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103 An universal history of voyages and travels; collected from authors in all

languages. 2 vols. London, 1754. 186, and 307 A tour through the island of Great Britain, by a gentleman. 3d

edit. 4 vols. London, 1742. 341 A compendium of the most approved modern travels; containing a dis.

tinct account of the religion, government, commerce, &c. of several na.

tions. 4 vols. London, 1757. 462 A voyage to Peru ; performed by the Conde of St. Malo, in the years

1745, 1746, 1747, 1748, and 1749 ; with an appendix, containing the

present state of the Spanish affairs in America. London, 1753. 513 A two years journal in New York, and part of its territories in America.

London, 1701. 595 The beauties of nature and art displayed, in a tour through the world;

with plates. 18 vols. London, 1763. 596 Voyageur d'Europe ou sont la voyage d'Italie et de Maltha. 1121 A tour to Ermenonville; containing besides an account of the pa

lace, gardens and curiosities of Chantilly, &c. a particular description of the tomb of J. J. Rousseau, with anecdotes of that celebrated man. Lon

don, 1785. 1153 Journey in the West Indies, in which are interspersed, anecdotes and cha

racters. 2 vols. London, 1790. 1603 Voyage d'un Francois en Italie, fait dans les années 1765 et 1766.

8 tomes. Venice, 1769.

Geography and Topography.


140 MA

APS and charts belonging to the modern part of the universal his

tory. London, 1766. 142 Prospects of the most noted buildings, in and about the city of London ;

with a short historical account relating to the same. London, 1724. 128 A new atlas ; containing a geographical and historical account of all the

empires, kingdoms, and other dominions of the world ; with the natural history and trade of each country. Taken from the best authors. Lon

don, 1721. 336 Atlas scholasticus. London. Gift of Robert S. Jones. 615 Reports from the committee

appointed to inquire into the best mode of providing sufficient accommodation for the increased trade and shipping of the port of London, &c. with plans and drawings. 2 volşr Londod, 1796-1800.

841 Tableaux topographiques, pittoresques, physiques, historiques, moraux,

politiques et literaires de la Suisse. 5 tomes. A Paris, 1780.-P. 672 Description generale de l'hostel royal des invalids, establi par Louis le

Grand, dans le plaine de Grenelle, pres de Paris, 1683.-P. 828 A geographical atlas in Italian-ancient and modern. 951 Theatrum machinarum universale, containing, plates of a pile engine;

views of Black Friars' bridge, London ; of Westminster bridge; of the bridge at Schaffhausen, Switzerland; of Fennel's salt works; and of the funeral ceremony of Maria Clementina, queen of England. Am.

sterdam, 1734. 952 Engravings, maps, &c.


470 Atlas geographus; or a complete system of geography for America; with

plates. Vol. 5. Savoy, 1717. 641 British topography; or an historical account of what has been done for il.

lustrating the topographical antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland;

with plates. 2 vols. London, 1780. 657 Memoir of a map of the countries comprehended between the Black sea

and the Caspian ; with an account of the Caucasian nations, and vocabu

laries of their languages. London, 1788. 723 Views in Ashmore, Plates. London, 1793. 1010 Observations made in Egypt, by an officer upon the staff of the British

army; describing the country, its inhabitants, their manners and cus.

toms; with plates. London, 1803. 135) A book of the names of all parishes, market towns, villages and hamlets

in England and Wales, alphabetically set down. London, 1668.-P.


190 and 725 A description of Holland ; or the present state of the United Pro

vinces; containing a particular account of the Hague, and all the principal cities and towns of the republic; with directions for making the tour

of the provinces. London, 1743. 260 Nova Francia ; or a description of that part of New France which is one

continent with Virginia. Translated from the French into English.

London, 1609. 315 A description of London and its environs; containing whatever is remark

able in the city, and twenty miles round it; with plates. 6 vols. Lon

don, 1761. 471 Letters from a gentleman in the north of Scotland, to his friend in Lon

don; containing a description of a capital town in that country; with an account of some uncommon customs of the inhabitants, and a descrip

tion of the Highlands. 2 vols. London, 1754. 939 An historical description of the kingdom of Macasar, in the East Indies

giving a particular account of the country, the manners, customs, &c. of

the inhabitants. London, 1701. 1112 The Atlantic pilot. London, 1772. 1513 Les delices des Pays-Bas, ou description geographique et historique des

XVII provinces Belgiques, 5 tomes, Liege, 1769,-P.

