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667 The evangelical history of our Lord Jesus Christ; with an account of

the propagation of Christianity, and the original settlement and state

of the church. By a society of gentlemen. 2 vols. London, 1757. 980 Dictionary of the holy bible. . 3 vols. . London, 1759. 1427 Scripture lexicon; or a dictionary of above three thousand proper names

of persons and places, mentioned in the bible. Birmingham, 1784. 1532 Biblia, inhoudende dat oude ende nieuwe testament. T'Amsterdam, 1633. 1538 Biblia sacra Latina. Lugduni, 1612. 1677 Vetus testamentum Græcum ex versione septuaginta interpretum. Lon

dini, 1653.-L. 1987 Biblia sacrosancta testamenti veteris et novi ex linguis originalibus in

Latinam reddita. Tiguri, 1544. 2396. Y bibl cyssegr-lan ; sef, pr, hen destament a'r newydd. Llundain, 1752.

Gift of Edward Pole. 3075 Novum testamentum Græcum juxta exemplar millianum. Oxonii,

1753.-P. 3447 The new testament in Greek and English, containing the original text

and a new version. 2 vols. London, 1729.-P. 3632 Biblia sacra, veteris et novi testamenti. Genevæ, 1583.-P. 3725 Lexicon, Græco-Latinum, in novum Domini N. Josu Xti testamentum.

Herbornæ Nassonicorum, 1648.-P.


502 Biblia Hebraica. Berolini, 1712. 528 Novum testamentum Syriacum. Antverpiæ, 1575. Gift of John Asteri

us Salbertz. 753 The holy bible. Philadelphia, 1782. 785 A concise history of the holy bible. Philadelphia, 1787. Gift of DQ

niel Humphreys. 833 Le nouveau testament; avec les pseaumes de Darid. 1001 Novum testamentum Græcum. Argentorati, 1524. 1291 Le nouveau testament de nostre Seigneur Jesus Christ, traduit en Fran

cois avec le Grec, et le Latin de la vulgate ajoutez á côtè. Novelle edir

tion. 2 tomes. A Mons, 1673. Gift of James Woodhouse. 1321 Novum testamentum. Amstelodami, 1662. Gift of Mathew Carey. 1830 Novum testamentum Græcum, ex bibliotheca regia. Tomi H. Lutetiæ,

1568.-P. 1831 Novum testamentum Græcum. Genevæ, 1632.-P. 1844 Novum testamentum Græcum. Amstelodami, 1678.-P.

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SEREMONIES and religious customs of the various nations of the

Written in French, and translated into English, by a gentleman of St. John's college. 6 vols. London,

1733, 80 Synopsis papismi; or a general view of papistry ; wherein the whole

mystery of iniquity is set down, which is maintained against the church

of Christ. London, 1600. Gift of Joseph Paschall. 92 Report of the committee to whom the petition of the deputies of the unit

ed Moravian churches was referred ; with extracts of the most material vouchers and papers contained in the appendix to said report. London,

1749. Gift of the Rev. Mr. Spangenberg. 883 History of the cardinals of the Roman church, London, 1670,-P.


183 The history of popery. By several gentlemen. 2 vols. London, 1735. 253 The history of the famous edict of Nantes ; containing an account of all

the persecutions that have been in France. London, 1694. 415 Relation des mesures prises pour introduire la liturgie Anglicane dans le

Roiaume de Prusse et dans l'electorat de Hanover. Londres, 1767.

Gift of Granville Sharp. 688 The prayers, rites and ceremonies of the Roman church ; in Greek,

Printed in Italy. Gift of John Ormrod.


93 The critical history of England; ecclesiastical and civil. 3d edit. 2 vols.

London, 1728. 3388 The Jesuits' memorial, for the intended reformation of England, under

their first popish prince. Published from the copy that was presented

to the late king James II. London, 1690.-P. 3565 The thirty-nine articles, and the constitution and canons of the church of

England. London, 1739.-P.


