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MASSACHUSETTS BAY. 1765, November 6, 7, and 8. House of Representatives.-Extracts from Journal. Presentation of a report by the committee appointed to prepare a proper remonstrance to the Governor against the establishmeut of a new company at Castle William and the additional expense of 1161. 178. Proceedings thereupon.

154 folio pages. Enılorsed - Extracts from the Journal of the House of Representatives

of Massachusetts Bay, on the 6, 7, and 7 (sic) of November 1765.

The Boston GAZETTE and COUNTRY JOURNAL. 1765, November 11.-No. 554. sheet.

Thomas Cushing and Samuel Adams to ......
1765, November 11. Boston.-Letter beginning “ Revd. Sir.”
Consider the Stamp Act an infringement of their constitutional rights.
Complain of the duty put on molasses. Choice of De Berdt by the
Massachusetts Assembly to present petitions to Parliament.

Signed. In Adams's hand. 6 folio pages.
Endorscd :- America, Novemver 1765.

Mr. Russel to MR. (DENNYS] DE BERDT. 1765, November 11. Charles Town, near Boston.—Commercial reasons why the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act should be repealed.

Copy. 2} large folio pages.
Endorsed .—Mr. Russel to Mr. de Berdt, Charlestown, N. England,

Nor, Iltb, 1765. Copy.

TREASURY MINUTE. 1765, November 15.—The export trade of Britain has suffered from the late orders and commissions given to commanders of His Majesty's ships stationed in the West Indies and America. After consideration it has been decided that bullion may be imported into the Colonies in foreign bottoms.

2; folio pages, draft form.
Endorsed :Treasury Minute, 15 Novi 1765.

Governor Francis BERNARD to LORD DARTS'OUTII. 1765, November 16. Boston, N. E.-Congratulations on his Lordship's appointment as President of the Board of Trade.

Autograph letter signcd. l quarto page. (With seal.)
Endorsed :Governor Bernard.

Talbot County, New England. 1765, November 25.-Five resolutions of the Freemen. Consider the Stamp Act an infringement of their liberties. Will endeavour by

all means to preserve their rights and show their abhorrence of stamp

3 quarto pages.
Endorsed :-Resolutions of the Freemen of Talbot County in N. .

England, 25 Nov. 1765.

1765, November 26. Boston.— Proceedings in the town on the 5th
of November.

Extract. 58 folio pages.
Endorsed :-Extract of a letter from Francis Bernard, Esq., Gov.

of Massachusets Bay, to John Pownall, Esq., Secry. to the Lords
Commissis for Trade and Plantetions, dated Boston, Nov. 26, 1765.

1765, November 26. London.-Has been over and traded with, for
the past twenty years, many parts of Europe, all the West India
Islands, and most of the North American plantations. In consequence
of this, he is acquainted with many facts of a public and private nature
which may be useful to his Lordship, so offers his services to him.
Refers to his connections with John Newton, Lords Egremont and

Autograph letter signed. 23 quarto pages.
Endorsed :--Mr. Manesty, Novi 1765.


1765, November 30. Boston.—Transmitting and commenting upon
the votes of the last session of the Assembly.

Copy. 71. folio pages. [The original letter is in the Public Record
Office, Board of Trade, Massachusetts, Vol. 78, fol. 665.]
Endorsed :-Copy of a letter from Governor Bernard to the Lords of

Trade, dated Boston, November 30, 1765.

1765, November 30. Boston.—Extract of the foregoing. “Your Lordship will observe that in my Speech I recommend to the House to order a compensation to be made to the sufferers by the late disturbances."

1} pages.

NEW JERSEY. 1765. November 30.-Extracts from the votes of the Assembly of New Jersey against the Stamp Act.

Two papers. 2 pages and 3 page respectively.

Dennys DE BERDT to Lord DARTMOUTH. 1765. December 3.-Fatal consequences the late ineasures have had with regard to American trade. Advisability of preserving traile with the Spaniarus.

Letter signed. } large folio page.


LORD DARTMOUTH. 1765, December 6. New York.Sends the enclosed in a private letter because some person has obtained copies of his letters to Dartmouth's predecessor and used them for malicious purposes.

Autograph letter signed. 14folio pages.

Endorsed :-Lieutenant-Governor Colden. Enclosure:

1765, December 6. State of the Province of New York. The

people are classed in four ranks: 1, the proprietors; 2, the
gentlemen of the law : 3, the merchants ; 4, the farmers and
mechanics. Narrates the share they have severally and unitedly
taken in public transactions for thirty years past.
12: folio pages. [Duplicate of this was sent to the Secretary
of State, General Conway, and is in the Public Record
Office, America and West Indies, Vol. 177, fol. 45. It
is printed in full in the New York Colonial Documents,
Vol. VII., p. 795.]
Endorsed :-6th December 1765. State of the Province of

New York.

BENJAMIN HALLOWELL to Sir CHARLES KNOWLES. 1765, December 6. Boston.-[The signature is over another name carefully crossed through.] Refers him to the public papers to see the state of the country at this time, and to the enclosure for the quantity of American subjects to be governed. Gives his opinion of the Stamp Act. The expenses to which Massachusetts has been put since its settlement. Remarks on Crown lands, and the settlement made last summer by Coit and Smith.

Copy. 4 large folio pages.

