Verzeichnis ausgewählter Werke: mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der neueren und wichtigeren Erscheinungen

Verlag von L. und A. Last, 1901 - 196 páginas

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Página 154 - The Splendid Spur, being Memoirs of the Adventures of Mr John Marvel, a Servant of his late Majesty King Charles I, in the years 1642-3, written by himself, edited in modern English by Q.
Página 84 - Lettres de Napoléon à Joséphine pendant la première campagne d'Italie, le Consulat et l'Empire et Lettres de Joséphine à Napoléon et à sa fille (publié sous la direction de la reine Hortense et d'après les originaux lui appartenant).
Página 135 - Our soul is escaped even as a bird out of the snare of the fowler ; the snare is broken, and we are delivered.
Página 140 - The Marriages; The Pupil; Brooksmith; The Solution; Sir Edmund Orme, 1892.
Página 126 - IN THE PALACE OF THE KING : A Love Story of Old Madrid.
Página 166 - RECOLLECTIONS OF COUNT LEO TOLSTOY. Together with a Letter to the Women of France on the " Kreutzer Sonata." By CA BEHRS. Translated from the Russian by CE TURNER, English Lecturer in the University of St. Petersburg.
Página 88 - Thérèse-Charlotte de France sur la captivité des princes et princesses, ses parents, depuis le 10 août 1792 jusqu'à la mort de son frère, arrivée le 9 juin 1795.
Página 171 - William Hogarth, in a series of engravings; with descriptions, and a comment on their moral tendency, by the Rev. John Trusler; to which are added, anecilotes of the author and his works, by J. Hogarth and J. Nichols. London, 1833. 2 v. port.. о/Я., 108 pi. 4".
Página 167 - Lectures | on the | History of Literature | or the Successive Periods of | European Culture Delivered in 1838 | By | Thomas Carlyle Now First Published ¡ from the Anstey Ms.
Página 114 - Les grands Initiés. Esquisse de l'histoire secrète des religions. — Rama. — Krishna. — Hermès. — Moïse. — Orphée. — Pythagore. — Platon. — Jésus.

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