47? A short account of the lives and sufferings of several godly persons who

died in England, for the sake of the gospel, in the reigns of king Henry the eighth and queen Mary, Corke, 1731,

1002 The history of the church, from the beginning of the world to the year

1718. 3d edit. 2d, 3d and 4th vols. London, 1724. 1673. Histoire du clergé seculier et regulier avec des figures. 4 tomes. Am.

sterdam, 1716.-P. 1782 Numerus et tituli cardinalium archiepiscoporum, et episcoporum Chris

tianorum. Parisiis, 1625.-P.

Civil History.



TOTES and proceedings of the house of representatives of the pro

, ,

1776, inclusive. 18 vols. Philadelphia. Gift of Dr. Benjamin Frank

lin and David Hall. 66 The history of the affairs of church and state in Scotland, from the begin.

ning of the reformation, in the reign of James the fifth, to the retreat of

queen Mary into England, 1568. Edinburgh, 1734. 91 Report of the committee of secrecy, appointed by order of the house of

commons to examine several books and papers laid before the house, relating to the late negociations of peace and commerce, during the ministry of the Earl of Oxford and Lord Viscount Boiingbroke. Reports ed on the 9th of January, 1715, and published by order of the house of

commons. London, 1715. 101 Biographia Britannica ; or the lives of the most eminent persons, who

have flourished in Great Britain and Ireland, from the earliest ages to

the present time. 7 vois. London, 1747. 133, 329 and 331 A description of the ruins of Palmyra, otherwise Tedmor,

in the desart; with plates. London, 1753. 134, 350 and 332 A description of the ruins of Balbec, otherwise Heliopolis,

in Cælosyria ; with plates. London, 1757. 238 The history of the life of Peter the first, emperor of Russia ; containing

a description of Russia, Siberia, Crim Tartary, &c. London, 1739. 256 An universal history, from the earliest accounts to the present time,

compiled from original authors; with maps, cuts, notes, chronological

and other tables. 2d edit. 7 vols. London, 1740. 290 Marmora Oxoniensia. Oxonii, 1763. 339 Votes and proceedings of the house of representatives of the province of

Pennsylvania, from October 14, 1758, to September 26, 1767, inclu

sive. Vols. 4 and 5. Fhiladelphia. Gift of Henry Miller, 352 and 353 Journals of the house of representatives of the commonwealth

of Pennsylvania, from November 28, 1776, to October 2, 1781; witb

the proceedings of the committees and conventions

before, and at the commencement of the American revolution. Philadelphia, 1782.

No. 352, the gift of Joseph Crukshank. 398 Votes and proceedings of the house of representatives of Pennsylvania,

from October 14, 1754, to March 31, 1784. 5 vols. Philadelphia. 402 Votes of the general assembly of New Jersey, from October 28, 1777,

to March 21, 1780. Trenton, 1779 and 1780. 404 The proceedings of the house of burgesses of Virginia, from November

7, 1769, to June 27, 1770. Williamsburg, 1770. 432 Historiæ Anglicanæ scriptores decem ex vetustis manuscriptis. Lon

dini, 1652.-L. 475 Historiæ Romanæ scriptores Latini veteres, qui extant omnes. Tomi II.

Aureliæ Allobrogum, 1609.-L. 477 Rerum Anglicarum scriptorum veterum tomus primus. Oxoniæ,

1684.--L. 516 A journal of the first and second sessions of the council of censors, from

November 10, 1783, to September 25, 1784. Philadelphia, 1784.

The second session the gift of Joseph Crukshank. 525, 526 and 617 Minutes of the convention of the commonwealth of Pennsyl

vania, which commenced the 24th of November, 1789, for the purpose of reviewing, altering and amending the constitution of this state. Phi

ladelphia, 1789 and 1790. Gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 527 Journal of the house of representatives of the United States, from March

4, 1789, to March 3, 1791, inclusive. New York and Philadelphia

Gift of John Beckley. 549 Journal of the senate of the United States of America, from the 4th of

March, 1789, to the 9th of Juné, 1794, inclusive. 3 vols. New York,

&c. Philadelphia, 1791, &c. Gift of Camuel Alyne Ctis. 609 Journal of the session of the house of representatives of Pennsylvania,

which commenced at Lancaster on the 3d of December, 1799, and end

ed the 17th of March, 1800. Lancaster, 1800. Gift of John Bleakley. 610 Journal of the session of the senate of Pennsylvania, which commenced at

