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Verses, heing an Apology for the Errors and Eccentricities of

Genius: written for the Anniversary of the Literary
Fund, May 8, 1806, by the Rev. T Maurice

211 Epigram....

215 A Birth-Day Thought, by the late Rev. R. Potter.

216 Lines on the Death of the Rev. Dr. Kippis, by Helen Maria Williains

217 Love

219 To Haydn, by the late T. Holcroft

220 Verses to the Memory of Garrick, spoken as a Menody, at the

Theatre Royal, in Drury Lane. By R. B. Sheridan, Esq. 221 Imitation of Martial, by N. B. Halhed, Esq..

224 Love Elegies, by F. N. C. Munday, Esq. Elegy I. on leaving Bath, 1761 ..

225 II. on returning bone from Winchester, 1761.

227 IlI. Despair, written in 1762

229 IV. Absence, written in 1764

230 - V. Parting, written in 1766

231 Inscription at the Entrance of a Burial Ground for Negro Slaves, by the late Bryan Edwards, Esq. •;...

233 Molinæus's Cat, Mitissa, an amplified Translation, with Addi. tions, by the late Rev. T. Cole, LL. B.

234 Song, by Richard Fenton, Esq.

238 Epithalamium on the Marriage of Col. Elliott and Miss Lettsom, by the Rev. T. Maurice

239 Epigram, from the French

240 Ode to Miss Sarah Fowler, by Michael Wodhull, Esq. 241 Inscription on a Root-house, by C. A. Elton, Esq.

245 Lines on seeing a Lady's Dressing-roum, by R. Fenton, Esq.•• 246

written between Carnarvon and Bangor, by E. Hamley 248 Horáce, Ode xvi: Book II. imitated by the late Rev. W. B. Stevens

249 Fourth Idyllium of Moschus, by the same ..

250 Inscription under a bust of Addison, by B. Waller

251 Ode to the Spring, by a Man of Fashion

252 The Tale of Echo, by the Rev. J. H. Pott



PAO: Epitaph, intended for a Mausolem excavated from a Rock on the Sea Coast, by R. Fenton, Esq.

256 An Epistle, written in 1764, by F. N. C. Mundy, Esq......

... 257 Imitation of Martial, by N. B. Halhed, Esq..

263 Address to Poverty

264 Love and Prudence, by Laura Sophia Temple

265 Horace, Ode vir. Book III. translated by the late Rev. W. B.

To Major Rooke, of Mansfield, on the publication of his Di.

urnal Register of the Winds for the last two Years, by
the late Anna Seward

268 Anacreontic, by Mr. i'helwall..

... 269 On a Lady's Fan, of her own painting, by R. Fenton, Esq... 270 Ode, by Mr. Shaw

271 Imitation of Martial, by N. B. Halhed, Esq.

274 Mortality

275 To my Spaniel, by J. S. Cobbold.

277 A Morning Piece, from the first Chorus in the Hercules Furens of Seneca, by R. Jamieson

278 Ode to Sleep, by the Rev. J. Whitehouse

282 to the same, by the saine ......

286 The Printer's Cauldron..

290 Song, by Michael Wodhull, Esq...

292 The Beech Tree, an allegorical Ode, by the late Rev. T. Cole, LL. B.

293 Ode, by Mr. Shaw

297 To a Lady, with a new Year's Gift; by F. N.C. Mundy, Esq. 298 Initation of Martial, by N. B. Malhed, Esq..

300 Ode to the Spirit of Animation

301 Verses written in Autumn, by E. Hamley

302 Ode, by P. L. Courtier..

304 Song, by R. Fenton, Esq...

305 The Tears of Astrop, an Epistle to Miss Harriet Blosset, by Michael Wodhull, Esq.

306 Ode to Justice, by the Rev. J. Whitehouse................ 311 The Ruined Orphan, by Laura Sophia Temple...

315 Ode, by Mr. Shaw

318 Description of Alcina, from Ariosto..

319 Stanzas, on the Death of a favourite Bird, by W. Holloway.. 320 Pro Patria Mori, from the German of Burger

321 Translation, a Poem, by Thomas Francklin, Fellow of College, Cambridge




PAGE Song, by R. Fenton, Esq. ......:

331 Prologue to the Miniature Picture, by R. B. Sheridan, Esq... 332 Translation of a Latin Poem of Politian to Lorenzo de Medici 333 The Death of Wolsey, an Elegy, by the Rev. J. H. Pott.. 334 Imitation of Martial, by N. B. Hathed, Esq......

