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how clearly should we see, that though it is ours to act diligently for the best, and to depend upon a reward, still that the result of our actions, and the issue of our dependance, are ever under the guidance, and in the gift of an Almighty Providence, who wills that good and evil should sometimes come to us through unexpected channels, and through unforeseen instruments."

General Montgomery's mind, relieved, as far as an explanation of the incidents went, relating to himself, and to an innocent individual (Corrie Lovel) from the anxiety and anguish which for a long time had pressed upon it, gradually recovered its serenity and peace.

The wounds, however, inflicted by the conduct and fate of his unhappy niece, were of a nature which, though resignation led him to endure without repining, yet no lapse of years could entirely close, and the memory

of them would often steal over and embitter his happier moments.

Among the painsul circumstances of a minor kind which he had still to bear, was the conviction (than which nothing is more wounding to a generous mind) of the atrocious villany of a man in whom he had hitherto trusted with such implicit confidence. The knowledge of Mr. Aldget's turpitude rendered it absolutely necessary for General Montgomery to withdraw his affairs from his hands; and the result of this measure was the public disclosure of Mr. Aldget's conduct, and the total ruin of his character.

In the happiness of his loved niece, General Montgomery could, indeed, boast of a sunshine of comfort and of glory, which shed a radiant brightness on the remainder of his days.

Felicity, unalloyed, is not the portion of humanity; but felicity, unembittered by any self-reproach, and in as great a portion as ever pertained to humanity, was the lot of Lord and Lady Mowbray.

Time, in a happy and honourable union, brings, with added years the added“ proofs of recollected love," to swell the present store. In its very continuance, there is fresh motive for it to continue still. A thousand tributary streams of mutual interests and habits flow into the channel of wedded love, and on such affections

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Not so is it in the illusory bliss of illicit passion; there every added hour of guilty communion destroys the illusion, and blasts the shortlived happiness of such unholy love, and in the ending, for the end

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comes quickly, what an arid desert and hideous devastation are left behind!

In the foregoing narrative, the picture of virtue and of vice, under these forms, has been attempted; and it is believed, that in the different fate of the two sisters, may be traced the fate of all who like them shall choose either the pure path which leads to lasting happiness, or follow the downward road to misery and shame, through the PERILOUS Mazes of FLIRTATION.

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