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Ecclesiastical History.


463 8 CINUTES of the baptist association, held at Philadelphia, Octo

ber 1774. Philadelphia, 1782. 478 9 An account of the society for propagating the gospel in foreign parts.

London, 1706. 559 1 Godwyn's Moses and Aaron ; being an account of the ecclesiastical

and civil rites used by the ancient Hebrews. 7th edit. London,

1655.-L. 1306 1 Passages on Dr. Whitby's paraphrase and annotations on the new

testament. London, 1706.-P. 2 J. Roe's certainty of a future state, or an occasional letter, concerning

apparitions. London, 1698.-P. 3 Cotton Mather's account of the trial of several witches in New Eng.

land. London, 1693.-P. 4 An account of the late persecutions of the protestants, in the valley of

Piedmont. Oxford, 1688.-P. 5 An account of the persecutions and oppressions of the protestants in France.

1686.-P. 6 The case of the present afflicted clergy in Scotland, truly representech


7 A collection of papers relating to the practice of the rabble at Glas

gow.-P. 8 Account of the sufferings of the church of Scotland. Lond. 1690.-P. 9 Counsellors plea for the divorce of G. D. and Mrs. F. London,



230 | Virginia's cure, an advisive narrative concerning Virginia ; discover;

ing the tme ground of that churche's unhappiness. London, 1662. 7 A true declaration of the estate of the colonie in Virginia. Lon

don, 1610. 468 3 and 1565 i Rimius's narrative of the rise and progress of the herm

huters, commonly called Moravians. Philadelphia, 1753. 798 2 Mosheiin's memoirs of the Christian church in China ; being a series

of facts to evidence the causes of the declension of Christianity in that

empire. Translated from the German, London, 1750. 932 i Godwyn's Moses and Aaron ; being an account of the ecclesiastical

and civil rites used by the ancient Hebrews. 4th edit Lond. 1631. 1347 1 Remarks on a catalogue of the sacred vessels restored by Cyrus, and

the chief Jews returned from captivity. By Granville Sharp. 2d

edit. London, 1775. Gift of the author. 1628 7 Journal of a convention of the protestant episcopal church, in the Uni

ted States of America, held at Philadelphia, June 1786. Philadel

phia, 1786. Gift of Zachariah Poulson, jun. 1976 3 Account of some late proceedings of “ The society for promoting

Christian knowledge.” London, 1789. 7 Catalogue of the publications which have appeared on the subject of

the toleration of protestant dissenting ministers, from 1772 to 1790.

London, 1790. 2695 1 Hill's journal of a tour through the north of England and parts of Scot

Jand; with remarks on the present state of the established church of

Scotland, &c. London, 1799. 3395 1 The miseries and great hardships of the inferior clergy in and about

London, by a clergyman of the church of England. 1722.-P.
2 The contempt of the clergy considered, in a letter to a friend. Dub.

lin, 1739.-P.
Dissertation on the 17th article of the church of England. Oxford,


787 8 Taylor's narrative of the principles, conduct and character of the peo

ple known by the name of Shakers.' Worcester, Mass. 1782. 791 4. Benezet's account of the people called quakers. 2d edit. Philad. 1086 4. Observations sur l'origine, les principes et l'establissement en Ames

rique, de la societe de quakers ou trembleurs. Par Antoine Benezet. A Philadelphie, 1780.

Civil History, including Biography, Antiquities, Military and Naval History

and Civil History, properly so called.



407 1 TREATY held at Lancaster, in Pennsylvania, by the lieutenant

governor of the said province, and the commissioners of Vir. ginia and Maryland, with the Indians of the six nations, in Junc,

1744. Philadelphia, 1744. 2 A council held at Philadelphia, August, 1744, with the deputies of the

Delaware Indians. 3 An account of the treaty held at Albany, in the province of New York,

by the governor of that province and the commissioners of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, with the Indians of the six

nations, in October, 1745. Philadelphia, 1746. 4 A journal of the proceedings of the commissioners appointed for ma-.

na ing a treaty of peace, at Falmouth, September 29, 1749 ; with

the eastern Indians. Boston. 5 A journal of the proceedings of the commissioners, October 13, 1752,

appointed to treat with the eastern Indians, to confirm a general

peace. Boston, 1752. 6 A journal of the proceedings at two conferences, held at Falmouth,

June, 1754, between the governor of Massachusetts-bay and the chiefs

of the Norridgwalk and Penobscot Indians. Boston, 1754. 7 A treaty between the government of New Jersey, and the Indians in

habiting the several parts of said province, held at Croswicks, in the

county of Burlington, January 1756. Philadelphia. 9 A treaty with the Shawanese and Delaware Indians, negociated at fort

Johnson, by Sir William Johnson. New York, 1757. 10 A treaty held with the Ohio Indians, at Carlisle, in October, 1758.

Philadelphia, 1753. 11 Minutes of conferences, held with the Indians at Harris's ferry, and at

Lancaster, in March, April and May, 1757. Philadelphia, 1757. 12 Proceedings and treaty with the Shawanese, Nanticokes and Mohi

kander Indians, negociated at fort Johnson, by Sir William Johnson.

New York, 1757. 13 and 514 | Minutes of conferences, held with the Indians, at Easton,

in July and August, 1757. Philadelphia, 1757. No. 514 I the

gift of Pierre Du Simitiere. 14 and 514 2 Minutes of conferences, held at Easton, in October, 1758,

with the sachems and warriors of fourteen Indian nations Phila

delphia, 1759. M 514 2 the gift of Pierre Du Simitiere. 15 Minutes of conferences, held at Easton. in August, 1761, with the

sachems and warriors of eight Indian nations. Philadelphia, 1761.o 16 and 514 3 Minutes of conferences. held at Lancaster, in August,

1762, with the sachems and warriors of several tribes of northern and western Indians. Philadelphia, 1763. No. 514 8 the gift of Pierre Du Simitiere.