339 The Optimist, an Epistle to R. A. Johnson, Esq. by Michael Wodhull, Esq.

340 Song, by R, Fenton, Esq..

344 Ode, by Mr. Shaw...

345 The Leaf, by the late Dr. Horne, Bishop of Norwich To Spring, by E. Hamley.......

350 Epigram from the Latin, by the late Rev. T. Cole, LL. B.... 353 Ode to Health, written at Buxton, hy F. N. C. Mundy, Esq. On a Lady fainting at Church, by R. Fenton, Esq.

356 To Ireland, by Dr. Drennan.

... 358 Imitation of Martial, by N. B. Halhed, Esq..

... 359 Elegy to the Memory of Mr. Courtenay, Jun., by his Father John Courtenay, Esq....

360 On some Flowers painted by a Lady. By W. Parsons, Esq. 364 On a late connubial rupture in high Life, by Mr. Coleridge 365 Address to the British Channel, by Robert Bloomfield... 366 Imitation of Martial, by N. B. Halhed, Esq... ....... 367 The Rise of Poetry, by Michael Wodbull, Esq. ....... 368 Imitation of Martial, by N. B. Halhed, Esq. ....... 374 Indian Odes, by the late Rev. W. B. Stevens. Ode 1. Rutren and Chaday

375 II. Ode to the Sun

.... 378 - III. the Love Song

379 IV. the War Song

384 V. the Song of Victory

387 VI. the Song of Defeat and Captivity

391 VII. the Death Song

394 Song, by R. Fenton, Esq.

399 The Golden Age, a poetical Epistle from Erasmus D-n,

M. D. to Thomas Beddoes, M. D., by the Author of two
heroic Epistles to Dr. Priestley

400 Verses written in a Lady's Pocket Book, by F. N.C. Mundy, Esq.

409 Lines on the Death of Lieutenant-Colonel Buller, by Mr. Sheridan

410 Elegy, to the Memory of a Friend, by R. Feutou, Esq....... 412



Inscription for an Arbour at Forcett, in Yorkshire, by F. N.
C. Mundy, Esq.

417 The Menagerie of the Gods, from the German of Burger.... 418 Imitation of Martial, by N. B. Halhed, Esq..

420 The Butterfly's Ball, and the Grasshopper's Feast, by W. Roscoe, Esh...

421 Love and Wine separated, Lines written in a blank page of Anacreon, by Leigh Hunt, Esq..

423 Ode to Discretion, by Michael Wodhull, Esq.

424 Sonnet


429 by W. Rough, Esq....

130 written on the Pier at Dover, after a visit to Denton Court. By T. Park, Esa.

431 addressed to an Eolian barp, constructed by the au. thor of the Fariner's Boy. By Mrs. Park.

432 on Miss Seward's Sonnets. By F. N. C. Mundy, Esq. 433 on Henry Kirke White, by Capel Lofft, Esq.

434 by E. Hanley

435 by the same....

436 by the sanie......

437 by the same......

438 by the same....

439 by Robert Holmes, M. A. of New College, Oxford.. 440 by the same......

441 by the same.....

142 by the same.....

443 written in a hernitage, by the same

444 by the same

4415 Winter. An elegy, by F. N. C. Mundy, Esq..

446 Imitation of Martial, by N. B. Halhed, Esq.

448 Horace's first Satire modernized, and addressed to Jacob Henriquez, by the late George Canning, Esq.

449 Imitation of Martial, by N. B. Hallied, Esq.

459 To by P L Courtier....

460 Stanzas on receiving a pair of garters from my sister, by F. N. C. Mundy, Esq.,

461 From the Greek of Leonidas of Tarentum, by the late Rev. Gilbert Wakefield..

462 tanzas, written in 1790, during an autumn spent in town.... 463 Imitation of Martial, by N. B. Halled, Esq.

464 Elegy, written when a long course of ill health threatened the

author with a consumption, by F. N. C. Mundy, Esq... 465

PAZ To by P. L. Courtier...

466 Lines for the Anniversary of the Literary Fund, 1806, by H. J. Pye, Esq.

467 Imitation of Martial, by N. B. Halhed, Esq.

469 The Dawn of my Peace, by Laura Sophia Temple

470 To a Daughter suffering from a severe Calamity, by the Rev. W. Beloe

471 Prologue to King John, by H. J. Pye, Esq.

473 The Death of Joshua

475 Ode, by Mr. Shaw....

479 An Epistle to Miss Sarah Fowler, with Rousseau's New Eloise, by Michael Wodhull, Esq.

481 Imitation of Martial, by N. B. Halhed, Esq.

483 Monody, to the Memory of the Right Hon. W. Pitt, by W. Boscawen, Esq..

485 Stanzas

....................... 493 Bole-hill trees, by Mr. Montgomery


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