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6. The Executive Committee shall have authority to determine the time, place and program of meetings of the Association, and may by a two-thirds vote act for the Association on questions arising during the year, such action to be reported at the next meeting of the Association. The committee may conduct its business by correspondence. At meetings of the committee five members shall constitute a quorum. The committee shall keep records which shall be open to the inspection of the members. It shall have authority to fill a vacancy in any office for the unexpired term. The committee may, at its discretion, arrange for the participation of representatives of other engineering institutions in meetings or sessions for the discussion of questions of common interest.


7. The necessary expenses of the Association and its officers shall be met by an annual assessment not exceeding $10 on each institution represented, or accepting membership. No bill exceeding $5 shall be incurred by the Secretary or Treasurer except on written authorization of the President. The accounts of the Treasurer shall be audited at each annual meeting.


8. The Constitution may be amended at any annual meeting by a two-thirds vote of representatives present, provided that notice of the proposed amendment shall have been given in the call for the meeting.



A. MARSTON, Iowa State College.


W. H. S. DEMAREST, Rutgers Scientific School.

E. E. SPARKS, Pennsylvania State College.

P. P. CLAXTON, ex officio, U. S. Bureau of Education.


G. W. BISSELL, Michigan Agricultural College.

Executive Committee,

The above named officers and

C. H. BENJAMIN, Purdue University.

E. ORTON, JR., Ohio State University.

H. W. TYLER, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Committee on "Mechanic Arts,"

The Executive Committee and President R. A. PEARSON, Iowa.

Committee on Extension Legislation,

The Executive Committee and DEAN L. E. REBER, Wisconsin.

Committee on Military Drill,

The Executive Committee and DEAN E. ORTON, JR., Ohio.


Alabama-J. J. Wilmore.

Arkansas-J. C. Futrall, W. N. Gladson.
Bureau of Education-P. P. Claxton.

Colorado-G. W. Lawrence, C. A. Lory.

Delaware G. A. Harter, F. H. Robinson.

Florida-A. A. Murphree.

Indiana-C. H. Benjamin.

Iowa-J. B. Davidson, A. Marston, C. S. Nichols, R. A. Pearson.
Kentucky-F. P. Anderson, H. S. Barker, J. K. Patterson.

Louisiana-T. W. Atkinson.

Maine R. J. Aley, H. S. Boardman.

Maryland-H. L. Crisp, J. A. Dapray, H. Ford, H. L. Gwinner, T. H.


Massachusetts-H. W. Tyler.

Michigan-G. W. Bissell, J. L. Snyder.

Minnesota-F. C. Shenehon.

Montana-J. M. Hamilton, A. W. Richter.

Nebraska-O. V. P. Stout.

Nevada S. C. Dinsmore, J. G. Scrugham.

New Hampshire-C. E. Hewitt.

New Jersey-A. Agee, W. H. S. Demarest, A. A. Titsworth.
New York-A. W. Smith.

North Dakota-E. S. Keene.

Ohio-E. Orton, Jr., W. H. Thompson.

Oklahoma-R. E. Chandler, J. H. Connell

Pennsylvania-J. P. Jackson, E. E. Sparks, E. D. Walker.
Rhode Island-H. Edwards, R. L. Wales.

South Carolina-S. B. Earl, W. M. Riggs.

South Dakota-R. L. Slagle.

Tennessee-B. Ayres, C. E. Ferris.

Vermont-J. W. Votey.

Virginia-L. S. Randolph.

West Virginia-T. E. Hodges, C. R. Jones.

Wisconsin-E. B. Norris, L. E. Reber, F. E. Turneaure.





8:00 P. M.

Registration in the Red Parlor of the New Ebbitt.

The names of delegates and institutions represented are listed on page 8.

9:00 P. M.

