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I. This notion common. Authorities need-

* Insignificant with the atheistical, who

so made more necessary to defend religion,

1 a semple in general, than this, or that.

to deletoed against them by practice and
that ironment, whereof they are incapable.
on “Piles of its principles not necessary to
Practice of religion. Some consideration of

* To in the general notion of a temple,

Ther: (however) to this discourse. . . . .

Chap. VI. What is intended by God's conversa-
bleness with men, considered only as fundamen-
tal and presupposed to a temple. An account of
the Epicurean deity. . Its existence impossible
any way to be proved, if it did exist. Nor can
be affirmed to any good intent. That such a be-
ing is not God. That the absolute perfection
roved of God represents him a fit object of re-

É. From thence more particularly deduced

to this purpose, His omnisciency, omnipotency,

unlimited goodness, immensity. Curcellaeus's
arguments against this last considered. . . .

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