Reflections on the Present State of British India ...

Hurst, Chance, and Company, 1829 - 214 páginas

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Página xi - I skill not This I know, that errors in a good government and in a bad are equally almost incident ; for what magistrate may not be misinformed, and much the sooner if Liberty of Printing be reduced into the power of a few ? But to...
Página 19 - When at length Hyder Ali found that he had to do with men who either would sign no convention, or whom no treaty and no signature could bind, and who were the determined enemies of human intercourse itself,' he decreed to make the country possessed by 15 these incorrigible and predestinated criminals a memorable example to mankind.
Página 202 - England has erected no churches, no hospitals, no palaces, no schools ; England has built no bridges, made no high roads, cut no navigations, dug out no reservoirs. Every other conqueror of every other description has left some monument, either of state or beneficence, behind him. Were we to be driven out of India this day, nothing would remain to tell that it had been possessed, during the inglorious period of our dominion, by any thing better than the ourang-outang or the tiger.
Página 146 - ... familiar intercourse. They have no genius, no comprehension of mind, no politeness of manner, no kindness or fellow-feeling, no ingenuity or mechanical invention in planning or executing their handicraft works, no skill or knowledge in design or architecture ; they have no good horses, no good flesh, no grapes or musk-melons, no good fruits, no ice or cold water, no good food or bread in their bazars, no baths or colleges, no candles, no torches, not a candlestick.
Página 204 - The bulk of the people acquired, with that title, the benefit of the Roman laws, particularly in the interesting articles of marriage, testaments, and inheritances; and the road of fortune was open to those whose pretensions were seconded by favour or merit. The grandsons of the Gauls, who had besieged Julius Caesar in Alesia, commanded legions, governed provinces, and were admitted into the senate of Rome. ** Their ambition, instead of disturbing the tranquillity of the state, was intimately connected...
Página 87 - Midnapur in 1802, who wrote that the zemindars ' all say that such a harsh and oppressive system was never before resorted to in this country ; that the custom of imprisoning landholders for arrears of revenue was, in comparison, mild and indulgent to them...
Página 30 - Ond' era sire, quando fu distrutta La rabbia fiorentina, che superba Fu a quel tempo, sì com' ora è putta. La vostra nominanza è color d' erba, Che viene e va, e quei la discolora, Per cui ell
Página 105 - ... necessary for the protection and welfare of the dependant talookdars, ryots, and other cultivators of the soil.* Regulations to this effect were indeed subsequently framed ; and there is little doubt that, if the same coolness of judgment and strict impartiality which had so much influence in enacting the permanent settlement, had superintended its operations for two or three years, it would, in spite of the disadvantages under which it laboured, have answered every reasonable expectation ; t...
Página 186 - ... keep the word of promise to the ear, and break it to the hope" — we have presumed to court the assistance of the friends of the drama to strengthen our infant institution.
Página xi - God hath fitted for the special use of these times with eminent and ample gifts, and those perhaps neither among the priests, nor among the pharisees, and we, in the haste of a precipitant zeal, shall make no distinction, but resolve to stop their mouths, because we fear they come with new and dangerous opinions...

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