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1772, May 21. Whitehall.-- The 66th and 68th Regiments to come to Great Britain, and be relieved by two battalions of Royal Americans, to sail from any port General Gage may think proper.

Copy. 14 pages. ['The signed letter is in the Public Record Office, Admiralty, Secretary of State's Letters, Vol. 44, No. 46.] Endorsed :-(Copy.) Earl of Hillsborough to Lords of the Admiralty

21st May 1772. Royal Americans, to relieve 66th and 68th Regts.

WILLIAM BOLLAN to the EARL OF HILLSBOROUGH. 1772, May 25, Southampton Street, Covent Garden.-Remarks on his previous memorial. Recounts his services in America. Desires his Lordship to take the enclosed petition into consideration. Complains of having been dismissed by the Admiralty Board, and has all along received no recompense for his services.

Copy. 2 quarto pages. [The signed letter is in the Public Record Office, series America and West Indies, Vo!, 276, fol. 283.1 Endorsed :- Copy of a letter from Mr. Bollan to the Earl of Hill:3

borough May 25th 1772. In Mr. Bollan's Memorial.

Enclosures :

William Bollan, Memorial, complaint, and petition to the

Copy 64 pages. [Original in the same volume as the above,
fol. 287.]
Endorsed :- Memorial, complaint, and petition of Mr.

Bollan, to the King in Council. (Copy.) Requesting compensation for his sufferings in office and dismission from it, and likewise stating the damage done to the mast trees in New Hampshire, reserved for the use of the Royal Navy. V. Mem., p. 13. Entd.

William Bollan. Addenda to his Memorial to the King.

Copy. 2 quarto pages. [Original in the same volume as the above, fol. 287.] Endorsed :-- Addenda to Mr. Bollan's Memorial to His

Majesty, Massachusetts Bay.

JOHN WILLIAMS. 1772, June 4.-Regulations humbly subriitted to Lord North, for the better securing the duties upon wine, fruit, oil, and other dutiable goods, in America, and likewise preventing the foreign trade.

Signed. 23 pages.
Endorsed :-C. 23. Regulations submitted to Lord North for

America to prevent smuggling.

Sir William Johnson to the EARL OF HILLSBOROUGH. 1772, June 29. Johnson Hall.—Recounts a late unlucky transaction with the Indians, which may be productive of very ill consequences. A certain man of the name of Ramsay, who formerly lived amongst the Indians and was sent by Captain Brown to Quebec to prevent his doing further mischief amongst them, has found means to trade with the Indians at Lake Erie, at a distance from any fort or place of inspection. Had quarrelled with and killed and scalped several. The General bas sent him to Canada to be tried, but interest will probably secure his acquittal. Sir William fears the resentment of the tribes, in spite of assurances of their deputies that orders have been given to prevent any act of retaliation. “ The Chippawaes and Mississagaes are by far the most numerous and powerful nation with whom we have any connection in North America."

Copy. 4} pages. [The autograph signed letter is in the Public Record Office, sories America and West Indies, Vol. 276, fol. 787.] Endorsed :--Copy of a Letter from Sir William Johnson to the Eart

of Hillsborough dated Johnson Hall 29th June 1772.


1772, July 11. Boston.-With reference to the seizure and burning of His Majesty's schooner “Gaspee,” at Rhode Island.

Copy. 14 puges. [The signed letter is in the Public Record Office, series America and West Indies, Vol. 173, fol. 327.] Endorsed -No. 9. Copy of a Letter from Rear Admiral Montagu.

to the Earl of Hillsborough dated Boston July 11th 1772. Enclosure :

Declaration of Aaron, a negro, with list of names of five men
concerned in destroying the Gaspee.

Copy. 2 pages.
Endorsed :-Declaration of Aaron, a negro.

MASSACHUSETTS Bay House of Representatives to the KING. 1772, July 14.-Petition and Remonstrance. To be allowed to support their own governor, and against the revenue Acts of Parliament.

Copy. 54 pages. [The original is in the Public Record Office, series America and West Indies, Vol. 174, fol. 291.] Endorsed :-.No. 1. Copy of the Petition and Remonstrance of

the Ho. of Representatives of the Massachusetts Bay July 14 1772.

