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Nature, End, Design, & Benefits



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With Necessary

Praises, and Meditations,

To be used by Persons who come to the

By Anthony Horneck, D. D. Late
Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty, and
Prebendary of Westminster. ';

LONDON, Printed for A. Lowndts,***
Amnfham and John Churchill, al the BlachSwtn in
P*ter-Noster.Row. MDCCV. /

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Unknown Benefactor.

S I R,

THE following Discourse being the substance ofseveral Sermons, Preached at your destre9 and incouragement, before the Monthly Sacraments, though I am ignorant who you are, and what fart of the City or Country you live in, yet I thought it my Duty, to let the Publick know, that there isJuch s Man in the World, who is defirom to do good, and loves not to be known. This Treatise you have a proper Title to, not only as one, whose Hearts desire is to fee the Church of England sourish, but as a Benefactor too; and to have Dedicated it to any other Person, had been injurious to your Character.

Touwere sensible how backward the generality are to come to the Hoi) Communion, how much ground the Church, and Christianity it self, loses by this stupid negligence of its pretended Votaries, and how not a\ few absent themselves, for want of understanding the true nature and design of this Blessed Sacrament, and therefore justly thought,that if, by a previous Monthly Sermon, Mens Hearts were warmd into consideration of the Vse and Necessity of this Ordinance, the Mists,

A $ which which hitherto have clouded their Understandings) "would be dispelled, and they become acquainted with, their Duty, which was the cause of your exciting me to this Publick Service.

"fdur judgment -hath lict faiPdyoUj for since these Religious Exercises have been among us, abundance of Persons, who before loosed Upon their coming to the Holy Table, either as indifferent, or unnecessary, or unyid/bnable, have, through she Bleffihg of God, bethought themselves, considered the Obligations that the mighty Work of Redemption lays upon them, ayd tonfciencioujly applfd themselves to the frequent Vfe of this Universal Medicine. And all I can tell you for your lncouragement, is this, That as we owe the Beginnings and Progress of these Monthly Sermons, to your Z^eal and Influence, so you will have a,Sharp both i>t the Good shaft done by them, and in the Regards of thdfe, who are thereby brought to a serious Sense of the wonderful Love of God in Chrifi Jesus. It was A, Public!; Good yon design'd by your Munificence; and that which makes the Pious Work the greater, is, that you do not care your left hand should know what your right hand doily.

The Almighty hath enriched your Heart with the Noblefl Charity, even with that to the Souls of Men, 'aft Employment which God himself disdains not to travel in■;' and what are alt the Angels of Heaven, but Minsftring Spirits, sent forth to be helfful unto those that fbiUbe Heirs of Salvation? "Nothing is more pleasing to God, than to be infirttRental in Bringing many Sons unto Glory, and though you are no public It Orator, yet you help towards Mem Conversion, and in employing others to route

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