407 17 and 514 4 Minutes of conferences, held at Fort-Pitt, in April and

May, 1768, with the chiefs and warriors of the Ohio and other west

ern Indians. Philadelphia, 1769. 579 1 Monson's account of the last seventeen years of the reign of Queen

Elizabeth, both military and civil. London, 1682. Gift of Henry

Cox. 2 Townsend's historical collections ; or an account of the proceedings

of the four last parliaments of Queen Elizabeth. London, 1680.

Gift of Henry Cor. 3 A declaration of the horrible treasons practised by William Parry,

against the queen's Majesty, and of his conviction and execution for the same, the second of March, 1584. London. Gift of Henry Cox,


104 3 A review of the military operations in North America ; from the

commencement of the French hostilities on the frontiers of Virginia, in the year 1753, to the surrender of Oswego, on the fourteenth of

August, 17:56. In a letter to a nobleman. 6 Jeffrey's map of the seat of war, on the coast of Choromandel, with an

explanation thereof, and an account of the war. London, 1754. 258 2 Pittman's state of the European settlements on the Mississippi ; with

a geographical description of that river, illustrated by plans and

draughts. London, 1770. 456 1 Samwell's narrative of the death of captain James Cook. Lond. 1786. 462

9 An account of the first settlement of Virginia, Maryland, New York,

New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, by the English ; with a map of Mary

land. London, 1735. 15 and 16 An historical memorial of the negociation of France and Enga

land, from the twenty-sixth of March, 1761, to the twentieth of Sep

tember. London, 1761. 20 A narrative of the proceedings of the people of South Carolina, in the

year 1719. London, 1720. 465 12 Patent for Plymouth in New England; with extracts from the re

cords of that colony. Boston, 1751. 15 An account of the imperial proceedings against the Turks. Lon

don, 1685. 466 14 A speech of general Monck, at Whitehall, February 21, 1659. Lon

don, 1659. 469

5 An historical account of Bouquet's expedition against the Ohio In

dians, in 1764 ; with military papers, a map and plates. Philadel

phia, 1765. 478 2 Underhill's news from America ; containing a relation of their warlike

proceedings London, 1638. 3 and 4 Thorowgood's Jewes in America; or conjectures concerning

the origin of the American Indians, London, 1650. 5 L'Estrange's Americans no Jewes; or an answer to Thorowgood's

conjectures. London, 1652. 559 2 Romanæ historiæ anthologia; being an English exposition of the Ro.

man antiquities. London, 1655...,

559 3 Archäologiæ Atticæ libri septem ; being seven of the Attick antiquities.

By Francis Rous and Zachary Bogan. 4th edit Oxford, 1654. 633 2 A sketch of the life and projects of John Law of Lauriston, comp

troller-general of the finances in France. Edinburgh, 1791. 644 9 Historical memorial of the negociation of France and England, from

the twenty-sixth of March, to the twentieth of September, 1761;

with the vouchers. Translated from the French. London, 1761. 645 3 Brackenridge's eulogium of the brave men who have fallen in the con

test with Great Britain ; delivered July 5, 1779. Philad. 1779. 712 2 Captain Bligh's answer to the assertions contained in the appendix to

a pamphlet, entitled, “ Minutes of the proceedings of the court-mar

tial, held at Portsmouth, August 12th, 1792.” London, 1794. 3 Edward Christian's reply to captain William Bligh's answer. Lon

don, 1795. 4 Sir William Howe's narrative relative to his conduct during his late

command of the king's troops in orth America ; with observations

on a pamphlet, entitled, “ Letters to a nobleman.” London, 1780. 6 Sir Henry Clinton's observations on Mr, Stedman's history of the

American war. London, 1794. 784 3 Preston's letter to Bryan Edwards, containing observations on some

passages of his history of the West Indies. London, 1795. 836 4 Narrative of the proceedings of the British fleet, commanded by Ad

miral Jervis, in the late action with the Spanish fleet, on the fourteenth of February, 1797, off cape St. Vincents; with plates. Lon

don, 1797. 1387 i Charges exhibited against Peter Landais ; respecting his conduct while

he commanded the frigate Alliance. New York, 1787. 2 Landais' two memorials, justifying his conduct during the late war,

Boston, 1784, &c.



227 2 Lechford's plain dealing : or newes from New England; containing

a view of its government, &c. London, 1641. 5 Dodridge's history of the ancient and modern estate of Wales, Corn.

wall and Chester. London, 1630. 6 View of the life and reign of Henry the third, king of England. 1627. 7 Naunton's observations on the late queen Elizabeth, her times and fa

vorites. 1642. 2 The new life of Virginia ; declaring the former svccesse and present

state of that plantation. London, 1612. 3 Barri's Cochin-china; containing many admirable rarities and singu

larities of that country. London, 1633. 4. Newes of Sir Walter Rauleigh; with a true description of Gviana,

and a relation of the excellent government, &c. London, 1618 6 and 951 4 Smith's New England's trials, declaring the present estate

of that happie plantation. 2d edit. London, 1622. 261

4 State of the colonie of Virginia ; with the names of the aduenturors,

&c. . London, 1620. 5 Hammond's Leah and Rachel : or the fruitfull sisters Virginia and Maryland: their present condition impartially stated. Lond. 1656.

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