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the reasons for giving it. Considers a dutiful representation of the people and country necessary for his Lordship at this important juncture, Remarks on the disposition of the farmers. Seeks to show that the warlike preparations of the Bostonians are a delusion. Gives the general opinion concerning taxation, non-importation and troops.

Autograph letter signed. 63 folio pages.
Endorsed :-2. Y. X. on American Affairs. 13th Jan's 1775.

MATTHEW BOULTON to [LORD DARTMOUTH). 1775, January 15. Soho.-Serds an advertisement forgotten to be enclosed in his last letter [of 12th), also another copy of his Queries, as the former one contained many errors. Assures him no branch of their manufactures will be so much affected by the Americans as the nail trade, and no part of the country will feel its effects so soon as his Lordship's own parish of Bromwich, from which place reliable information can easily be obtained.

Autograph letter signed. 14 quarto page.

Enclosures :

Newspaper Cutting containing two notices dated Birmingham and

Dudley 9th and 7th January 1775 calling a meeting of the Merchants, Factors and Manufacturers interested in the trade to America to consider the discouraging state of that trade and the propriety of petitioning Parliament.

1775, January 14. Birmingham.- Queries (12) on the propriety of Petitioning Parliameni on the present interruption of American Commerce.

31 large folio pages.

MATTHEW BOULton to [LORD DARTMOUTA]. 1775, January 17. Birmingham.-- With autograph draft of proposed petition to the House of Commons by the town of Birmingham. Has attended the meeting of merchants and endeavoured to prevent them petitioning Parliament at present but without success, so he and several others in the town considered it their duty “ to sign and to promote the signing of a petition which tended 1st to take off that stigma theirs would carry with it, and 2dly to promote Perminance in the execution of our Laws and consequently better security of their American Debts.” Desires (Dartmouth's opinion of this petition which is given at the end of the letter.

Autograph letter signed. 2 quarto pages.
Endorsed :-M' Boulton Jan" 1775.

FLEET in North AMERICA. 1775, January 17. Admiralty Office.--List of Ships and Vessels under the command of Vice-Admiral Samuel Graves.

2 folio pages. Endorsed :- Adñty Office 17th Jany 1775. List of His Majts Ships

and Vessels in North America under the Command of Vice Ad! Graves, and of those proposed to be sent thither.

PIERRE ROUBAUD to [LORD DARTMOUTH). 1775, January 17. London.-Remarks on enclosure. Autograph letter signed. l quarto page. French. Endorsed :-Londres 18 Jan'y 1775 Mons' Roubaud.

Enclosure :

Pierre Roubaud. Second Memoire sur l'amerique.Present

state of America. Strength of the colonists. Best measures to
be pursued at this critical juncture.

Autograph. 93 folio pages. French.
Endorsed :-Memoire 22 sur l'Amerique par Mon' Roubaud.

R/Jan. 18. 1775.

GOVERNOR THOMAS GAGE to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1775, January 18. Boston.—Disposition of the people cooling down. Influence of the press, which has been more open to Government than usual. Hoped to have procured an Association in this town but they hesitate to make open declaration until assured of England's resolve to pursue her measures. Thinks if the most obnoxious of the leaders were seized and pardon proclaimed for others, Government would come off victorious with less opposition than expected a few months since. People concerned in the rash action against Fort William are terrified at their conduct and seek pardon.

Copy. 24 folio pages. [The autograph signed letter is the Public Record Office, series America and West Indies, Vol. 130, fo. 143.] Endorsed :--Copy of a Letter from the Honble Governor Gage to the

Earl of Dartmouth dated Boston 18th Jaus 1775. R/20th Febry.

ANDREW Pepp. SPARHAWK to LORD DARTMOUTH, 1775, January 18. Werinesday.-Having been long employed in service connected with the American timber, states his conviction that the important duty of Surveyor General to the Crown for the northern district cannot be properly fulfilled by the Governor of New Hampshire, as each office requires the time and attention of a separate person. Destruction of timber will not be suppressed while deputies are sent to attend to the business.

Autograph letter signed. 3 quarto pages.
Endorsed :-Mr Sparhawk 18 Jan, 1775 American Timber.

Sir STANIER PORTEN to Mr. PowNALL. 1775, January 19. Thursday morning, St. James's.-Sends a list of Peers invited by Lord Kochford to hear the King's speech at the opening of this session.

Autograph letter in the third person. $ quarto page.

GRANVILLE SHARP to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1775, January 19. Old Jewry.-Has completed the work mentioned in a previous letter. Sends a copy of it. Hopes he will excuse it

being sent unbound as he was anxious it should arrive before the House of Lords met tomorrow. Beseeches him not to assist in enforcing the present measures against America. Believes his book, founded on authorities and fucts, if read, will convince him of the error of so doing. Has sent a second copy for Lord North’s perusal if desirable.

Autograph letter signed. If quarto pages.
Endorsed :-Mr G. Sharpe 19 Jan, 1775. American Measures.


1775, January 19. Bath.—Believes the Americans will not henceforth accept Parliamentary taxation in any form, or consume any British articles even if forced to receive them. Cannot agree with bis Lordship's idea of holding out the olive branch in one hand and the rod of chastisement in the other. Half measures will not do, delays still more dangerous. Advises removal of stumbling blocks, or vigorous measures. Thanks for public recognition of Colonel Fanning's and Mr. Sauthier's services.

Autograph le'ter signed. 54 quarto puges.


