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1.-1. Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search of a North-

west Passage, and of a Residence in the Arctic Regions,

during the Years 1829-30-31-32-33. By Sir John

Ross, C.B., K.S.A., K.C.S., &c. &c., Captain in the

Royal Navy.

2. The Late Voyage of Captain Sir John Ross, R.N., to

the Arctic Regions, for the Discovery of a North-west

Passage; performed in the Years 1829-30-31-32-33.

From authentic Information and original Documents,

transmitted by William Light, Purser's Steward to the

Expedition. By Robert Huish, author of the 'Memoirs

of the Princess Charlotte,' • Treatise on Bees,' &c. &c.

3. Report from a Select Committee of the House of

Commons, on the Expedition to the Arctic Seas, com-

manded by Captain John Ross, R.N.

II.-Journal of Frances Anne Butler (Fanny Kemble). -

III.-The Last Essays of Elia. - - - - 58

IV.-History of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries,

illustrated by original documents. By Frederic von

Raumer. Translated from the German by Lord

Francis Egerton. - - -


V.—The Life of Edmund Kean. .

- - 109

VI.-1. Physiologie du Goût: ou Méditations de Gastronomie

Transcendante; Ouvrage Théorique, Historique et à

l'ordre du Jour. Dédié aux Gastronomes Parisiens.

Par Un Professeur (M. Brillat Savarin), Membre de

plusieurs Sociétés Savantes.

2. The French Cook. A System of Fashionable and

Economical Cookery ; adapted to the Use of English

Families, &c. By Louis Eustace Ude, ci-devant Cook

to Louis XVI. and the Earl of Sefton, &c. &c. &c.

Twelfth Edition. With Appendix, &c.

- 117

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