PARSONS ON THE TOSE. A TREATISM ON THE Propagation, Culture, and History of the Rose.


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Página 178 - Noyou, who lived at the end of the fifteenth, and beginning of the sixteenth century, during the reign of Clovis.
Página 154 - I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.
Página 80 - I was struck with the appearance of two rose-trees, full fourteen feet high, laden with thousands of flowers, in every degree of expansion, and of a bloom and delicacy of scent that imbued the whole atmosphere with the most exquisite perfume.
Página 79 - Ghazeepoor is celebrated throughout India for the wholesomeness of its air, and the beauty and extent of its rose-gardens.
Página 148 - Scarabseians, when not eating, they lie upon the side, with the body curved so that the head and tail are nearly in contact. They move with difficulty on a level surface, and are continually falling over on one side; or the other. They attain their full size. in the autumn, being then nearly three quarters of an inch long, and about an eighth of an inch in diameter.
Página 39 - Monsieur Perichon, a proprietor at Saint Benoist, in the isle, in planting one of these hedges, found amongst his young plants one very different from the others in its shoots and foliage. This induced him to plant it in his garden. It flowered the following year; and, as he anticipated...
Página 80 - In the spring of the year, an extent of miles around the town presents to the eye a continual garden of roses, than which nothing can be more beautiful and fragrant. The sight is perfectly dazzling ; the plain, as far as the eye can 'reach, extending in the same bespangled carpet of red and green. The breezes, too, are loaded with the sweet odor which is wafted far across the river Ganges.
Página 144 - They somewhat resemble the young of the saw-fly in form, but are not quite so convex. They have a small, round, yellowish head, with a black dot on each side of it, and are provided with twenty-two short legs. The body is green above, paler at the sides, and yellowish beneath ; and it is soft, and almost transparent like jelly. The skin of the back is transversely wrinkled, and covered with minute elevated points ; and there are two, small, triple-pointed warts on the edge of the first ring, immediately...
Página 144 - The females do not fly much, and may be seen, during most of the day, resting on the leaves ; and, when touched, they draw up their legs, and fall to the ground. The males are more active, fly from one rose-bush to another, and hover around their sluggish partners. The latter, when about to lay their eggs, turn a little on one side, unsheathe their saws, and thrust them obliquely into the skin of the leaf, depositing, in each incision thus made, a single egg. The young begin to hatch in ten days...

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