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Troops, with the exception of two companies Tucker Thomas T. a delegate from South-Car-

of artillery, to be discharged, 733. olina, 806.
in public service, office of inspector Tupper Benjamin, appointed surveyor of west-
of, discontinued, 825.

ern lands for Massachu-
statements relative to

setts, pro tempore, 549.
the, 874 to 879.

allowance to, 700.
Trowbridge Isaac, his memorial rejected, 822. Turnbull, Marmie, and Co. contracts for the
Trumbull Jonathan, order for payment to, 840. . supply of provisions, made with, 818.

| Tuscarora Indians, (See Oneida.)

Under-secretary in the department of foreign af-, United Netherlands, minister plenipotentiary
fairs, proposition for the ap-

from the, 304 477 541
pointment of an, 334 336

545 638.

his representation, 798
elected, 344.

when to be discontinued, 455.

letter to Congress from
Underhill Amos, and others, their claim to be

the states general of the,
settled, 804.

310 311
Underwood Robert, allowance to, 708.

their consuls for New-
Unliquidated claims, proceedings of Congress

York, &c. recognized,
relative to the adjastinent of, 482 483.

503 646
United Brethren for propagating the gospel States, sea-letter granted by Congress
among the heathen, a tract of west-

for the ship, 319 320.
ern land granted, in trust, to the, Unsettled accounts, measures taken to compel

862 an adjustment of, 817.
Netherlands, treaty of amity and com- |

merce, &c. with the, 144 io 151.

Valk Adrian, consul of the United Netherlands, Vice-consul general of France, recognized, 610.


of the United States, to reside at
Valuation of lands, with buildings and improve-

Canton, in China, 612.
ments, to be made, 156 157 158.

president of Congress, proposition to elect
7an Berckel, P.J.minister plenipotentiary from

a, 9 10
the United Netherlands, 304.

of the United States, electors of,
audience granted to, 301 309

when appointed, 834 839 840
310 311. Villefranche, major, appointed lieut. col.' by
his address to Congress, 310. brevet, 219.
reply of the President to, 311. Vincent John, money advanced to, 496 497.
communications from, relative Vincents, posí St. (See St. Vincents.)

to the ship Ches. Vining John, a delegate from Delaware, 448 510
ter, 317 432 433

667. Virginia, delegates from, 9 68 107 153 157 239
to the appointment

314 316 351 448 479 608 612 618
of consuls, 546.

621 721 738 751 806 840.
anbrun, lieut. Levacher de, a furlough for ten

resolutions of the legislature of, 53.
months granted to, 37.

respecting clothing in France, pro.
na keer, major, allowance to, 470.

ceedings on a proposal of the go-
in Ingen Dirk, a supernumerary surgeon, his

vernor of, 95 96.
application rejected, 253.

repeals the law relative to duties
o 'Schaick, col. proceedings relative to, 34.

on imports and prizes, 126 153.
in Staphorst Nicholas and Jacob, (See, Wil-

cession of western territory made
selm and Jan Willink.)

by, 156.
riation of the magnetic needle, proceedings

proceedings on, 262 to 267.
especting the, 637.

accounts against the United States,
rick lieut. col. Richard, allowance to, 305.

how to be settled, 160.
roup James M. a delegate from Rhode-

troops under the command of gen.
Island, 721.

Greene, to return home,
nted a judge of the

western territory, 799.

to be furloughed, 228.
idreuil marquis de, recommendation of John •

magazines to be erected for the
aul Jones to, 111.

safe keeping of stores in, 228.
gennes, count de, relative to free ports in

proceedings relative to the posts at
rance, letter from, 394.

the Kazkaskies and St. Vincents,
mont, proceedings relative to a proposed new

subdued by, 230 231.
ate, under the name of, 1 3 to 7 11 12 13

authorized to keep up a small naval
31' 32 33 34 103 105 106 112 113 114 438

and military force at its own ex-
439 410.

pense, 282.
els, redress authorized for injuries commit-

deed of 'cession of western territo-
ted by commanders of armed, 226.

ry, made by the delegates from,
of war, state of the public treasury for-

S42 343 344
bids the construction of, 250.

delegates from, contest the right of
cruizing under commissions from the U.

the delegates of Rhode Island to
S. orders giren to recall arded, 379.1

vote, 409 410 411.
OL. ry.

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Virginia, appointment of a member of a com- Virginia, measures takea for the
mittee of the states for. 423.

the accounts of,
an additional commissioner authori-

representation and proces
zed to settle the accounts

specting dates on Free
militia to attend the negotiation of a

imposed by, 798
treaty with the southern Indians,

instructions relatie mees
479 480 542 847.

sions of the Indians, uter
proceedings on claims for defending

or of, 818.
the western territory, ceded by,

representation respecte
498 499.

lands, to the essentie de
surveyor of western lands appointed

report of the board of the
for, 527.

tive to authentie dices
salary of the commissioner appointed

mitted to, 863.
under the act of cession by, 535 Votes of delegates on questesi

536' 537.) of the whole House, bow taken 15
to revise its act of cession, 661 662 663.

