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7320-D PERTY

1860, puly, 13.

Pieaman Beguests



London ; Printed by W. Clowes,





1.-1. The History of the British and Foreign Bible Society. By

the Rev. John Owen, A.M.

2. A Respectful Letter to the Earl of Liverpool. By the

Rey. H. H. Norris, A.M.

3. Twenty-Second Report of the British and Foreign Bible


4. Statement, by the Committee of the Edinburgh Bible So-


5. Second Statement of the Committee of the Edinburgh

Bible Society, relative to the Circulation of the Apo-


6. Third Statement of the Edinburgh Committee.

7. Review of the Conduct of the Directors of the British

and Foreign Bible Society, relative to the Apocrypha,

and to their Administration on the Continent. By Robert

Haldane, Esq.

8. Second Review of the Conduct of the Directors of the

British and Foreign Bible Society. By Robert Haldane,


9. Letter addressed to Robert Haldane, Esq. By C. F. A.

Steinkopff, D.D.

10. Remarks upon the Recent Accusations against the Com-

mittee of the British and Foreign Bible Society.

11. Letter to the Right Honourable the Lord Bexley. By

the Rev. Andrew Thomson, D.D. -

II.—The Poetical Works of John Milton; with Notes of va-

rious Authors. The Third Edition. With other Illus-

trations, and with Some Account of the Life and Writings

of Milton; derived principally from Documents in his

Majesty's State-paper Office, now first published. By

the Rev. H. J. Todd. - - - - - 29

III.-Life of Theobald Wolfe Tone, Founder of the United

Irish Society, and Adjutant-General and Chef-de-Bri-

gade in the French and Batavian Republics. Written

by himself, and continued and edited by his Son, William

Theobald Wolfe Tone. With a brief Account of his own

Campaigns under the Emperor Napoleon - - 61

IV.-1. Reports relating to the Failure of the Rio Plata Mining

Association, formed under an Authority signed by his Ex-

cellency Don Bernardino Rivadavia. By Captain F. B.


2. Re-



2. Remarks on the Mines, Management, Ores, &c., of the

District of Guanaxuato, belonging to the Anglo-Mex-

ican Mining Association. By Edward James. - SI

V.-1. Voyage d'Orenbourg à Boukhâra, fait en 1820, à travers

les Steppes qui s'étendent à l'Est de la Mer d'Aral et

au-delà de l'ancien Jaxartes. Rédigé par M. le Baron

Georges de Meyendorff, Colonel, &c.

2. Voyage en Turcomanie et à Khiva, fait en 1819 et 1820;

par M. N. Mouraviev, Capitaine d'Etat-Major de la

Garde de S. M. l'Empereur de toutes les Russies, &c. 106

VI.-1. Report upon Weights and Measures. By John Quincy

Adams, Secretary of State of the United States. Pre-

pared in obedience to a Resolution of the Senate of the

3rd March, 1817.

2. An Account of the Construction and Adjustment of the

new Standards of Weights and Measures of the United

Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. By Captain

Henry Kater, F.R.S. - - - - - 139

VII.—The Works of John Home, Esq.; now first collected: to

which is prefixed an Account of his Life and Writings.

By Henry Mackenzie, Esq. F.R.S.E. - - . 167

VIII. - 1. Outlines of Philosophical Education, &c. By G. Jar-

dine, A.M., F.R.S.E.

2. Observations on the Preparatory Education of Candi-

dates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine in the Scot-

tish Universities. Submitted to the consideration of his

Majesty's Commissioners for visiting the Universities and

Colleges of Scotland. By John Thomson, M.D.

3. A General View of the Present State of Public Edu-

cation in France ; and of the Laws, Regulations, and

Courses of Study, in the different Faculties, Colleges,

and Schools, which now compose the Royal University of

that Kingdom; preceded by a short History of the Uni-

versity of Paris before the Revolution. By David John-

ston, M.D.

4. Frederich Thiersch, ueber gelehrte Schulen mit beson-

derer Rücksicht auf Baiern.

5. Dr. L. F. Baumgarten, uber wissenschaftliche Freheit an

sich und in Beziehung auf die Deutsche Universitäten. 216

IX.-De Vere; or, the Man of Independence. By the Author

of Tremaine. - - - - - - - 269

X.- Letters from his MAJESTY KING GEORGE III. to the late

Lord Kenyon, on the Coronation Oath, with his Lord-

ship’s Answers ; and Letters of the Right Honourable

William Pitt to his MAJESTY KING GEORGE III., with

his Majesty's Answers, previous to the Dissolution of

the Ministry in 1801. - - - - - 285


1.-1. Reply to the Article in the Quarterly Review for March,

1826, on the Revelations of La Sour Nativité. By

Charles Butler, Esq.

2. Vie et Révélations de la Sæur de la Nativité, Religieuse

converse au Couvent des Urbanistes de Fougères, écrites

sous sa Dictée par le Rédacteur de ses Révélations. Se-

conde Edition, ornée du Portrait de la Sæur, et aug-

mentée d'un volume qui contient tout ce que la Seur a

fait écrire peu de temps avant sa mort.

3. Vie de Marie Angélique de la Providence, ou l'Amour

de Dieu Seul.

4. La Vie de M. Henri-Marie Boudon, Grand Archidiacre

d'Evreux. Par M. Collet, Prêtre de la Mission et Doc-

teur en Théologie

- - 305

II.-Sketches in Persia, from the Journals of a Traveller in the

East - - - -

- - - - 353

III.-1. An Essay on the Application of Capital to Land. By

Sir Edward West.

2. Remarks on Certain Modern Theories respecting Rents

and Prices.

3. The Principles of Agriculture. By William Bland, Jun. 391

IV.-Memoir on the Geology of Central France ; including the

Volcanic Formations of Auvergne, the Velay, and the

Vivarais, with a Volume of Maps and Plates. By G. P.

Scrope, F.R.S., F.G.S.

- - - - 437

V.-1. A Practical Inquiry into the Number, Means of Employ-

ment, and Wages of Agricultural Labourers. By the

Rev. C. D. Brereton, A.M., Rector of Little Massingham,


2. An Inquiry into the Workhouse-System and the Law of

Maintenance in Agricultural Districts. By the Rev.

C. D. Brereton, A.M., Rector of Little Massingham,


- - 484

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