sphere-melody, still flows and sounds, start out of Nothingness, take figure, and though now with thousandfold accomplish- are Apparitions; round us, as round the ments, and rich symphonies, through all our veriest spectre, is Eternity; and to Eterhearts; and modulates, and divinely (290 nity minutes are as years and æons. Come leads them. Is that a wonder, which hap there not tones of Love and Faith, as pens in two hours; and does it cease to be from celestial harp-strings, like the Song wonderful if happening in two million? | of beatified Souls? And again, do not wę



squeak and gibber in our discordant, giddy Alpine heights of Science; one screech-owlish debatings and recriminat- madly dashed in pieces on the rocks of ings); and glide bodeful and feeble, 1350 Strife, in war with his fellow and then and fearful; or uproar (poltern), and revel the Heaven-sent is recalled; his earthly in our mad Dance of the Dead, -till the Vesture falls away, and soon even to scent of the morning-air summons us to Sense becomes a Vanished Shadow. Thus, our still Home; and dreamy Night be- like some wild-flaming, wild-thundering comes awake and Day? Where now is train of Heaven's Artillery, does this Alexander of Macedon: does the steel mysterious MANKIND thunder and (410 Host, that yelled in fierce battle-shouts, flame, in long-drawn, quick-succeeding at Issus and Arbela, remain behind him; grandeur, through the unknown Deep. or have they all vanished utterly, even as Thus, like a God-created, fire-breathing perturbed Goblins must? Napoleon (360 Spirit-host, we emerge from the Inane; too, and his Moscow Retreats and Auster- haste stormfully across the astonished litz Campaigns! Was it all other than the Earth; then plunge again into the Inane. veriest Spectre-hunt; which has now, Earth's mountains are levelled, and her with its howling tumult that made night seas filled up, in our passage: can the hideous, flitted away?-Ghosts! There Earth, which is but dead and a vision, are nigh a thousand million walking the resișt Spirits which have reality and (420 Earth openly at noontide; some half- are alive? On the hardest adamant some hundred have vanished from it, some footprint of us is stamped-in; the last half-hundred have arisen in it, ere thy | Rear of the host will read traces of the watch ticks once.

(370 earliest Van. But whence?-0 Heaven, “O Heaven, it is mysterious, it is whither? Sense knows not; Faith knows awful to consider that we not only carry not; only that it is through Mystery to each a future Ghost within him; but are, Mystery, from God and to God. in very deed, Ghosts! These Limbs, whence had we them; this stormy Force;

“We are such stuff this life-blood with its burning Passion? As Dreams are made on, and our little They are dust and shadow; a Shadow- Life

1430 system gathered round our Me; wherein Is rounded with a sleep!”” through some moments or years, the Divine Essence is to be revealed in the (380 Flesh. That warrior on his strong war- From PAST AND PRESENT horse, fire flashes through his eyes; force dwells in his arm and heart; but warrior

Book III, Chapter XI and war-horse are a vision; a revealed

LABOR Force, nothing more. Stately they tread the Earth, as if it were a firm substance: For there is a perennial nobleness, and fool! the Earth is but a film; it cracks in even sacredness, in Work. Were he twain, and warrior and war-horse sink never so benighted, forgetful of his high beyond plummet's sounding. Plummet's? calling, there is always hope in a man that Fantasy herself will not follow them. (390 actually and earnestly works: in Idleness A little while ago they were not; a little alone is there perpetual despair. Work, while and they are not, their very ashes never so Mammonish, mean, is in comare not.

munication with Nature; the real desire “So has it been from the beginning, so to get Work done will itself lead one more will it be to the end. Generation after and more to truth, to Nature's ap- 110 generation takes to itself the Form of a pointments and regulations, which are Body; and forth-issuing from Cimmerian truth. Night, on Heaven's mission APPEARS. The latest Gospel in this world is, What Force and Fire is in each he ex- Know thy work and do it. “Know thypends: one grinding in the mill of In- (400 self”: long enough has that poor “self” dustry; one hunter-like climbing the of thine tormented thee; thou wilt never

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