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The amount expended during the same period, is, on account of war expenses,.... $539,428 91 All other expenditures,.

718,806 79

-$1,258,235 70

Showing the Treasury overdrawn by the sum of. 28,334 53

Table D shows a large amount of specific taxes still in arrears, aside from the amount against the D. & M. Railway Co., which it has not been possible, as yet, to adjust on the books. of the department."

The case of the M. S. & N. I. R. R. Co., being still undecided, I have made the usual assessment, a portion of which they have refused to pay, which adds to their former indebtedness, the sum of $11,718 34; but I have refrained from further action in the premises, under the belief that a decision of the Court was soon to be had, and that no action of mine could avail in securing the settlement of the question, with more certainty than to await this decision.

Of the one million loan authorized for war purposes, (Extra Session of 1861, Act No. 5,) $449,100 have been sold, from which has been realized, the sum of....

The war fund thus created has been augmented by an amount reimbursed by General Government,...

By accrued interest on the bonds at

dates of sale,.....

And by premium on draft, &c.,

$426,631 50

$92,000 00

4,338 14

113 87

96,452 01 $523,083 51

Total to the credit of war fund,..

The expenses incurred, for which I have drawn my warrants on this fund, amount to $539,428 91; leaving balance to be provided for, of $16,345 40; and it is hoped the full amount required to arm, equip, and pay, up to the period of their being mustered into the service of the U. S., the ten regiments authorized, the three months' volunteers and the Coldwater Light Artillery, will not exceed six hundred thousand dollars. Upon

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this basis there will be due from the General Government, five hundred and eight thousand dollars; a sum sufficient, when adjusted, to meet our quota of the $20,000,000, required by Act of Congress, showing no necessity of any special tax to meet all our present liabilities for the suppression of the rebellion. All which is respectfully submitted.

Auditor General.




The balance in the hands of the State Treasurer on Nov. 30, 1860, exclusive of amounts to meet outstanding warrants on the General Fund and Normal School Interest Fund, was.

$125,618 08

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Of this amount $1,154 74 is for outstanding Warrants on General Fund ($3 86), and

War Fund (1,150 88), making actual State Treasurer's credit, $27,179 79.

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Interest on Specific Taxes past due, &c.,.......

Sales of State Salt Spring Lands-Principal and In

66 87

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