Polybiblion: Revue bibliographique universelle, Volume 39

Gustave Pawlowski, Henri Stein
Aux bureaux de la revue, 1883


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Página 73 - The Medical Language of St. Luke- : a Proof from Internal Evidence that "The Gospel according to St. Luke" and "The Acts of the Apostles" were written by the same Person, and that the writer was a Medical Man.
Página 376 - A History of Our Own Times, from the Accession of Queen Victoria to the General Election of 1880. Four Vols. demy 8vo, cloth extra, 12s. each. — Also a POPULAR EDITION, in Four Vols. crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s. each. A Short History of Our Own Times.
Página 94 - John Nicholas. — The Chair of Peter ; or, the Papacy considered in its Institution, Development, and Organization, and in the Benefits which for over Eighteen Centuries it has conferred on Mankind.
Página 80 - The Stars in their Seasons. An Easy Guide to a Knowledge of the Star Groups, in 12 Maps.
Página 345 - Medical Guide for AngloIndians. Being a Compendium of Advice to Europeans in India, relating to the Preservation and Regulation of Health. With a Supplement on the Management of Children in India. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, limp cloth, 3^.
Página 115 - Encyclopédie du notariat -et de l'enregistrement, ou Dictionnaire général et raisonné de législation, de doctrine et de jurisprudence en, matière civile et fiscale (avec formules), publié par la Revue du notariat.
Página 77 - Broché, 7 fr.; relié toile, tr. dorées 9 fr. Lumière et Vie. Trois leçons populaires d'histoire naturelle sur le soleil dans ses rapports avec la vie, sur la circulation des forces et la fin du monde, sur la philosophie de la génération. Traduit de l'allemand par le Dr Ch. Letourneau. 1 vol. in-8° 6 fr.
Página 161 - HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, from the Discovery of the Continent to the Establishment of the Constitution in 1789. By GEORGE BANCROFT.
Página 228 - Names ; also of the Principal Books published in the United States of America, with the addition of an Index to Subjects.
Página 16 - The Thousand and One Nights: commonly called, in England, " THE ARABIAN NIGHTS' ENTERTAINMENTS." A New Translation from the Arabic, with copious Notes, by EDWARD WILLIAM LANE. Illustrated by many hundred Engravings on Wood, from Original Designs by WM. HARVEY. A New Edition, from a Copy annotated by the Translator, edited by his Nephew, EDWARD STANLEY POOLE. With a Preface by STANLEY LANE-POOLE. Three Vols., demy 8vo, cloth extra, 7s.

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