1823 Letters from Barbary, France, Spain, Portugal, &c. By an English offi

cer. 2 vols. London, 1788. 1934 The present state of Nova Scotia; with a brief account of Canada, and

the British islands on the coast of North America. 2d edit. Edin.

burgh, 1787.. 2094 A short relation of the river Nile; of its source and current, and of other

curiosities. London, 1791. 2216 Guide to the lakes in Cumberland, Westmoreland and Lancashire. Sd

edit. London, 1784. 3310 The same.-P. 2330 The beauties of Wiltshire, displayed in statistical, historical and descrip

tive sketches; with anecdotes of the arts. 2 vols. London, 1801. 2516 A complete view of the Chinese empire ; exhibited in a geographical de

scription of that country, a dissertation on its antiquity, and a genuine

and copious account of Earl Macartney's embassy. London, 1798. 2542 Letters to a traveller, on the different countries of Europe, Asia and

Africa. London. 2930 Sketch of modern Paris ; or letters on society, manners, public curiosi

ties, and amusements, in that capital. Written in 1801 and 1802. Lon

don, 1803. 3014 Paris as it was and as it is; a sketch of the French capital, illustrative of

the effects of the revolution. Written by an English traveller, during

the years 1801 and 2.. 2 vols. London, 1803. 3238 Verona illustrata, parte quarta ed ultima contiene il trattato in questa, se

conda edizione accresciuto anche di figure degli anfiteatri singolarmente

del Veronese. Verona, 1731.-P. 3502 The Kentish traveller's companion, or a descriptive view of the towns,

villages, &c. on the road from London to Margate, Dover and Canterbury.

2d edit. Canterbury, 1779.-P. 3528 A description of all the seats of the present wars of Europe, with plates

and plans of battles. London, 1707.-P.


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97 The foreigner's guide; or a necessary companion in a tour through the

cities of London and Westminster. In French and English. 3d edit.

London, 1752. 106 The American gazetteer; containing a distinct account of all parts of the

new world; their situation, climate, soil, produce, manufactures, and

commerce; with maps. 3 vols. London, 1762. 645 Voyage pittoresque des environs de Paris. A Paris, 1762. 646 Voyage pittoresque de Paris. Quatrieme edit. A Paris, 1765. 828 Liste generale des postes de France. A Paris, 1749. -838 Les delices de la Hollande. Amsterdam, 1685. 935 Persia seu regni Persici status variaque itinera in atque per Persiam cum

aliquot iconibus incolarum. Lugduni Batavorum, 1647.-L. 937 De imperio Magni Mogolis, sive India vera, commentarius. Lugduni

Batavorum, 1631.-L. 999 Gallia, sive de Francorum regis dominiis et opibus mentarius. Lugduni

Batavorum, 1629.-L.

941 Respublica sive status regni Poloniæ, Lithuania, Prussiæ, Livoniæ, etc.

Lugduni Batavorum, 1642.-L. 942 Russia seu Moscovia itemque Tartaria, commentario topographico atque

politico illustratæ. Lugduni Batavorum, 1630.-L. 967 Belgii confederati respublica seu chorographica politicaque descriptiò.

Lugduni Batavorum, 1630-L. 980 Respublica sive status regni Scotiæ et Hiberniæ. Lugd. Batav. 1627.-L. 1217 A collection of Welsh tours, or a display of the beauties of Wales, se

lected principally from celebrated histories and tours : with occasional

remarks. With plates. 2d edit. London, 1797. 1526 Description des beautés des Génes et de ses environs, ornée du plan et de

la carte topographique de la ville. Génes, 1768.P. 1594 La ville et la republique de Venise. Paris, 1680.P. 1674 Les delices des Pais-Bas, contenant une description generale des XVII

provences. 3 tomes. Brusselle, 1711.-P.