Lancaster on the Sd of December, 1799, and ended the 17th of March,

1800. Lancaster, 1800. Gift of John Bleakley. 638 Marmora Oxoniensia. Oxonii, 1763.-P. 644 Mensa Isiaca. Hieroglyphicis.-P. 682 Historia et antiquitates universitatis Oxoniensis. Oxonix, 1674.–P: 690 Memorie concernenti la citta di Urbino. Roma, 1724.-P. 696 Plates of the tombs, &c. at Canterbury and Westminster abbey. Lon

don, 1720.-P. 741 Declaratio parliamenti ubi Johannes, primogenitus Roberti, habet succe

dere in regnum. 1371.-P. 764 Biographia Britannica ; or the lives of the most eminent persons who

have fourished in Great Britain and Ireland, from the earliest ages to

the present time. 7 vols. London, 1747.-P. 838 Museum odescalcum, sive thesaurus antiquarum gemmarum. Romæ, 1747,

-P. 869 Heroologia Anglica, hoc est, clarissimorum et doctissimorum aliquot

Anglorum, qui floruerunt ab anno Christi M,D. usque ad presentem

annum M.DC.XX. Londini, 1620.-P. 942 Flora.-P.

943 Journal of the senate of Pennsylvania, from the 7th day of December,

1790, to the 6th of April, 1802 ; including the annual reports of the treasurer and register-general of the state of the finances of said com

monwealth. 12 vols. in 7., Philadelphia and Lancaster. 945 Antiquedades Arabes de Granada y Cordoba. Gift of John Gibson. 953 Collection of proclamations, &c. from 1652 to 1783. 966 Indian treaties. MSS. Pennsylvania.


39 England illustrated; or a compendium of the natural history, geography,

topography, and antiquities, ecclesiastical and civil, of England and Wales; with maps of the several counties, and plates of many remains

of antiquity. 2 vols. London, 1754. 30 The history of the late war in Germany, between the king of Prussia,

and the empress of Germany and her allies; with a map of the seat of

war, plans of battles, &c. By a general officer. London, 1763. 63 Inquiries concerning the first inhabitants, language, religion, learning,

and letters of Europe. London, 1758. 116 An abridgment of the public treatics, commencing with the treaty of

Munster, in 1648. London, 1747. 190 The present state of Europe ; or the historical and political monthly Mer

cury; giving an account of the public and private occurrences in every court. For the year 1698. Vol. 9th. London, 1698. Gift of Francis

Richardson. 302 The history of Jamaica ;, or a general survey of the ancient and modern

state of that island ; with plates 3 vols. London, 1774. 4 16 The antiquarian repertory ; with plates. 4 vols. London, 1779.

779. · 447 Archæologia ; or miscellaneous tracts, relating to antiquity. Published

by the society of antiquaries of London ; with plates. 11 vols. Lon.

don, 177C. 468 A journal of the proceedings in the detection of the conspiracy, formed

by some white people, in conjunction with negro and other slaves, for

burning the city of New York. New York, 1744. 484 Historie der boccaniers of vry-buyters van America; met figuuren.

T'Amsterdam, 1700. 487 Novæ Sueciæ scu lennsylvaniæ in America descriptio. Stockholmiæ,

1702. 490 Alter und neuer muntz schlüssel, ein tractat von der muntz alterthum,

aufkommen, gerechtigkeit selbige zu schlagen unterschiedlichen sort

en, als Hebrais, &c. mid kupfer stechen. Nürnberg, 1692. 585 Proceedings of the association for promoting the discovery of the interior

parts of Africa. London, 1790. Gift of Robert Earclay of London, 603 Discoveries of the French in 1768 and 1769, to the south-east of New

Guinea : with an historical abridgment of the voyages and discoveries of the Spaniards in the same seas. Translated from the French. Lon

don, 1791. 647 English peerage; or a view of the ancient and present state of the Eng

lish nobility ; with plates. 5 vols. London, 1790. 649 Historical view of plans for the government of British India, and outlines

of a plan of foreign government, &c. for the Asiatic interests of Great Britain. London, 1793.

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