1775, January 19. Bath.- Sends letters from New York which are to be read with that caution expressed in the copy of a letter Lord Dartmouth kept back. Has heard by to-day's post from Captain Penderleath of the death of Mr. Benzel and Alexander Colden, which if true will make room for his friends.

Autograph letter signed. It quarto pages.

ander from to London

LIEUTENANT ROBERT ToulINSON to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1775, January 20. 9o'clock, evening. New Round Court, No. 4, Strand. -Details of conversation between English merchants and American and West Indian merchants who have lately petitioned Parliament, showing that such was only done to “preserre appearances, and to keep up a good understanding with their correspondents in America and the West Indies.” Thought such an inpartial, authentic and just account ought to be communicated to his Lordship as it differs so essentially from common report and the newspaper account of things.

Autograph letter signed. 24 quarto pages
Endorsed :-Lieutt Tornlinson 20 Jan, 1775 Mercht's Petition.

Petition OF MERCHANTS. [1775, January 23.]-- Heads of the Petition from the Merchants, Traders and others, concerned in the North American Commerce, [presented to the House of Commons on this day). That on the balance of the extensive commerce carried on with North America there is now due from the colonies to the city of London alone two millions sterling. That by the operation of various injurious Acts the minds of the people in the colonies are greatly disquieted, a total stop is put to the export trade, and that ruin and distress are before them. They crave au examination of the commercial policy previously maintained to the happiness of both countries and that healing remedies should be applied to establish the commerce between them on a permanent foundation.

13 quarto pages. Endorsed :Heads of the Amern Merchts Petition presd 23 Jan.


MAJOR PHILIP SKENE to LORD NORTH. 1775, January 23. No. 48, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square.Has seen General Howe, and finds it not impossible to prevail on this brave officer to serve under General Gage, second in command. Highly commends Howe, having served with him in many dangers and found him unsurpassed in activity, bravery and experience and beloved by the troops. Considers Haldimand will be useful to head the Germans. Thinks Chelsea out-pensioners are more fit for immediate service than recruits and they would inspire and assist the young soldiers. Proposes reinforcements from Ireland. Commends Colonel Ord for past services. Reminds him of Edward Coulthurst recommended by Lady Shelburne to be Lieutenant in the Navy.

Autograph letter signed. 4 quarto pages..
Endorsed :-Maji Skene to Lord North.

BROOK WATSON to Lord Dart MOUTH. 1775, January 23. Garlick Hill.Sends enclosure according to desire.

Original. 3 lines.
Endorsed :-Mr Watson's Thoughts on American Affairs. 230 Janry


Enclosure :

Thoughts upon the Dispute between Great Britain and her

Colonies " sent to Lord Dartmouth by His Lordships
Devoted Able Servt Brook Watson23 January 1775.

[This is a copy of William Smith's paper, with a few variations and some paragraphs omitted ; see the end of 1774.]

In Watson's hand. 10 quarto pages.

John GORDON to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1775, January 24. Brompton Row. Thanks for his attention to his affairs, thus enabling him to return to his family. Illness prevents him from personally attending to this business, so desires Mr. Elliot to ascertain when his reference and proposals can be laid before the Board of Trade and his Lordship.

Autograph letter signed. 1 folio page.
Endorsed :-Mr Gordon 24 Jan, 1775.

Lord BARRINGTON to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1775, January 30. Cavendish Square.-Gives strength of the force available for the present year leaving 12,000 men in Ireland and a small force to assist the civil magistrate.

Autograph letter in the third person. 1 quarto page.


State of the Force which may be collected in New England in
· 1775. Total 10,819, leaving 5,359 in England and 1,893 in

1 folio page.
Endorsed :-State of the Force, wch may be collected in New

Englund in 1775. From Lord Barrington.

MATTHEW BOULTON to (LORD DARTMOUTH). 1775, January 30. Soho.-Relative to the petition sent by Birmingham to the House of Commons concerning commerce. Sends a counterbalance which he has had printed in to-day's paper, the petition having been much misrepresented and abused.

Autograph letter signed. 2} quarto pages.
Endorsed :—M' Boulton 30 Jan, 1775.

Enclosure :

Newspaper cutting headed Birmingham, January 30, consisting

of an Extract of a Letter from London January 26 concerning their (Birmingham) petition and giving an exact copy to counterbalance the misrepresentations made.

John Malcom to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1775, January 31. Westminster.-Desires him to read the enclosed papers and present them a second time to the King in hopes of obtaining some compensation for sufferings endured when Commissioner of Customs at Boston.

Autograph letter signed. 2 quarto pages.

Enclosure :-
John MALCOM, Custom House Officer in the Boston Government

in North America, to the King.
1775, January 12. Westminster.Petition. Relates his military

services in the last two American wars especially in connection
with Governor Tryon Has commanded twelve different mer-
chant vessels to different parts of the world and received four
commissions in His Majesty's Customs. Details his recent
sufferings at Boston. Has been seven months in London
waiting for compensation. Desires £150 and the employment
sought for in the Customs and promised by Lord North.

Šigned. 7 folio pages.
Endorsed :-John Malcom true Copy of His Petition gave

to His Majesty the 12 Day of Jany 1775 this gave to Lord
Dartmouth to Prefer for me to His Majesty &c.

Annexed :

JOHN Malcom to LORD NORTH. 1774, September 14. Westminster.-Desires various employments

in the Customs at Falmouth, which he details, the salaries of

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