RICHARD STOCKTON to SAMUEL SMITA. 1772, July 22. Princeton. Autograph letter signed. With seal. 3 quarto pages. Endorsed :-No. 1. Prince Town, 22 July 1772. Richard

Stockton, Esq., to Mr. Smith, relative to the Charter of Incorporation of the Presbyterian Church.

CABINET MINUTE. 1772, July 30. St. James's.--The Rhode Island business placed by Lord Hillsborough before the Cabinet. Opinion of the meeting that certain instructions should be sent by his Lordship to the Governor. Orders to be sent to Admiral Montagu on the subject. Opinion of the Attorney and Solicitor General to be taken. . Copy. 14 pages. Endorsed :-St. James's, July 30th 1772. Minute. (Copy.)

LORD NORTH to LORD DARTMOUTH. 1772, August 3. Bushy Park.- Remarks on the petition for a grant of land on the Ohio, in consequence of which Lord Hillsborough has seen fit to send in his resignation. Asks permission to recommend Lord Dartmouth to the King as his successor. Reasons for wishing this. Desires an interview.

Autograph letter signed. With seal. 54 quarto pages.


1772, August 5. New York.-No. 75. Transportation of troops from America to St. Vincent. Arrival of a detachment of the 64th Regiment at Castle William. Delay in getting the American battalion down from the Lakes. Regrets that sketches of the works constructed at the Havannah have not been procured. Outrage committed on 20 Indians while on their way to make some representations to the Goveruor at Annapolis.

Copy. 2 quarto pages. [The autograph signed letter is in the Public Record Office, series America and West Indies, Vol. 128, fol. 105.] Endorsed :-Copy of a letter from Lieut.-Gen Gage to the Earl of

Hillsborough, New York 5 Augt 1772.

The EARL OF HILLSBOROUGH to LORD (North). 1772, August 7. Hanover Square.—“ Will you say to Lord Dartmouth that at my request you have engaged for him that Kilwarlin shall have this Office when it falls ? and will you be so good in consequence of that Engagement, as to get Lord Dartmouth's absolute promise ?"

. if it falls in Ld Dartmouth's Administration I earnestly pray that Kil may have it; and I have been ... a good nurse of the Office for Lord Dartmouth by not yielding to any Sollicitations for Reversions.”

Letter signed. 2 quarto pages.
Endorsed :-B. 38. Lord Hillsborough. 7th August 1772. Desiring

the office of Secry. of Virginia for his son.

The EARL OF HILLSBOROUGH to the Governor aud Company of

RHODE ISLAND. 1772, August 7. Whitehall.-Expressing His Majesty's displeasure at the tone of menace and insult assumed in Governor Wanton's letters to Lieutenant Dudingston of the 22 and 23 March last. They are to exert themselves most actively for the discovery of the offenders with regard to the burning of the “ Gaspee” schooner. Instructions will be sent to Rear-Admiral Montagu. Encloses an Act for the preservation of His Majesty's dockyards. Remarks upon complaints made by Governor Wanton of the conduct of His Majesi.y's officers.

3} pages. Endorsed :-Drat to the Govt & Company of Rhode Island.

Whitehall, 71h Aug', 1772. N.B.-His Majesty having directed on the 21st August that the Papers relative to the disturbances in Rhode Island should be laid before the Privy Council, this letter, which had been sent to the Admiralty to forward, was recalled & cancelled. V. Mr. Pownall's letter to Mr. Stephen's of 22nd Aug. 1772.

JOAN POWNALL to LORD (DARTMOUTH). 1772, August 8.-Expresses his gratification at the prospect of his Lordship becoming Secretary of State. Remarks on his own services and his inability to take more upon himself.

Autograph letter signed. 3} quarto pages.
Endorsed :Mr. Pownall, 8 August 1772.

FREDERICK MONTAGo to [LORD DARTMOUTH). 1772, August 10, Papplewick.-Recommends his accepting the seals of the American Department. He (Montagu) could not accept a seat at the Board of Trade without the approbation of Lord Rockingham, which could never be obtained. Offers his services otherwise than in this. Will come and see his Lordship if he desires it. Advises him to insist upon the whole patronage of his office, and particularly upon the sole appointment of the governors.