Endorsed :-Letter to Sir Charles Knowles, Boston, December 1765. Enclosure :

1765, December 6. Boston. [Benjamin Hallowell.] Computation of inhabitants in the 13 provinces of North America.

Copy. 1} large folio pages. Note.-Rear Admiral Sir Charles Knowles, governor of Cape Breton 1746 ; of Jamaica 1752-8; chief president of the admiralty to the Empress of Russia 1770; died December 1777.

Private MEMORANDUM Book of LORD DARTMOUTH. Containing notes on Parliamentary affairs, Colonial affairs, and other items, from 17 July to 17 December 1765.

Autograph. 32 octavo pages (paper cover).


First Lord Commissioner for Trade and Plantation Affairs, &c., in London.

1765, December 17. Williamsburgh.-Congratulations upon his appointment to the Board of Trade.

Autograph letter signed. 1s quarto pages.
Endorsed :-Lt.-Gov? Fauquier.

The King's SPEECH. N. D. [1765, December 17.]—Draft for the King's speech to Parliament. Not dated, but from reference to the Journals of the House of Commons believed to be of this date.

11 folio pages.

House of Lords to the King. [1765, December about 18th.] - Address. Return thanks for the speech from the throne. Congratulations on the birth of a prince. American affairs.

Draft. 2 folio pages.
Endorsed :-Address.

SAMUEL ADAMS to John Smith, 1765, December 19. Boston.-Addressed, on a wrapper containing also a letter of 20 December, to John Smith, Esq., in London, per favour of Rev. Mr. Whittaker. Complains of the injustice of the Stamp Act, and the restrictions on trade. States what he considers the rights of free subjects of Britain, and shows how the Stamp Act is contrary to these.

Autograph letter signed. 4 large folio pages.
Endorsed :-Mr. Adam of Boston to Mr. Smith. Decr. 1765. State

of British Colonies in America.

REVEREND J. WILLIAM GIBERNE to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1765, December 19. Sabine Hall, in Richmond County, on Rappa. hanock River, Virginia.-Congratulations upon his Lordship's recent appointment. Grateful remembrances of past favours. The writer's present condition suffers from the distress of the Colony.

Autograph letter signed. 3 quarto pages.
Endorsed :- Rev. Mr. Giberne.

SAMUEL ADAMS to JOHN ADAMS. 1765, (December] 20. Boston.—Proceedings of the Colonies on the proposal of the Stamp Act and after the passing of the Act. Insults shown to stamp officers and account of the disturbances on 26 August, when the houses of Mr. Story (Deputy Registrar of the Vice-Admiralty Court), Mr. Hallowell (Comptroller of Customs), and Lieutenant-Governor Hutchinson were attacked. Opposition to the Stamp Act daily increases and reconciliation to it seems an impossibility.

Autograph letter signed. 4 quarto pages.
Endorsed with his letter of the previous day.

MInutes in Lord DARTMOUTH's Hand.
1765, December 20.—Mention letters from the Governor of New
Jersey, 10 October 1765, and Governor of Virginia 2 October 1765.
Other minutes refer to trade with Portugal.

i folio pages.
Endorsed :-Minutes, December 20, Portugal.

SAMUEL GARBETT to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1765, December 21. Birmingham.-Addressed, on a wrapper covering also a letter of 24 December, to the Earl of Dartmouth, Saint James's Square, London. Stating the facts that will be presented at an approaching meeting of the merchants interested in the trade to America, showing the inconveniences and ruinous consequences ensuing from the countermanding of orders for America. Advises strongly the repeal of the Stamp Act.

Autograph letter signed. 3 quarto pages. Sealed.

Endorsed :-Mr. S. Garbett, Bermingm. State of manufacts. Enclosures :

1765, December 6. London.-Barlow Trecothick, chairman to the Committee of the Merchants of London trading to North America, to the Chief Magistrate of Birmingham. Acquaints him with the proceedings of the merchants of this city with regard to trade with America. Asks for his help in making application to Parliament for relief.

Copy. i large folio page. 1765, December 21. Birmingham.-Samuel Garbett, Joseph

Wilkinson, and eighteen others, to [Barlow Trecothick]. Embarrassment of merchants here in consequence of want of remittances from, and stoppage of trade with America. Thousands of labourers will soon be clamorous for ernployment and subsistence. Will soon present some facts to help to remore the blow given to this trade.

Copy. I large folio page.

HENRY KENNAN to LORD DARTMOUTH. . 1765, December 23. Crutched Friars.- Has given particular attention to the silk culture of South Carolina and Georgia. This culture by no means answers the expectations formed of it, and has annually declined. Considers, however, it could be made successful under better regulations, and with less expense to Government.

Autograph letter signed. 19 quarto pages.
Endorsed :-Georgia Filature. Mr. Kennan.

Samuel GARBETT to Lord DARTMOUTII. 1765, December 24. Birminghain.-A committee has been nominated to deliver a sketch of a petition to Parliament, and a letter to all the nobility likely to favour sucb, Merchants agree with him in the sentiments expressed in his letter of 21st instant.

Autograph letter signed. 1 quarto page.

Henry Kennan to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1765, December 31. Crutched Friars.--Respecting the silk culture in Georgia and South Carolina. Some private gentlemen are willing to take the filature in Savannah into their own hands, paying one shilling for each pound of cocoons. Remarks on the bounty given by Government to this culture.

Autograph letter signed. 3 quarto pages.

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