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Enclosure :

Paper showing the expense of the silk culture in South Carolina and Georgia in 1762, 1763, and 1764.

Autograph. 1 quarto page.

The DUKE OF Newcastle to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1765, December 31. Newcastle House.—Has heard that an appli. cation has been received by the Board of Trade from the Representatives of the Colonies. Asks that a copy may be transmitted to him.

Autograph letter signed. 1 quarto page.
Endorsed :-Duke of Newcastle, 31 Dec. 1765.

DENNYS DE BERDT to the EARL OF Halifax. N. D. [1765].-The recent regulations concerning Americau trade have caused hardships to that country, and are detrimental to Great Britain. Shows how, if put into force, they will operate on English commerce.

Copy. 31 large folio pages.

DENNYS DE BERDT to LORD DARTMOUTH, N. D. (1765).-Gives extract from a letter of Williain Donaldson of New York, showing the distress of the country through want of money; the hindrances to commerce, if continued, will ruin America, and England will feel the effects. Remarks on the debt of six millions which America now owes England.

Letter signed. } large folio pages.

BULLION in FOREIGN Bottoms. N. D. (1765).- Observations on the commerce of our Colonies with those of Spain, so far as regards the legality of the importation of bullion in foreign bottoms. Several reports to the Board of Trade and others are annexed, dated 1708 and 1720.

227 folio pages.

N. D. (1765].- Proposal to allow the importation of bullion into the Colonies in foreign bottoms. .

In Loril Dartmouth's hand. 3 folio pages.
Endorsed :- Proposal to allow the importation of bullion into the
Colonies in foreign bottoms. Proposal.

N. D. [1765].-Considerations on the laws made for the increase of navigation, and for the regulation of the plantation trade, so far as they relate to bullion.

In Lord Dartmouth's hand. 2 folio pages.
Endorsed :-Considerations on the Acts of Trade and Navigation, so

far as relates to bullion.
Again endorsed :-Observations, &c.

MINUTES in LORD DARTMOUTH's Hand. N.D. [1765].-On letters from Governors Fauquier, Bernard, Colden, Franklin, Sharpe, Wentworth, and General Gage, in June, August, September, October. and November, concerning the state of affairs in their respective provinces with regard to the arrival and distribution of stamps.

6 quarto pages.
Endorsed :-Governors letters to Sec. of State.

MR. FULLER’s Plan of ACCOMMODATION. N. D. [1765].-Reasons why Britain should not tax the Colonies. Proposes repeal of all the Revenue Acts, and the establishment of land taxes on the same principles as in England, also duties on foreign goods imported.

1}folio pages.


Secretary of State. N. D. [1765].-Memorial. In view of his long services desires permission to dispose of his commission.

1 quarto page. With an account of his endeavours to purchase a majority in the Royal Americans. (24 quarto pages.)

Endorsed :The memorial of Captain Francis Legge, 46th Regnt.

NEW YORK ASSEMBLY. 1765.- Extract from the Journal. Twelve resolutions stating their allegiance, but representing their great objection to the Stamp Act, as it deprives them of their constitutional rights.

62 folio puges. Endorsed :Extract from the Journal of the Assembly at New York,


.: NEW YORK GAZETTE. N. D. (1765].—Extracts. Preservation of the Colony of Connecticut. Agreement of the inhabitants of America not to receive stamps. Intelligence from Boston acquaints of the other colonies holding with the petition of the seven colonies. Vessels clearing out at Rhode Island.

* page.
Endorsed :-Extracts from the New York Gazette.

JAMES Otis. N. D. (1765).-Extracts from the Vindication of tbe British Colonies, &c , said to be by James Otis. Boston, 1765.

In Lord Dartmouth's hand. 1 quarto pages.
Endorsed :-Extracts from Vind. of the Br. Colonies, &c.

, John Smith to LORD DARTMOUTH, 1765.—Remarks on the right of Britain to lay internal taxes on American Colonies. The grievances arising from the Stamp Act. Proposes other means to raise a revenue, that is, several articles to be taxed, and the improvement of ceded lands, &c.

Autograph letter signed. 14 quarto pages.

Endorsed :-Mr. Smith, of Boston, 1765. Enclosures :

Extracts from the Charters of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode

Island, and Maryland, with Reference to Taxation. Beginning
Massachusetts was first given by James ye 1st in the 18th
year of his reign.

Autograph. 3} quarto pages.
Paper on the Question of the Right of Britain to tax her Colonies.

Shows the inherent right of the Colonies to tax themselves, and
indicates the laws expressed in the respective charters for that

Autograph. 114 quarto pages.


N. D. [1765].-Consequences which will ensue from the non-repeal of certain Acts. Remarks upon the advantages which might be gained from the Colonies if Great Britain withdrew her arbitrary and oppressive measures.

Extract. 63 quarto pages.

Endorsed:-Extract of a letter from the Assembly of South Carolina * to Charles Garth, Esq., their Agent.