250 THE

HE gospel truth demonstrated, in a collection of doctrinal books,

held among the people called quakers. London, 1706. Gift of

Thomas Carpenter. 359 Critici sacri, sive doctissimorum virorum in S. S. biblia annotationes et

tractatus. Londini, 1560. Gift of Dr. William Sharp. 681 The book of common prayer, and rites and ceremonies, according to the use

of the church of England. Oxford, 1793.-P. 766 Harmoniæ quatuor evangelistarum. Tomi tres. Genevæ, 1645. 831 Collection of cases and discourses lately written to recover dissenters to

the communion of the church of England. London, 1694.-P. 862 A common place book, on religious matters. Manuscript. 868 Synopsis papismi, or a general view of papistrie. London, 1600.-P. 893 Breviarium Romanum. Parisiis, 1573.-P. 910 The uniformitie of common prayer and service in the church of England

and adininistration of the sacraments. London.-P. 912 Relation of the conference between William Laud, bishop of St. David's

and archbishop of Canterbury, and Mr. Fisher, the Jesuit, by the command of king James. London, 1639.-P.


488 Horæ Hebraicæ et Talmudicæ impensæ, I. In chorographiam aliquam ter

rä Israeliticæ. II. In evangelium S. Matthæi. Cantabrigiæ, 1658. 502 Paradisisches wunder-spiel, welches sich in diesen letzten zeiten und tagen

in denen abenländischen welt-theilen als ein vorspiel der neuen Welt hervorgethan. Ephratæ, 1766. Gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun.

503 Ein angenehmier geruch der rosen und lilien die im thal der demuth unter

den dorpen hervor gewachsen. A. D. 1756. Gift of 2. Poulson, jun, 371 Van de verscheidene gelegentheid en staate der kerke Gods onder de drie

derlei huys-houdinge ; der patriarchen des ouden en nieuwen testamentes.

l’Amsterdam, 1678. Gift of Mathew Carey. 1181 The book of common prayer and administration of sacraments, &c. of

the church of England, together with the old and new testaments. Ox

ford, 1703.-P. 1158 Explications de plusieurs textes difficiles de l'ecriture : par le R. P.

Dom**** Religieux Benedictien de la congregation de St. Maur. 2

vols. Paris, 1730,--P. 1185 The book of common prayer, administration of sacraments of the church

of Englard. Lordon, 1727.-P. 1 26Sermons upon rarious subjects. 1659 and 1692.-P. 1276 Corpus et syntagma confessionum fidei, quæ in diversis regnis et nationi

bus ecclesiarum nomine fuerunt authentice cditæ. Genevæ, 1654.-P. 1296 The practical divinity of the papists, discovered to be destructive of Chris

tianity and men's souls. London, 1676.-P. 1354 A plaine and familiar exposition of the ten commandments. London,

1604.-P. 1355 and 1382 Directory, for the publique worship of God, throughout the

three kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland. London, 1645 and

1646.-P. 1360 Tracts on baptism. 4th edit. · London, 1646.-P. 1378 Fire especial sermons, preached by several men on several occasions

and subjects. London, 1627.-P.


35 The confessional; or a free inquiry into the right and utility of establish

ing systematical confessions of faith and doctrine in protestant churches ; with an additional preface, in answer to Dr. Rutherforth's charge. 2d

edit. London, 1767. 123 Free disquisitions relating to the church of England, and the means of

advancing religion therein. 2d edit. London, 1750. 152 The new whole duty of man; containing the faith, as well as prae

tice, of a Christian ; with devotions proper for several occasions. 16th

edit. London. 133 Theism ; a prophecy; or prophetical dissertations on the coming of the

expected Niessiah. By J. I. Philadelphia, 1763. .220 A defence of a book, entituled, “ The snake in the grass;" in reply to se

veral answers put out to it by George Whitehead, &c. London, 1700. 237 The lively oracles given to us; or the Christian's birth-right and duty, in

the custody and use of the holy scriptures. By the author of the whole

duty of man. Oxford, 1678. 326 An illustration of the wisdom and equity of an indulgent Providence ;

wherein the nature of happiness, and the origin of evil, are carefully ex

amined and represented. London, 1761. 358 The cause of the decay of Christian piety; or an impartial surrey of the

ruins of the Christian religion. By the author of the whole daty of nxil. London, 1675.



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