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shire, Sheffield, January 26th 1759. Sworn to by the said Indians to be their act and deed before Coram Joseph Dwight, J.P. Certified by Goldsbrow Banyar.

Copy. 34 pages.
Endorsed :-22nd November 1758. Copy Indian Deed to Samuel

Robbins and others. No. l.

THOMAS WHITNEY. 1758, December 7, Springfield.-Writ served upon Thomas Whitney to appear at the Inferior Court of Common Pleas to be holden at Northampton in New Hampshire on the second Tuesday in February next to answer the charge of not paying Ebenezer Fletcher the sum of 71. 98., New York currency

Original signed and sealed 1 small quarto page.
Endorsed :-Rit from Boston.
On the back are several fignres, apparently calcuiations.

MR. SECRETARY Pitt to His MAJESTY'S GOVERNORS. 1758, December 9.--" The King is further pleased to furnish all the Men so raised as above with Arms, Ammunition, and Tents, as well as to order Provisions to be issued to the same by His Majesty's Commissaries in the same proportion and manner as is done to the rest of the King's Forces." . . . . “ 'The whole therefore that the King expects and requires from the several Provinces is, the Levying, Cloathing, and paying the Men.” Parliament in the next session is to be recommended to make a proper compensation for the services rendered by the respective Provinces.

Extract. 1 pages.

MR. SECRETARY Pirt to the NORTH AMERICAN GOVERNORS. 1758, December 9.-Extracts. “ The King is further most graciously pleased to permit me to acquaint you, that strong Recommendations will be made to Parliament in their Session next year, to grant a proper compensation for such Expenses, according as the active Vigour and strenuous Efforts of the respective Provinces shall justly appear to merit.” In the second extract each Governor is asked to induce the Council and Assembly of his Province to raise at least as large a body of men as they did for the last campaign.

14 pages.

GEORGIA. BOSOMWORTH LANDS. Memorandum of proceedings from 1739 to 1759, with reference to lands obtained from the Indians, now part of the Province of Georgia, and claimed by 'Thomas Bosonworth, whose right to a portion of it is. further disputed by a Mr. Levy.

1} pages.

1757, November 25 and December 7.-Extracts of two letters from Governor Ellis, Georgia, to the Lords of Trade. With reference to the purchase of the Busomworth lands. These extracts are followed

by observations tending to show that the Governor and Bosomworth had laid their heads together to the prejudice of Mr. Levy, whose case is now before the Lords of Trade.

24 pages.

“ A Case relating to Lands taken, by instructions from the Crown, and afterwards restored," possibly to serve as a precedent for the above. “In the year 1732 Samuel Waldo and others propriators of certain Lands petitioned His Majesty to be restored to Lands taken aod withheld from them by instructions from the Crown to David Dunbar, which petition was refered to the Lords of the Committy. Where. upon they reported to His Majesty that the Attorney and SolicitorGeneral to whom it was refer'd for their opinion observed on their report, that some objections were made before them to the Nature of the Grants and Conveyances, under which the petitioners claimed and to the Manner of decluceing down their title, but they conceive that in questions of this kind concerning rights to Land in the West Indias and upon enquiry's of this nature the same regularity and exactuess is not to be expected as in private Suits concerning titles to Lands in England, but that in these cases the principle regard ought to be had to the Possession and the Expences the partys hare been at in endeavouring to Settle and Cultivate such Lands.” . . . Therefore upon the whole they are of opinion that the petitioners, their Tenants and Agents, ought not to be disturbed in their possession or interrupted in Carrying on their Settlements.” This report having been laid by the Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations before the Committee, the Committee proceed to take the whole matter into consideration and report to His Majesty that they are of opinion with the Attorney and Solicitor-General, and are further of opinion that it may be advisable for His Majesty to revoke the instructions, and order Dunbar to quit possession of all the said lands. “The aforegoing is a siznilar case with Mr. Levy's.” Mr. Levy's lands had been in his possession upwards of 12 years.

les pages.