1765.--Paper containing abstracts of letters and enclosures receivedi by or communicated to the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations relative to the Stamp Act. The letters are from Lieutenant-Governor Fauquier, 5 June 1765; Governor Bernard, 8 July, 15, 22 and 31 August, 7 and 28 September; Governor Franklin, 10 October; Governor Wentworth, 5 October; Governor Bernard, 1. 12, 17, 19, and 26 October, and 1 November; Lieutenant-Governor Fauquier, 2 October ; Governor Wilmot, 19 November; LieutenantGovernor Fauquier, 3 November.

661 folio pages.

1765.- List of the letters and papers of the foregoing entry. 83 folio pages. Endorsed :-List of papers received by or communicated to the Lords

Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, so far as they relate to or contain any information of the riots that have happened in America in opposition to the putting in execution the Stamp Act, since the passing thereof to the present time.

The DUKE OF NEWCASTLE to LORD. DARTMOUTH. 1766, January 2. Claremont.—Returns papers on the subject of American taxation. Gives his opinion. Thinks the only person to be consulted is Mr. Onslow, and hopes His Lordship will see him. · Autograph letter signed.' 1 quarto page.

Endorsed :-Duke of Newcastle, 2 Jan. 1766.

1766, January 4. Birmingham.-Sending the enclosed.
Autograph letter signed. 15 quarto pages.
Endorsed :-Mr. S. Garbett, Petition to Parlt.


MERCHANTS, &c., of BIRMINGHAM to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1766, January 4.-With their proposed petition to the House of

Commons. Desire His Lordship may make such use of the facts relative to the stagnation of trade with America as may prevent the frightful consequences which must ensue from so many necessitous workmen being suddenly unemployed.

Letier signed. 14 pages.

GENERAL PAINEAS LYMAN to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1766, January 7. London.-Thoughts on the Act of Parliament establishing a stamp duty in America.

Letter signed. 6 quarto pages.
Endorsed :-Gen. Lyman on the Stamp Act.

JOSEPH MANESTY to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1706, January 8. London, Copt Hall Court, Throgmorton Street. Sends enclosure. Would be glad to be of any use to His Lordship.

Autograph letter signed. 1 quarto page.

Endorsed :-Mr. Mapesty. Enclosure :

1766, January 1. London.-Observations on the cause of the disturbances with America, its trade and exported products.

Original, not signed. 19 folio pages.

[1766, January 14.] Not dated, but from reference to the Commons'
Journals believed to be of this date.-The important proceedings in
America demand their serious attention.

24 puges.
Endorsed :-Speech.

HOUSE OF LORDS to the King.
[1766, January 14.],Address.
Draft, with corrections in Lord Dartmouth's hand. 14 pages.
Endorsed :- Address.

PETER HASENCLEVER to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1766, January 15. New York.-By advice of the Revd Dr. Dampier takes this liberty and gives a short account of the present situation of

country earliament quarto pages: January

affairs in this country, and of the injurious effect on American trade caused by the Acts of Parliament lately passed.

Autograph letter signed. 103 quarto pages.
Endorsed.--Mr. Hasenclever, New York, 15 January 1766.

GOVERNOR SIR HENRY MOORE to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1766, January 16. New York.-Announcing the forcible boarding of a ship just arrived from England and the seizure and burning of the stamped paper.

Duplicate letter signed. 2 pages. Enclosure :

1766, January 10, 11, and 14. Fort George, New York.-

Minutes of Council. The Governor's remonstrance on the
proceedings of the 8th; he lays before them Secretary Conway's
letter insisting on the execution of the Act. Copy certified by
G. Banyar, 18 February 1766.

84 pages.
Endorsed :-New York, 10, 11, and 14 January 1766.

Minutes of Council, on burning the stamp papers.

GENERAL PAINEAS Lyman to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1766, January 18. London.-Facts which render the Stamp Act most distressing to the Americans. Reasons why the British Parliament should not lay internal taxes on their Colonies.

Letter signed. 41 quarto pages.

Minutes in LORD DARTMOUTH's Hand. 1766, January 24, Friday.-Partly concerning Senegambia. Representation on behalf of Governor Boone. Memorial of Charles Garth, Agent for South Carolina.

1 quarto page.
Endorsed :-Min. Jan 24 1766. Senegambia, Carolina.

1766, January 27 and 30.-Concerning various papers relating to
America. Account of the annual expenses of government in America.
Account of the debts of the several provinces. Order of the Duke of
Grafton to prepare lists of civil and military officers employed in North

3 quarto pages.
Endorsed :-January 27, 1766. Bermuda.

The EARL OF HUNTINGDON to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1766, January 29, Wednesday, eight o'clock, Donnington Park.Sends his proxy. Knowiny Dartmouth's attachment to the laws of equity upon which his (Huntingdon's) zeal for the repeal of the Stamp Act is founded, his vote may be employed as Dartmouth thinks proper.

Autograph letter signed. I quarto page.
Endorsed :-Earl of Huntingdon, 29th January 1766.

y 82140.

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