Autograph letter signed. 4 pages.
Endorsed :-Mr. Montagu, Aug. 10, 1772


EARL OF HILLSBOROUGH. 1772, August 10. Lincoln's Inn.- Their opinion and report upon the burning of the “ Gaspee” schooner in Providence river, Rhode Island.

Letter signed. 23 pages. [In the Public Record Office, series Domestic, Geo. III., Vol. 9, is a copy marked - Original misluid.”] Endorsed :-Report of the Attorney and Solicitor General, 10th

August 1772. Ent.

WILLIAM GERARD DE BRAHM to LORD (DARTMOUTH). 1772, August 12. London.-Satisfaction of America at his Lordships appointment as Secretary of State. Has finished his general map and given it with reports to Mr. Pownall. Transmits copy of a letter written by him to Lord Hillsborough. Remarks on the state of his affairs.

Autograph letter signed. 2 pages.
Endorsed :-Mr. de Brahm.

The King to LORD NORTH. 1772, August 13. St. James's, five minutes past 1 p.1.-Lord Dartmouth cannot have the seals until to-morrow if the Council is not held to day.

Originál. With seal (broken). j quarto page.

Endorsed :—The King. 13 August 1772. Enclosure :

Memorandum in the King's hand, proposing that on the present

vacancy of Secretary of State for the American Department, and to prerent erery possibility of jarring in departments, the Admirals, Commanders and Governors should transfer their correspondence to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the Southern Department.

Autograph. i quarto page.

Oath of SECRETARY OF STATE. 1772, August 14. St. James's.-Order in Council with the Oath of a Secretary of State, taken by William, Earl of Dartmouth, on this day. The Oath begins, “ You shall swear to be a true and faithful servant unto the King's Majesty.”

Šigned and sealed. 2 folio pages.

LADY EDGECUMBE to [LORD DARTMOUTH). 1772, August 16. Mount Edgecumbe.-Congratulations on his appointment. They would have been happy to be not only his Lordship's friends, but subjects, and would have been, by means of some islands in Massachusetts Bay and lands in Sagadahook, had not an unfortunate opinion lately given, pretty nearly proved they had no such right.

Autograph letter signed. 2 quarlo pages.
Endorsed :-Lady Edgecumbe 16 August 1772. Congratulations.

Thomas Boone to [Lord DARTMOUTA). 1772, August 18. Nassau Street, Soho. Autograph letter signed. 1 quarto page. Endorsed :-Mr. Boone 18th August 1772 recommending Mr. Tatt

nall to be Councillor in Georgia. Again endorsed Thos Boone Esq., Councillor of Georgia.

...... to [LORD DARTMOUTH). 1772, August 18. Arguments against the proposed Ohio settlement. Congratulates him on succeeding Lord Hillsborough as Secretary of State for the Plantations.

Original. 5 quarto pages.
Endorsed :--0. 35. Anonymous. Ohio Settlemts.

CABINET MINUTES. 1772, August 20. St. James's.-Marked No. 1 and No. 2. Agreed, that all the papers on the affair of the “ Gaspée” schooner be laid before the King. That a commission be issued to take proceedings for the discovery of the perpetrators of the outrage committed in the attack upon that vessel, and that letters from Hillsborough to the Governor and Company of Rbode Island, to the Lords of the Admiralty, Admiral Montagu, and General Gage, upon this subject, should be recalled and cancelled.

Copy. 27 folio pages. No. 2 is in duplicate.

STEPHEN SAYRE to [Lord DartmoUTH). 1772, August 20, Thursday. Berners Street, No. 38.-Relative to the grant of 1,5001. voted to the late Mr. De Berdt, Agent of Massachusetts Bay, by that Province. Lord Hillsborough having thought fit to prevent this vote from passing, De Berdt's family is much inconvenienced thereby, as the greater part of this sum had been expended-in prosecuting the public business.

Autograph letter signed. 2 quarto pages, .

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