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upright intentions and was wise in the contrivance, and enterprising, ans persevering, in the execution of plans of public utilit In private life, he was dignified, but courteous, a pleasing, and instructive companion, áffectionate in his domestic relations, and just in his intercourse with manland.*

List of the Governors and Lieutenant Governors of the Colony and State of New York, with the time of their appointment.


A. D. 1625. Wouter Van Twiller,

1633. William Kieft,

1638. Peter Stuyvesant,

1647. ENGLISH GOVERNORS. Richard Nichols,

1664. Francis Lovelace,

1667. Anthony Colve, governor during the

temporary possession of the Dutch, 1673. Edward Andros,

1674. Thomas Dongan,

1682. Francis Nicholson, Lieut.

1688. Jacob Leisler,

1689. Henry Sloughter,

1691. Richard Ingolsby, President,

1692. Benjamin Fletcher, Gov.

1692. Richard Earl of Bellomont,

1698. John Nanfan, Lieut. acted,

1701. Lord Cornbury arrived,

1702. John, Lord Lovelace, baron of Husley, 1708.

* Allen.

1709. 1710. 1710. 1719. 1720. 1728. 1731. 1732. 1736.

Richard Ingolsby, Lieut. acted,
Gerandus Beekman, President,
Robert Hunter, Gov.
Peter Schuyler, President,
William Burnet, Gov.
James Montgomery,
Rip Van Dam, President,
William Crosby, Gov.
George Clarke, President,
Mr Clarke soon after appointed Lieut.

George Clinton,
Danvers Osborn,
James De Lancey, Lieut. Gov.
Sir Charles Hardy, Gov.
James De Lancey, Lieut. Gov.
Cadwallader Colden, President,
Mr Colden appointed Lieut. Gov.
Robert Monckton, Gov.
Mr Colden, Lieut. Gov.
Henry Moore, Gov.
Mr Colden, Lieut. Gov.
John Earl of Dunmore, Gov.
William Tryon, Gov.
Mr Colden, Lieut. Gov. acted,
William Tryon, Gov.

1736. 1743. 1753. 1753. 1755. 1757. 1760. 1761. 1762. 1763. 1765. 1769. 1770. 1771. 1771. 1775.


George Clinton,

John Jay,

George Clinton,
Morgan Lewis,
Daniel D. Tompkins,
De Witt Clinton,

1777. 1795. 1801. 1804. 1807. 1817. ERRATA.- Page 6, first line, for unbroken, read broken. Page 19, third line, for increase of animals, read productions of animal life. Page 21, eighteenth line, after peculiarly, insert fitted. Page 54, third line from bottom, for submitted, read acceded.

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