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ADVERTISEMENT, explaining the design of the work xi

INDEX, explanatory of the names of persons, places,

and things - -

- - rili

INTRODUCTION, on the nature, the excellence, and the

very peculiar mode, of Christ's teaching in the



- xxi

BIOGRAPHICAL Notices of the four Evangelists, and of

John the Baptist, with an incidental notice of the

five apostolic fathers - -


PROPHECIES relating to the Messiah, selected and ar-

ranged in a connected form, from the book of the

prophet Isaiah



- 1

The Life of Christ. His miraculous conception by

the Holy Ghost. Birth Circumcision. Is vi-
sited by the Magi. Carried into Egypt. Brought
back and settles in Nazareth. Is taken to Jeru-
salem at twelve years of age, and converses with the
doctors. Baptized by John in Jordan, at the age
of thirty, when a voice from heaven proclaims him
the beloved Son of God. Tempted in the wilder-
ness. Changes water into wine, at a wedding in
Cana. His conversation with Nicodemus : with the
woman of Samaria at the well of Sychar. Cures
the nobleman's son of Capernaum: the demoniac

in the synagogue: Peter's wife's mother. His
sermon on the mount. He cures a leper : the cen-
turion's servant. He raises the widow's son at
Nain. Stills a tempest. Cures the demoniac at
Gadara : a paralytic at Capernaum: a woman of an
issue of blood. Raises the daughter of Jairus to
life. Gives sight to two blind men. Cures a dumb
demoniac. Walks in the corn-fields, and explains
what things are lawful on the Sabbath. Heals a
man's withered hand. Calls the twelve apostles.
Cures a blind and dumb demoniac. Tells of the
sin against the Holy Ghost. Declares who he con-
siders his brethren and kindred. Sends forth the
twelve apostles. Discourses about John the Baptist.
Pronounces woe against Chorazin. Dines with
Simon the Pharisee. Feeds six thousand, Walks
on the sea. Cures a lame man at the pool of
Bethesda : the Syrophenician woman's daughter :
a deaf stammerer : heals a multitude, of various dis-
eases. Feeds four thousand. Cures a blind man.
Foretells his sufferings. The transfiguration. He
cures a demoniac. Again foretells his sufferings.
Pays the tribute money. Discourses concerning
humility and forgiveness. Reproves the apostles
for rebuking one who cast out devils in his name.
Leaves Galilee to go to Judea. Foretells the de-
struction of Jerusalem : again foretells it. Heals
ten lepers. Sends forth seventy disciples. Dis-
courses with the Jews about his mission, at the feast
of tabernacles. His address to the woman taken in
adultery. Again discourses with the Jews, about
his being the light of the world, and about Abra-
ham's seed. Cures a man born blind. Is enter-


tained by Mary and Martha. Inveighs against the
Pharisees. Speaks of the Galileans slain by Pilate,
and of the necessity of repentance. Cures an in-
firm woman ; a dropsical man. Discourses con-
cerning humility, and suffering in his cause : about
his being the Messiah : about divorces: blesses the
little children: addresses a rich young man. Raises
Lazarus from the dead. Retires to Ephraim in the
wilderness : foretells his sufferings a third time.
Is entertained by Zaccheus: cures two blind men
near Jericho. Laments over Jerusalem : makes a
triumphal entry into Jerusalem : cleanses the temple.
Withers the barren fig-tree. A voice from heaven
is heard in the temple in answer to his prayer. Dis
courses again concerning his mission : concerning
the baptism of John: about tribute to Cæsar : about
the resurrection : about the first and great com-
mandment: about Messiah being the son of David.
Denounces the Pharisees. Observes upon the
widow's mite. Inculcates watchfulness and prayer.
Describes the last judgment. Judas engages to
betray him. Preparation for the last passover. He
censures the contest among the disciples as to which
should be greatest, inculcates humility, and ex-
emplifies it by washing their feet. The last supper.
Christ institutes the sacrament of the Lord's Sup-
per. His discourse to comfort his disciples. Com-
pares himself to a vine-stock, of which they are the
branches. Gives the promise of the Holy Spirit.
Prays for his disciples. His agony in the garden
of Gethsemane. He is seized, and carried before
Caiaphas. Is denied by Peter. Is brought before
Pilate. Examined by Herod. Mocked, buffetted,

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