CADWALLADER COLDEN, Surveyor-General, to the EARL

OF HALIFAX. 1759, August 25. New York.-Relative to grants of lands and assessment of quit-rents in New York.

Copy. 164 pages.

COUSAPONAKEES, an Indian l'RINCESS. 1735–39. Paper containing :An extract of the Memorial and Representation of Cousaponakees,

a natural horn princess of the Upper and Lower Creek Nations, duted the 30th of June 1755, so far as relates to the report made thereon by the Lords of Trade and Plantation, dated Whitehall

6th Deceinber 1758. Extract of the Report of the Lords of Trade dated 6th December

1758, on the foregoing memorial of Cousaponakees as prese:iteit to the Lords of the Regency the 30th June 1755. To the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of His Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council for Plantation affairs.

Extract of Instructions to Henry Ellis, Governor of Georgia.

St. James's, the . . . . day of . . . . 1759. With observations.

191 pages.

Rank and PRECEDENCE in AMERICA. 1760, December 17. St. James's.- Copy of Royal Warrant for settling the Rank and Precedence in America. Per W. Pitt.

24 pages.

LORD EGREMONT to the GOVERNOR of South CAROLINA. 1761, December 12. Whitehall.—“I am therefore to signify to you, the King's pleasure, that you do inmediately upon the Receipt of this Letter exert your utmost Influence to induce your Province to carry into the most Speedy and most Effectual Execution this very important object by immediate Compliance with any requisition which Sir Jeffry Amherst shall in Consequence of His Majesty's Orders make for furnishing, on certain Conditions which he will explain to you such number of Recruits from your Province as he shall demand as their quota lowards compleating the Regular Regiments which have been sent to America for the Defence and Protection of the Possessions of his Majesty's Subjects there."

Extract. 1} pages. Note.-Thomas Boone, the Governor of South Carolina, was appointed 14 April 1761. He was transferred from the Goverument of New Jersey.

REVENUE in AMERICA. Paper containing notes and references from various law books relating to the revenues of several Colonies. (Partly in Lord Dartmouthis hand.) “Froni 1756 to 1763 Massachusetts Bay raised above 800,0001., which being spent among themselves, there was no decay of the Trade," &c.

7 quarto pages.

George III. Royal PROCLAMATION. 1763, October 7. St. James's.—Notifying, as a result of the extensive acquisitions in America secured by the Paris Treaty of 10 February 1763, the erection of four distinct and separate Governments, Quebec, East Florida, West Florida, and Grenada, and defining their limits and jurisdiction.

Printed broadside.
Endorsed :-Proclamation of 7th October 1763.

Governor Francis BERNARD to the BOARD OF TRADE. 1763, December 26. Boston. Hulograph letter signed. 44 folio pages. Endorsed :-Mussachusets. Letter from Fras. Bernard, Esq., Governor of Massachusets Bay, to the Board, dated December 26, 1763, relative to the execution of the Laws of Trade in that

province, and the necessity of encouraging a trade between North
America and the foreign Plantations, under proper restrictions.

Received March, 1764. LI. 68.
Read July 2,

DR. WHEELOCK'S INDIAN CHARITY School. 1763.-Printed pamphlet, entitled “A plain and faithful Narrative of the Original Design, Rise, Progress, and present State of the Indian Charity School at Lebanon, in Connecticut. By Eleazar Wheelock, A.M., Pastor of a Church in Lebanon.” Boston. Printed by Richard and Samuel Draper, in Newbury Street, MDCCLXIII.

54 octavo pages in paper cover.

Note.--In “ A History of Dartmouth College and the Town of Hanover, New Hampshire, by Frederick Chase, edited by John K. Lord, Cambridge (U. S.), 1891," 8vo., xi. and 682 pp., illustrated with portraits of Eleazar Wheelock, John 'Thornton, Nathaniel Whitaker, John Wentworth, and Bezalcel Woodward, and several Plans and Letters, is an interesting account of the foundation and subsequent vicissitudes of this Indian school, which, in 1769, took the name of Dartmouth College from William, Earl of Dartmouth. The correspondence in that volume is now mostly preserved in the library of the College, and largely consists of the letters and papers received by Dr. Wheelock and others; many of their letters to Lord Dartmouth will be found in the following pages.