Meeting of the Executive Committee. Present, Messrs. Jackson, Marston, Tyler, and Bissell. A draft of the proposed constitution, which had been prepared by Dr. Tyler, was discussed, amended in one or two minor particulars, and ordered presented to the Association. The committee then adjourned to the New Willard for a conference, by appointment, with the Executive Committee of the A. A. A. C. E. S. on the subject of affiliation or amalgamation of the two organizations.


9:00 A. M.

The Association was called to order by President Jackson in the Red Parlor of the New Ebbitt Hotel.

On motion, the President was authorized to appoint a committee of three to nominate officers for the ensuing year.

President Jackson appointed as a Nominating Committee:

Dean H. S. Boardman, Maine.

Director A. W. Smith, New York.
Dean F. Paul Anderson, Kentucky.

At the suggestion of President Jackson it was voted that the Association adjourn at 10:00 a. m. to attend the opening address of the Association of American Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations at the New Willard, and that the Association reconvene after the address.

The Secretary, Dean A. Marston, of Iowa, reported that the Executive Committees of the Land Grant College Engineering Association and of the Association of American Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations had held a joint meeting on the evening of November 11, for the discussion of the subject of the amalgamation of the two organizations. He reported that some difficulty would probably be encountered in forming, immediately, the amalgamation proposed, and that further conference would be held.

The Secretary read the proposed Constitution prepared by the Executive Committee of the Association, and upon motion, it was voted to consider the Constitution section by section.

President Jackson asked Dr. H. W. Tyler, of Massachusetts, to preside during the discussion of the Constitution.

CHAIRMAN TYLER.-Article I is as follows:

"The name of this organization shall be the 'Land Grant College Engineering Association.""

It was moved and seconded that Article I be adopted. In the discussion which followed this motion the opinion was very forcibly expressed that the Association should use every endeavor to perfect amalgamation with the older organization. It also seemed to the members that the prospects for such amalgamation were very bright, but could not be effected until another year under the Constitution of the older body. The whole matter was still under consideration by the committees of the two organizations, and it seemed advisable to defer action on the Constitution until a later session of the Association. It was therefore voted that "The Constitution be laid on the table, pending the result of the conference with the A. A. A. C. E. S.” On motion, it was voted "That a committee of eight, including the Executive Committee, be appointed to present the request of this Association to the A. A. A. C. E. S.”

The Chairman appointed as additional members:

President W. H. S. Demarest, of New Jersey.
President E. E. Sparks, of Pennsylvania.
President G. S. Harter, of Delaware.

At 9:45 a. m. the Association adjourned to attend the meeting of the A. A. A. C. E. S. at the New Willard.

In the interim the "Committee of Eight" held a meeting. Organization was effected by the election of President Demarest as Chairman. The status of the question of affiliation with the A. A. A. C. E. S. was fully discussed. The Secretary reported that in accordance with instructions at the organization meeting in January, a committee consisting of Dean Benjamin, President Riggs and Dean Bissell had prepared resolutions embodying the desire of the Land Grant College Engineering Association for affiliation or amalgamation with the A. A. A. C. E. S., that the Secretary had transmitted these resolutions to President Thompson, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the A. A. A. C. E. S., that this letter and resolutions had brought the matter officially before said Executive Committee, and that there had resulted the joint meeting and conference of the Executive Committees of the two organizations on the evening of November 11, as already reported in open meeting. (See ADDENDA.)

After full discussion of the situation, Chairman Demarest was requested to take the necessary steps to bring the question clearly before the A. A. A. C. E. S. so that its exact status could be determined at an early date.

11:00 A. M.

The Association was called to order by President Jackson in the Red Parlor of the New Ebbitt Hotel.

President Jackson asked President Demarest of New Jersey, to take the chair.

CHAIRMAN DEMAREST.-The first paper this morning is by Dean J. P. Jackson, of Pennsylvania, on "The Land Grant College and Mechanic Arts."

DEAN JACKSON.-The reason for this discussion is that President Sparks and President Thompson at our last meeting emphasized the fact that we needed a proper definition of "Mechanic Arts," or at least of its significance in the Land Grant Act.

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