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negotiation authorised in

chasing, 676.


Wabash land company, (See Indiana.)

Weare, president of New Hampshire
Wadsworth James, delegates from Connecti- returns from, 404.

Jeremiah, } cut, 322 606 805. Weights and measures, standard , 323
Walcut Tbomas, allowance to, 591.
Walker Benjamin, commissioner for settling ac- Western frontiers, troops authorised is er
counts, &c. 635 742 815.

fence of, 785 786.
Thomas, money advanced to, 501.
Walton Robert, his claim to be settled, 840.

posts, possession to be ata a:

War department, inquiry into proceeding of the,

territory, cession of, (See on

plan for a temper
summary statement of the va-

ment of, 373 13
rious branches of the, 874

ordinance for locatie
to 878.

posing of land in
Warrants for bounty lands, proceedings respect-

ing the issue of, 880.

to be sold for patie
Warren James, reference of his memorial, 472.

ties, 739 740
John, money advanced to the guardian West-point, on the Hudsoa river, alba
of, 748 820.

a deputy field cock
Washington gen. George, references and direc-

litary stores al, 57.
tions to, 3 31 43 45
53 68 72 78 79 85

troops proposed to be se
103 105 153 185 188
193 218 220 221 224
239 240 250 251 275

sale authorized of desses
279 283 299 304 316

useless military storesti

and its dependencies, saat
letter to Congress, with

specling, 873.
sundry papers from, Whipple Abraham, his accouats 5

208 210 211 212 213.
his general orders, 209.

Job, reference of his mesore
his address to the offi-White Alexander, conditional releasi
cers of the army, 213

Mr. a delegate from North-Camisa
214 215.
conference requested by

James, superintendent of Indices i
Congress with, 240

southern district, 706.

Eyes George, to be supporting
equestrian statue of, to

year, 510.
be erected, 251 252. Widows and orphans of certain
attends Congress, 256 318.

sion of hall-pay extended
to have access to the se-
cret papers of Congress,

of general officers, 475 5.

268. | Wilkin Robert, allowance to, o
resigns his commission as Willet Marinus, settlement au

commander in chief of officers, &c. of his regiment,

the American army,318. Williams col. Otho, proceedings
letters and packets to and
from, free of postage,

president of the federal
convention held at Phi-

William. a delegate from
ladelphia, 781 782.

cut, 322.
Washington, ship, as a packet to and from Eu-
rope, order for the purchase and employment | Williamsburg, Virginia, proponere

Judah, his petition to lears
or the purchase and employment william

sale ordered of the, 363 364.
Waters Edward, his petition referred, 540.
Watkins Nathan, certificate issued to, 698.
Wayne brig. gen. agreement between inhabi.

tants of Savannah and, 127.

tional released.

ters, par

ns of certain

tlement authorized Dar

"oceedings regregir

promotion o1, 232
permitted to retur

emoluments of a ser
merary brig. ges. I

legale frou Cart

Order f

of the, 66.

ma, proposed disores

court to detersise 20

trovery, ke, der
its sessions a4,

Williamson Hugh, a delegate from North-Caro- 1 Wolcott Giles, his accounts to be settled, 469. i lina, 50 221 314 316 405 448 816.

order for the delivery of his paWillink Wilhelm and Jan, etc.contract for a loap

pers, 493. i of money entered into with, 78 205 206.

his memorial dismissed, 625. Wilmington, Delaware, French troops to be pro

Oliver, a delegate from Connecticut, vided with quarters, on

123 314 their march to, 119.

appointed a commissioner to proposed as the place for

treat with the Indians, 345. commencing proceedings

proceedings on a letter from. 528. under the constitution of

his resignation accepted, 553 the United States, 856.

554. Wilson James, a delegate from Pennsylvania, Wood river, latitude to be taken of the mouth of, 106 128 509 606 623

825. Thomas, D. D. late bishop of Sodor Woods John, allowance to, 816 822. and Man, disposition of sets of his Wooster brig. gen. David, provision made for the works, 489.

widow of the late, 513. Winder William, commissioner of accounts, Wright Mr. a delegate from Maryland, 20 61. proceedings on a letter from, 525 526.

Joseph, for modelling and completing a Wingate Paine, a delegate from New-Hamp

bust of general Washington, ajlowshire, 807.

ance to, 495 496. Winne Richard, superintendent of Indian affairs Wyllys maj. released from arrest, 676. in the southern department, 811.

Wynkoop Jacobus, balance due him to be paid, Wiuton John, his memorial considered, 858.

15. Witherspoon John, a delegate from New-Jersey, Wyoming, in Pennsylvania, proceedings rela

tive to the post at, 91 574. Witmore Hezekiah, allowance to, 432.

on a memorial of the inhabiWolcott Giles, reference of his memorial, 463. I

tants at, 574 575 576.

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