RHODE ISLAND, 1764, May 1. Newport on Rhode Island.—Copy? of a letter not signed nor addressed. Concerning the paper currency of the Colony of Rhode Island. Quotes a letter previously written, 10 April 1752.

Copy. 24 folio pages.
Endorsed :-Copy of two letters, one of them dated April 10th, 1752.

The other. May 1st, 1764. Concerning the paper currency
of the Colony of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Paper Currency.


Agent MR. MAUDUIT. 1764, June 13.—Acknowledge receipt of letters of 30 December, 11 February, 13 and 23 March. Express surprise at the contents of these letters. Refer to the Sugar Act, maintenance of the army, taxation, commerce, ind stamp duty.

Copy. 11 folio pages.

Plan for the FUTURE MANAGEMENT of INDIAN AFFAIRS. 51764, Juls. 7–With Lists A and B of Indian tribes in the northern and southern districts.

14 folio pages. Various copies of this paper are found in the Public Record Oflice, the British Museun, and among the MSS. at Lansdowne House.]

Endorsed :-Plan for the future management of Indian Affairs.

GOVERNOR GEORGE JOHNSTONE to John POW ALL. 1764, September 25. Kingston, Jamaica.—By the report of sundry persons, who have come from Pensacola, the inhabitants are in a

deplorable situation from lack of necessaries and cash. This has been caused by the seizure of three Spanish vessels, laden with cash, by English captains, through a mistaken zeal.

Ěxtract. i folio page. [The original letter is in the Public Record Office, Board of Trade, West Florida, Vol. 1, folio 103.7 Endorsed :-Extract of a letter from George Johnstone, Esq.,

Governor of West Florida, to John Pownall, Esq., Secretary to the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, dat ed Jamaica, Kingston, September 25th, 1764.

GOVERNOR. GEORGE !OHNSTONE to John PowNALL. 1764, October 31. Penzacola.--The Spanish trade, so far from being encouraged, has been obstructed in every way. Refers to the seizure of the Spanish vessels laden with cash, and desires instructions concerning commerce generally.

Extract. 1} folio pages. [The original letter is in the Public Record Office, Board of Trade, West Florida, Vol. 1, fol. 117.] Endorsed .-Extract of a letter from George Johnston, Esq., Governor

of West Florida, to John Pownall, Esq., Secretary to the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, dated Penzacola, October 31st, 1764.

MASSACHUSETTS BAY. 1764, November 3.-Extracts from the petition of the Council and House of Representatives of Massachusets Bay to the House of Commons, and from their Instructions to their Agent.

1 folio page. Endorsed :The petition of the Council and House of Reprentatives

of His Majesty's Province of Massachusets Bay Relative to the Imposing Stamp Duties or Taxes upon the Inhabitants of the Colonies. Boston, November 3rd, 1764.

FORSEY v. CUNNINGHAM. . 1764.—Printed pamphlet entitled “Report of the case between Thomas Forsey and Waddel Cunningham, New York.” Printed by John Holt in the year 1764. 71 pages.

SiR WILLIAM Johnson to the King. 1765, January 5.--Memorial. Relates his services among the Indians. His great expenses in connection therewith. Desires some compensation either in cash or lands.

54 folio pages. Endorsed :- Memorial of Sir William Johnson, dated January 5th, 1765.

Minutes in LORD DARTMOUTH's Hand. 1765, January 16, 17, 21, and 23.-Refers to letters from several Governors in America and memorials from Boone and Garth. Part on Senegambia and the gum trade. · 21 folio pages. Endorsed :-Min. Jan. 16, 17, 21, 23, 1765, Carolina, Virginia,


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