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were rejected without any exception being taken, &c.), and has in some cases promoted the convenience of the reader by retrenching in fornı the examination of witnesses on preliminary or immaterial points of no general interest, and omitting repetitions. Explanatory references to the documents and testimony are added.

The report presents the most intelligible, accurate, and complete account of this remarkable case. The arguments of counsel and the notes of the editor, it is believed, embody all that is important to the professional reader, in respect to the trial of the question of adultery in actions of this nature or in proceedings for divorce, and they also present unrivaled models of the art of examination and cross-examination, and discussions of questions of nisi prius evidence, of almost every kind, by the most eminent advocates of the country, aided by all the resources of legal research.

In accordance with general public desire, the publishers have obtained from sources they believe well-informed, brief biographical notices of the Chief Justice, the parties, and the counsel engaged in the cause, and have accompanied these with portraits. For these the reporter has no responsibility.


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