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There might'st thou find some elegant Retreat,
Some hireling Senator's deserted Seat;
And stretch thy Prospects o'er the smiling Land,
For less than rent the Dungeons of the Strand :
There prunethy Walks, support thy drooping Flow'rs,
Direct thy Rivulets, and twine thy Bow'rs ;
And, while thy Beds a cheap Repaft afford,
Despise the Dainties of a venal Lord;
There ev'ry Bush with Nature's Musick rings,
There ev'ry Breeze bears Health upon its Wings ;
On all thy Hours Security shall smile,
And bless thy Evening Walk and Morning Toil..

(i) Prepare for Death, if here at Night you roam, And sign your Will before you sup from Home.

(k) Some fiery Fop, with new Commission vain,
Who fleeps on Brambles till he kills his Man ;
Some frolick Drunkard, reeling from a Feaft,
Provokes a Broil, and stabs you for a Jest.

(1) Yet ev'n these Heroes, mischievously gay,
Lords of the Street, and Terrors of the Way :
Flush'd as they are with Folly, Youth, and Wine,
Their prudent Insults to the Poor confine ;
Afar they mark the Flambeau's bright Approach,
And shun the shining Train, and golden Coach.

(m) In


Quanti nunc tenebras unum conducis in annum.
Hortulus hic
Vive bidentis amans, & culti villicus horti,
Unde epulum poffis centum dare Pythagoræis.
(i) Polis ignavus haberi,
Et subiti casus improvidus, ad cænam fi
Inteftatus eas.
(k) Ebrius, ac petulans, qui nullum forte cecidit,
Dat pænas, noctem patitur lugentis amicum
(1) Sed, quamvis improbus annis
Atque mero fervens, cavet hunc, quem coccina læna


X 3

(m) In vain, these Dangers past, your Doors you And hope the balmy Blessings of Repose : [close, Cruel with Guilt, and daring with Despair, The Midnight Murd'rer bursts the faithless Bar ; Invades the sacred Hour of filent Rest, And plants, unseen, a Dagger in your Breast.

(n Scarce can our Fields (such Crowds at Tyburn With Hemp the Gallows and the Fleet supply. [die, Propose your Schemes, ye fenatorian Band, Whole Ways and Means fupport the finking Land ; Left Ropes be wanting in the tempting Spring, To rig another Convoy for the K-g.

() A single Jail, in Alfred's golden Reign, Could Half the Nation's Criminals contain ; Fair Justice then, without Constraint ador’d, Held high the steady Scale, but deep'd the Sword; No Spies were paid, no special Juries known, Blest age ! but ah! how diff'rent from our own!

(1) Much could I add, but see the Boat at hand, The Tide retiring, calls me from the Land : (9) Farewel! - When Youth, and Health, and

Fortune spent,
Thou fly'st for Refuge to the Wilds of Kent ;


Vitari jubet, et comitum longissimus ordo : Multum præterea fiammarum, atque anea lampas. (m) Nec tamen hoc tantum metuas : nam qui fpoliet te Non deerit : claufis domibus, &c. (n) Maximus in vinclis ferri modus : ut timeas ne Vomer deficiat, ne marræ et farcula desint. (0) Felices proavorum aiavos, felicia dicas Secula, quæ quondam sub regibus atque tribunis Viderunt uno contentam carcere Romam. (p) His alias poteram, & plures subneElere caufas : Sed jumenta vocant. (9) Ergo vale nostri memor : & quoties te Roma tuo refeci properantem reddet Aquinas,


* And tir'd like me, with Follies and with Crimes,
In angry Numbers warn'st succeeding Times ;
Then Thall thy Friend, nor thou refuse his Aid,
Still Foe to Vice, forsake his Cambrian Shade ;
In Virtue's Cause once more forsake his Rage,
Thy Satire point, and animate thy Page.


quoque ad Eleusinam Cererem, veftramque Dianam Convelle a Cumis : satirarum ergo, ni pudet illas Adjutor gellidos veniam caligatus in agros.

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ET (a) Observation with extensive View,

Survey Mankind, from China to Peru;
Remark each anxious Toil, each eager Strife,
And watch the busy Scenes of crowded Life;
Then say how Hope and Fear, Desire and Hate,
O'erspread with Snares the clouded Maze of Fate,
Where wav'ring Man, betray'd by vent'rous Pride,
To tread the dreary Paths without a Guide,
As threach'rous Phantoms in the Mist delude,
Shuns fancied Ills, or chases airy Good.
How rarely Reason guides the stubborn Choice,
Rules the bold Hand, or prompts the suppliant Voice,
How Nations fink, by darling Schemes oppressid,
When Vengeance liftens to the Fool's Request.
Fate wings with ev'ry With th' afflictive Dart,
Each Gift of Nature, and each Grace of Art,
With fatal Heat impetuous Courage glows,
With fatal Sweetness Elocution flows,
Impeachment stops the Speaker's pow'rful Breath,
And restless Fire precipitates on Death.

(6) But scarce observ'd the Knowing and the Bold,
Fall in the gen'ral Massacre of Gold;
Wide-wasting Pest! that rages unconfin'd,
And crowds with Crimes the Records of Mankind;


(a) Ver. 1-21,

(6) Ver. 12—22.


For Gold his Sword the hireling Ruffian draws, For Gold the hireling Judge distorts the Laws ; Wealth heap'd on Wealth, nor Truth nor Safety buys, The Dangers gather as the Treasures rise.

Let Hilt 'ry tell where rival Kings command,
And dubious Title shakes the madded Land,
When Statutes glean the Refuse of the Sword,
How much more safe the Vaflal than the Lord;
Low sculks the Hind beneath the Rage of Pow'r,
And leaves the wealthy Traytor in the Tow'r ;
Untouch'd his Cottage, and his Slumbers found,
Tho' Confifcation's Vultures hover round.

The needy Traveller, serene and gay,
Walks the wild Heath, and sings his Toil away.
Does Envy seize thee? crush th' upbraiding Joy,
Increase his Riches and his Peace destroy,
New Fears in dire Vicissitude invade,
The rustling Brake alarms, and quiv'ring Shade,
Nor Light nor Darkness bring his Pain Relief,
One shews the Plunder, and one hides the Thief.

Yet (c) fill one gen'ral Cry the Skies affails,
And Gain and Grandeur load the tainted Gales ;
Few know the toiling Statesman's Fear or Care,
Th'infidious Rival and the gaping Heir.

Once (d) more, Democritus, arife on Earth, With chearful Wisdom and instructive Mirth, See motley Life in modern Trappings dress’d, And feed with varied Fools th' eternal Jeft: [price Thou who couldst laugh where Want enchain'd Ca. Toil crush'd Conceit, and Man was of apiece ; Where Wealth unlov'd without a Mourner dy'd And scarce a Sycophant was fed by Pride.; Where ne'er was known the Form of mock Debate, Or seen a new-made Mayor's unwieldy State ; Where Change of Fav’rites made no Change of Laws And Senates heard, before they judg'd a Cause ;

(c) Ver. 23-27

(d) Ver. 28-55.


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